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Nieuport 28

from the 1/4 scale BUSA kit

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Tim Hooper01/05/2012 21:55:15
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Just a few pics of the latest ongoing project!

Netty bought this for me as a surprise gift, and now the board is clear so work has started in earnest.

Briefly, we're looking at an 80" WW1 bipe, with all balsa construction. It's designed for a 23cc petrol, but I'm going to attempt my first 'big' electric model, so there's a big outrunner (running off 10S cells) waiting to make an appearence.

So some pics, then.....

Some attractive box art. Pegasus Models import this kit and it retails for a tad over £250. Blimey.

The Turnigy G160 is capable of turning a 20x10 prop on 10S. Cost less than £70 too!

The contents of the box. There's more wood here than in many a model shop. Note the yard rule in the bottom right corner. The supplied ABS cowl is destined to be replaced by the optional aluminium item later.

A very detailed instruction leaflet.

The rudimentary hardware pack. Mind you, as it's an American kit all the fixtures have US threads.

There's over 50 sheets of diecut bits, so it made sense to use the printed crib to identify all the parts, yes?

Shame the enclosed replacement is also 3mm too narrow.......


Edited By Tim Hooper on 01/05/2012 21:55:59

Alan Cantwell01/05/2012 22:03:20
3039 forum posts

jonesy built the 1/3rd scale D7, he found it easier to lose the american hardware, and replace with metric, looked to be a quality kit, he enjoyed the build, and had no real problems,

Tony Bennett01/05/2012 22:04:30
5082 forum posts
129 photos

have you finished it yet. cheeky

Chris Bott - Moderator01/05/2012 22:08:38
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Blimey Tim that looks a biggie. You'll be able to use the top wing to take off from, with some of your models! Good luck, have fun and keep us posted.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator01/05/2012 22:38:51
15748 forum posts
1460 photos with envy....beautiful! face 7


Vecchio Austriaco01/05/2012 22:44:18
1515 forum posts
728 photos

Beb - As a Bi-plane lover you could overlook that little alteration....

@ Tim - what will this baby show on the scales? Still below the magic 7kg?

Looking forward to see it - if you build at your usual speed you could easily maiden it at Greenacres...

(VA, not even started with his Cygnet face 7 

Tim Hooper01/05/2012 22:58:36
2911 forum posts
2412 photos

Thanks for the quick responsse lads!teeth 2

Vec, It's billed as being between 12 to 15lb AUW. I'll try to keep it as light as possible. Putting as much of the hardware as possible in the cowl will hopfully mean that I won't need too much noseweight.

It's funny. I get a fair response to my own designs, and there's often a question asking why on Earth did I did something in a particular way, when it would obviously be easier/cheaper/faster/stronger to do it differently. Now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak, and I can't help but wonder why the designers did things the way they did!

As a fr'instance, the whole wing is built on 3/32" spacers, to allow for the later fitment of the lower capstrips. So why didn't they just lay the capstrips on the board first, and then build the wing on top, eh? Sheesh, you'd they'd know better, wouldn't you?

timsmile o

Edited By Tim Hooper on 01/05/2012 23:00:24

Reno Racer01/05/2012 23:18:29
1138 forum posts
168 photos

I'll be watching your build throughout to pick up tips etc. I have Balsa USA's Nieuport 11 in 1/4 scale, although mine will be traditionally powered by a 26cc petrol. Although only 12Lbs AUW you would assume it will be well over powered but, i will not be flying full throttle and plan to spin a bigger 19x8 Xoar dark brown WW1 wooden scimitar prop at lower rpm to keep the noise level down - probably not an issue with electric.

As an aside (as part of my stocking up on US stuff before I return to Blighty), I ordered a fibreglass cowl to replace the ABS one in the kit. Got it from Fiberglass specialists in the US. Its very well made; The cowl on a 1/4 scale is BIG and flimsy ABS just isn't right - IMHOwink

Also got some cracking MG high torque servos from Dymond, they were not that expensive, but when you hold them in your hand, they exude quality and probably over kill for the Nieuport.

In fact the only thing left to buy, before I start building is the 10m of solartex. But I'm just waiting for the right time to buy 60 quids worth of film!!


Reno Racer01/05/2012 23:21:05
1138 forum posts
168 photos

Forgot to add, as usual I bought mine for $250, not 250 quid. The 60% extra mark up is nicei n the UK! - hence my frantic stock up at the minute!

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator01/05/2012 23:29:19
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

The Aluminium cowl will be a good idea on the electric one - if my Pup is anything to go by you're going to need to shift every ounce of weight as far forward as you possibly can - I even have the battery pack in the cowl! These WW1 bipes have incredably short noses - never mind a "church roof" you need a medium size cathedral if you're not very careful! I've actually seen these type of models built by the "let's beef it up" team with close on 1Kg of lead in the nose!


