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How long have you been flying models?

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Q: How long have you been flying models?

<12 months  


1-2 years  


3-5 years  


6-10 years  


10-15 yrs  


16-20 yrs  


21-30 yrs  


31-40 yrs  


41-50 yrs  


50 years+  


(626 votes)

David Ashby - Moderator02/03/2012 20:28:45
11112 forum posts
1750 photos
622 articles

It's such an obvious and interesting question after all.....

Lee Wilson02/03/2012 20:33:22
452 forum posts
258 photos

Just over 2 years now, gone from my trainer to 1/4 scale petrols in that time and still loving every minutesmiley

Edited By Lee Wilson on 02/03/2012 20:34:54

Gaz Elliott02/03/2012 20:33:34
665 forum posts
30 photos

Mmm longer than 12 months . 5 years in total learning new stuff all the time.

Turbycat02/03/2012 20:40:07
594 forum posts
55 photos

About 32 years on and off. Started when I was 10. Sure it was a tutor trainer. Then on to a Gangster 52 and an Acrowot. Also a 1/6th scale Moth of some sort. The Gangster and Acrowot served me well for many many years! I really like my current scale stuff but am starting to get a hankering for a 3D model of some description.


Henry Jones02/03/2012 20:45:42
1 forum posts

Tricky one for me, age 7-13 free flight balsa. Big gap getting drunk and having kids, restarted 1999, needless to say, I'm an RC addict. Mrs had no idea, like my weird little secret.

Daithi O Buitigh02/03/2012 20:52:02
1399 forum posts
60 photos

Since Pontius was a pilot it seems

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator02/03/2012 20:57:32
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

OMG! What a depressing survey!

Well, like Henry, I started when I was about 13 - building free-flight rubber power, then free flight ic. Went on, had a break, came back, had another break, coame back again,...I'm now 55, so in all I've been doing this 55-13 =42 years smile o on and off - mainly on.

I can't believe it! Where did it all go? Why have I still not built most of the models I want to? Why am I still crashing - OK less often, but it still happens!? Why can I still not cover something with a double curvature properly? How many gallons of fuel have I sent up in smoke? Why do I keep asking myself stupid questions....?


Malcolm Fisher02/03/2012 21:13:14
659 forum posts
7 photos

Built my first model in either 1950 or 51 so that makes it about 60 years.


Paul Marsh02/03/2012 21:20:23
4112 forum posts
1245 photos

I started properly in 1992. Was not until I started to drive in 1994 that I could drive to the field. I had a couple models, a DB Mascot and a free plan model called the Alley Cat which I flew every weekend until it was so old and soaked it fell to bits.

Before I could drive, I used to use my bike, with a model or two on one hand, about 10 miles each way up and over two steep hills, using one hand to apply the brakes. Mad, as I went in all weather, even rain.

John Privett02/03/2012 21:28:39
6107 forum posts
243 photos

I guess I too started at about the age of 13 or 14. Briefly, and unsuccessfully, with rubber-powered models then on to control line and later radio. Ferrying C/L models around on my bicycle was no problem. I'm not sure I ever transported any of my R/C models on the bike though. Then a few years off and I returned to flying about 20 years ago.

Lindsay Todd02/03/2012 21:31:17
1764 forum posts
1826 photos

I have a pic of me throwing a rubber power model when I was six, but I am told I made my first model plane at pre school so that would have been age 4, so its over 40 years, I'll get the hang of it one day.

Alan Randall02/03/2012 21:44:05
446 forum posts
108 photos

I have been returning to the same field to fly for the best part of 50 years.


Steve Hargreaves - Moderator02/03/2012 22:13:13
6765 forum posts
199 photos

Like BEB I've been a bit off & on....started in 1976 with control line models & then breaks in the mid/late 80s & 90' 36 years all together but not really continuous....embarrassed

Richard Harris02/03/2012 22:21:36
2223 forum posts
2054 photos

I first had a go with my old man back in the late 70's with a Galahad and a model called Roma? single channel to start with then he purchased a 27mhz 4 channel set. The radio make was Delta and I believe it was made locally in the midlands?

First model I built was a Super Skyman and my first low winger was a Gangster 52 which was a christmas present.

Had a break in the late 80's a I discovered females and got back into it again in the early 90's

Still fly with my old man when work and family don't get in the way.

