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Hammer F3F

The one thats tempted me back

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Peter Garsden30/11/2018 20:35:08
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If you look at my Hammer F3F blog you will see that I installed a 20mm ballast tube which I usually fill with about 4 35mm slugs of 19mm shower rail and lead. It flies much better. I have never flown it with a full 10 slugs, but it does need ballast in a 25mph wind

This is the blog - **LINK**

It flies in the lightest of wind with no ballast so is very flexible.

It does not match a mouldie and in a long high speed dive over the compression at the edge you can see the wings ripple.

So I say, put a strip of carbon down the entire length of the wing because it does need it.

DAVE MATTHEWS 230/11/2018 22:38:04
63 forum posts
38 photos

Peter, I have emailed the creator Artur, who informs me he hasn't folded a wing yet. But I've bought the carbon, so it might have to have it lol.

Cheers, Dave

Phil Elliott 101/12/2018 01:54:24
17 forum posts

Hi there Peter. I fully agree with you on the first two points, I can see that you have enjoyed flying this model too.

I would'nt fly my hammer with a skin full of lead and I am trying to discourage Dave. You have loaded it up and paid the price - wing flutter! I hope you didn't break it.

Unfortunately you have introduced that hypothetical moulded glider into the conversation to bring everything into perspective! Which it doesn't. It adds confusion to what is a simple build.

I think that almost every pilot that flies a blejzyk will enjoy the experience. Lets leave it at that.

Dave seems to be a clever bloke, why not let him experience the plane in it's well refined form just the way it comes from Poland. He may well find, that he is happy with his model just the way it is. I certainly do.

I thought about adding some carbon to my wing recently simply because it has been hit by a 2.5m 3kg Wedge Tailed eagle. I know that the black stuff can add a bit of stiffness, but decided against it. The reason I didn't do it was that I couldn't remove the fibreglass and poplar skins to put the tow where it needs to be. (on top of the blank).

Just for the record I own a few composite models and enjoy flying those too. They are good at doing what they were designed for, but make a god-awful noise that disrupts the serenity of many slopes or paddocks that would otherwise be alive with the sound of birds chirping and friendly conversation.

I have been flying the clappers out of my hammer for two or more years now. Probably about ten hours fly time per week in strong wind. The wings that Artur makes are the strongest of their type and they are almost unique with only one other manufacturer using the poplar veneer.

If it is flown within it's limits it will never flutter. It flies as straight as an arrow. It penetrates in 40kts without ballast. How often do you get that kind of wind? As it comes from Poland I believe a good pilot could enter it into a competition and get better scores than the majority of pilots with a superior plane. A plane, by the way, that costs ten times the money, that will only out-fly a hammer if the pilot has skill.

All the best from Tasmania, Phil..........I don't know if you have seen mine fly so you can go here to have a peek.

Phil Elliott 101/12/2018 03:01:29
17 forum posts

Me again Peter. I just had a peek at your blog. I found it interesting. I noticed that you built your machine three and a half years ago. Is your hammer still intact and flyable? Phil

DAVE MATTHEWS 201/12/2018 10:04:51
63 forum posts
38 photos

Guys, I am going to do it, because it wont add any weight and can't hurt. I don't expect to use the full ballast load( i have slopers that love that kind of thing). I have done it before by routing a 1.25mm slot in the wing,piping in epoxy and letting the blade in. Smooths off to a nice finish. Keep you posted !

Peter Garsden01/12/2018 19:28:22
1528 forum posts
1095 photos

Sorry Phil I thought I had replied. Yes the Hammer is still intact and has had very few mishaps. Easy to fly, easy to land. The only mishap I had was on Rushup Edge - famed for its Dynamic Soaring on Mam Tor Derbyshire, where there was vicious rotor as it was slightly off the slope which was flying northerly. It picked up the Hammer and smashed it into the ground causing the tail boom to break just before the stabiliser. I easily repaired it with an inner tube of fibreglass rolled on a piece of mylar.

Phil Elliott 102/12/2018 04:35:58
17 forum posts

Peter, I'm glad you got it mended.

I atomized my mefisto once by placing it on the ground whilst searching for my transmitter. It did a flip broke the boom and pankaked the V-bit. Ha Ha Ha.

Same plane got launched again shortly after the first incident only to turn it's self off as it left my hand on launch. Ha ha ha - that was my lucky day. It did a big circle of about a kilometer and then landed without scraping a wingtip!

All the best.

DAVE MATTHEWS 202/12/2018 14:30:40
63 forum posts
38 photos

20181202_135959.jpg20181202_135741.jpg20181202_135649.jpgmade a start on the first one. just skimmed the existing tow that comes from the joiner box to bind it all together. cutter is from set off pcb cutters from ebay.