Tim Hooper02/05/2012 22:07:24
2911 forum posts
2412 photos


Believe me, that cowl is going to be so suffed with RC goodies in an attempt to get it to balance without ballast! The motor will have to be mounted so that the shaft protrudes out out of the front, and I'm hoping that the ply box I want to build as a mount will also be able to carry the 10S cell -pack immediately behind the motor. There's also a 2S back-up rx pack, and three hefty servos looking for a home too!


Re; the prop noise. You'd be surprised just how much racket an electric prop can generate, particularly when mounted right in front of a radial-type cowl!


Simon Chaddock02/05/2012 23:45:38
5776 forum posts
3055 photos


It is one of my pet hates adding lead to a plane!angry

I do hope you can organise the build to manage without it.

Kevin Fairgrieve03/05/2012 08:00:23
1682 forum posts
2980 photos

I shall be watching this with interest.

I have a thing for 1/4 scale WW1 aircraft. I currently own a 1/4 scale Fokker DVIII and am looking for a stable mate. Good old petrol power for me though.

I have obtained a set of plans for a BUSA Sopwith Pup from which I hope to be able to build a model. Like you Tim I do wonder sometimes why the designer/builder does things a certain way.


Tim Hooper03/05/2012 21:50:36
2911 forum posts
2412 photos

Posted by Simon Chaddock on 02/05/2012 23:45:38:

It is one of my pet hates adding lead to a plane!angry

I do hope you can organise the build to manage without it.

Well, here's the plan Simon....

There looks to be ample room in the cowl for the Turnigy up front, closely followed by the twin 5S packs (one either side of the backwards-protruding shaft. Now what else can I cram in there?


Anyway, back to tbuilding board;

Here's the upper left wing in its skeletal state. Remember that it's 40 inches long

I've left off the rootrib for the time being, and infilled in between the spars to give me somewhere to site the joiner tube. Did I mention that I'm going to split the wing to form a 2-piece?

The tips are a little unusual in that their outlines are laminated from a liteply and balsa sandwich. What's really odd is that only one of the four spars actually extends as far as the tip outline.

Now here's the bad news.  Pictured here are the left and right inner leading edges.  One is like granite.  One is like putty.  Both are bowed badly.  Both are now in the bin, and have been replaced from my stock.


Edited By Tim Hooper on 03/05/2012 21:57:42

Stephen Jones03/05/2012 22:09:29
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Boy you lucky devil ,

i wish my misses was like that .frown

Tim Hooper06/05/2012 23:26:41
2911 forum posts
2412 photos

It's a tough life, Stephen......

Anyway, just got back from a weekend in Norwich, so called in at Pegasus Models and gave their stocks of goodies some serious abuse!

The supplied ABS cowl will be ousted in favour of the pukka BUSA aluminium item. Nice....!

Oh, and two (wooden) Vickers gun kits.....

Then on a more general note five HS635 servos, a Spekky rx., a Perkins 100A high-voltage (up to 12S) ESC, a blob of a pilot. Bargain of the day has to be the Overlander 20x8 wooden prop for less than £8!


John Olsen 107/05/2012 07:33:04
446 forum posts
23 photos

I'm currently building the Balsa USA 1/3 scale Morane-Saulnier AI. That too has some features that make you wonder what they were thinking of. One interesting feature is that they show gussets, both on the plan and in the photos, with the grain running parallel to one of the glue joints, whereas my understanding is that the grain should run parallel to the long side. That is how I do it anyway. However it is building up into a nice looking model. My answer to the weight problem was to splash out and buy an ASP five cylinder radial, and as this has to mount on a box in front of the original firewall to bring the prop to the right place it makes a good contribution to bringing CoG forward. The box also provides a place to mount things like a glow driver and its battery, as well as the throttle servo, which should all help with the balance. Preliminary checks suggest it won't need too much adjustment. Mine came with a 12 inch diameter alloy cowl, I am thinking about getting it powder coated as a way to get a good durable finish.



Paul Marsh07/05/2012 08:02:38
4091 forum posts
1233 photos

Why on earth did the kit supply a naff abs cowl? Balsa USA should be a good kit manufacturer.

I've got a 1/3 Cub from Balsa USA, again with a ABS Cowl, but Pegasus Models had a proper Glass Fibre one.yes

...pity you're not fitting an engine, though...cheeky

Wingman07/05/2012 17:09:36
1149 forum posts
405 photos

Tim - regarding the weight problem - at 1/4 scale you may be able to find a saucepan that would be the right size for the cowl - you could get thick ali, stainless steel or even copper bottomed to get the weight up forward.

Tim Hooper07/05/2012 17:29:13
2911 forum posts
2412 photos

Wingman, I already have the cowl!

Paul, I agree about the ABS being a non-starter. A fibre glass one would be a good option for those who need to paint the cowl later.

John, Got any pics of the Morane?

Anyway I've spent a pleasant afternoon here.  Whilst the LE sheeting dries on a wing panel, I've set about making the tailplane.  It's quite a sizeable item at 28" span, but only 1/4" in thickness.  I'm planning to make it removable.  Pics to follow...


Edited By Tim Hooper on 07/05/2012 17:31:44

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