Edited By Richard Harris on 02/03/2012 22:22:17

Reno Racer02/03/2012 22:22:17
1138 forum posts
168 photos

Started in 2005 after flying full size, so 7 years RC. Self tought. BMFA B Cert, now AMA (US). Started completely electric; UnoWot then quickly to the WOT4 (both kits) and EDF flat foamies. Very quikcly progressed to larger EDF and sports aerobats, both electric and glow (2 and 4S).

Now fly a mix of electric (small stuff - shockis etc), Four Stroke glow 60-90 size (both aerobatic pattern and warbirds) and petrol 1/4 scale WW1 fighters. Also recently started Helis. Started on Blade MCPX Flybarless, now flying a TREX.

Martin Harris02/03/2012 22:35:22
9594 forum posts
258 photos

I think I was about 9 or 10 when I started saving up for my first ARTF! It was a plastic FROG rubber powered Buccaneer which I saw in the local toy shop window for 27/6d (that's £1.37p for the younger members) and was something like 10 week's pocket money. It flew superbly from the back of Ivinghoe Beacon but I found out that you shouldn't start running down a steep hill when I went to recover it!

That was (and like BEB I really find it hard to believe) around 47 years ago!

I then went on to a Kiel Kraft Gypsy that my father built for me, built a few small KK/Veron stick and tissue free flights (all horribly warped!) and then at around 12 or 13 got a DC Merlin as a present which I built a KK Snipe for and then a few control line models along with the odd glider. After a short break, I started RC flying for a few years before full size gliding took over. Ten years ago (after flirting with Helis on and off over the previous few years) I got back into RC fixed wing and haven't looked back!

Edited By Martin Harris on 02/03/2012 22:37:54

Alan Cantwell02/03/2012 22:35:47
3039 forum posts

started building models at the age of 8, right mess they were, but had to start somewhere, found out what those funny things in skirts were, and found some foamy stuff called BEER, still did a bit, but only got serious when i got married, wife bought me my first trainer kit, Tyro Major (its still flying too!!!) and an OS 25 motor, never looked back after that, and the wife rued the day she bought the kit and engine!!!! so, realistically, prob the same as BeB, about 42years +

Danny Fenton02/03/2012 22:55:06
9789 forum posts
4561 photos

I had a big gap in my modelling so it is a difficult question. I started when I was around 7 cos my Dad was a modeller, then from my early twenties, until my mid forties I was doing other things mainly involving girls, beer, girls, cars, girls, education, girls, karting, girls, sailing......... Modelling took a back seat. Rekindled the interest in 2007.

You could almost do with gap between modelling poll David?



leccyflyer02/03/2012 22:55:21
1673 forum posts
349 photos

Like so many of the stories above I started building and flying models in my early teens, Keil Kraft stuff with varying degrees of success and failure, A Cox C/L Stuka that never really got off the ground, some kit and plan built control liners that were a bit more successful, a couple of unsuccessful forays into single channel radio with KK Outlaw and Mini Super and a Gem 1+1 set.

Then, again, like so many, I discovered beer, guitars and girls then college, producing a long break with no model flying.

Came back into the fold 18 years ago when my son was born and thought it would make a great lad and dad hobby - which it has been..

In a fit of nostalgia I picked up a Ben Buckle Mini Super kit and a plan pack for a Keil Kraft Spectre so, if I ever get to my bench, I'll hopefully go full circle this year.

For the poll though I'm only counting the second, succesfull phase of model flying

Myron Beaumont02/03/2012 23:01:17
5797 forum posts
51 photos

Started in about 1952 by buying and building all the 3s/9d Keil Kraft kits I could get my hands on in. Beecrofts in Nottingham (anyone remember them ?) Spent many years perfecting control line 2.5 cc powered models/ diesels Frog 2.49 etc I then discovered the opposite sex and wasted many years having houses/children etc and the associated grief & poverty until I finally ended up where I wanted to be playing music Newquay area and maintaining Norman Britten Islanders- St Just aerodrome as a main source of income in Cornwall .Lived on boats and oil rig where I'd build each night .Now at last I have found heaven on earth with 'er indoors number three (I I think it is ?) & am lucky to have loads of flying land outside the front or back door .& sheep ,goats and chickens . Now have about 10 models of all sorts ready to fly any time but really prefer the actual building to the flying .Maybe I need a new challenge 'cos that is what it's mainly about isn't it ?

Myron YO13 OK dept

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