Phil Elliott 102/12/2018 17:27:16
17 forum posts

Nice one Dave! I particularly like the dark heartwood of that piece of veneer with its peppering of birds eye.

DAVE MATTHEWS 202/12/2018 17:52:55
63 forum posts
38 photos

Thanks Phil, top is the same and looks awesome varnished (pictures to follow)

DAVE MATTHEWS 208/12/2018 23:51:29
63 forum posts
38 photos

Guys, are we using nylon wing bolts or ......?

Phil Elliott 109/12/2018 00:54:17
17 forum posts

I had difficulty getting the white 5mm nylon bolts into the embedded nuts, and they were so tight I screwed the knurled nuts out of the plywood wing bolt block in the fuz.

I think the bolts or the nuts are tapered, maybe both! ha ha.

Then I ran a tap through the knurled nuts and got some m5 bolts off ebay. But I must say, the ebay bolts dont break easily which can be traumatic.

The black plastic ebay bolts are a pretty good compromise I think as they are very secure and will break most of the time.

looking forward to seeing the finished product.. And to be honest I want to see a video of hammer crackin' it on the slope with a bit of lead in the belly!


DAVE MATTHEWS 209/12/2018 10:15:06
63 forum posts
38 photos

Phil, I did toy with the idea of aluminium bolts by way of compromise. I have the same problem with the white plastic ones supplied. Just working on ways to get the rudder arm tucked away inside the fuse.

I'll keep you posted

DAVE MATTHEWS 213/12/2018 09:37:10
63 forum posts
38 photos

20181213_085012.jpg20181213_084828.jpgfuse and tail feathers all done, with 20mm ballast tube (should be good for about 670g ish max.)


Phil Elliott 114/12/2018 03:06:42
17 forum posts

I can see that the hammer is coming along well Dave. You have your ballast well organised in short slugs and the opening under the inner nose is reasonably small too. It looks pretty 'dangerous' in the orange!

I had a dream nightmare last night. I think it was my mind's way of dealing with the frustration of builders apathy. I have been slack and really want to fly a few of the gliders I have bought. Last night whilst fast asleep, I opened up the box of a 3m carbon speedster I have been keeping under the bed. I showed it to a guy and when he handed it back the wing was rib and spar covered in second grade transparent film. It cost me $1250 and I was furious.

I decided to get on a plane with my faithful bull-terrier and visit the manufacturer in China who told me; "you get what you pay for". I got lost over there and my dog was almost taken by shark whilst scuba diving. In hung-foo province I had to sleep rough on the streets with european and american junkies that loved the place because it was cheap to live there and the drugs were everywhere. I was a 'fish' out of water. I decided to release my grudge on the model builder and come home but couldnt find the airport. A talking donkey told me it was only two blocks away, so I gave him a carrot to take me there. I was early at the check-in for once in my life and I was relieved to be heading home. I decided that I would build all my own planes from now on. I lived happily ever after.


Edited By Phil Elliott 1 on 14/12/2018 03:08:27

DAVE MATTHEWS 214/12/2018 08:56:30
63 forum posts
38 photos

Phil, cut down on the caffeine at night-time bud! I thought I had weird dreams lol. Just got the second wing to wire up, then it's wait for the right conditions time.

Phil Elliott 114/12/2018 10:20:07
17 forum posts

I just read that again, it is a bit strange! But it made sense at the time! Ha ha ha. The mind, and especially the subconcious mind, is an incredible organ.

Moving along now, I have just repaired the wings on my Hammer and it should be in the air in the next few days. I also fixed my 3340mm Graupner Discus and she's up and running again too. The wind has been very strong down here and variable in direction. I am hoping it decides which way to blow over the weekend so I can plan a sortie.

Keep up the hard work on the model, it is definitely worth it. - P.E.

DAVE MATTHEWS 216/12/2018 12:45:57
63 forum posts
38 photos

moving on, decided to use multiplex mpx connectors to keep wiring simple and tidy. A handy hint (probably from this site somewhere), to pot the connectors with hot melt. Not only does it prevent flex and eventual failure at the solder point, it provides a good grip . I didn't use a mould (haven't got one!), just pump the glue in there then, while it's soft, form it with a couple of bits of aluminium flat bar. Not as tidy as a mould but hey.... cheaper lol.20181213_162211.jpg

DAVE MATTHEWS 218/12/2018 09:29:59
63 forum posts
38 photos

DONE!! Sadly the nose came out dark because I only had grey primer (needed white), but that can be resprayed easily enough later.20181217_193520.jpg

Phil Elliott 118/12/2018 10:29:02
17 forum posts

Nice work Dave. yours looks like a different model compared to my V-Tail version. The colours on the extremities will help to keep you in touch visually against the blue sky or grey clouds.

I would love to see some footage from a 'Head-Cam' once you get it balanced and start using a bit of lead.

Cheers, Phil

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