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Jim Davis Lancaster

Anyone remember it or have a photo?

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Alexander Peacock10/03/2020 19:36:02
4 forum posts

Hi Mark Trappet

I just read your post . Funny that. The good old days

Andy Stephenson10/03/2020 23:26:13
221 forum posts
36 photos

I remember Dave Wright flying a large scale Spitfire across the channel but did he also do this with the Lank, I never heard of this.


Peter Christy11/03/2020 09:14:42
1873 forum posts

Did all the models from Goosedale end up there? I ask because my old friend, the late Peter Valentine, donated his Cox .049 "Lark" helicopter to Goosedale. It vanished with the rest of the exhibits when Goosedale closed.



Allan Bowker11/03/2020 13:37:24
1640 forum posts
228 photos

Hello Alexander, thanks for reviving one of my favourite threads, for me it was a satisfying adventure!

I'm also glad that I documented my original question and progress from May-July 2012 as some months later I was listening to a guy in a shop claiming to have found the wherabouts of Jim's Lanc himself.

laughYou really can't believe the cheek some people!

Hello Peter
From my distant memory I recall not all models made it into the shipping container that got sent to the USA.
I think some were redistributed into the modelling community or discarded as waste.

Back in 2012 I found some info on the RCMF forum about Goosedale's closure and fate of the models, however I can't find the page now to link to.

You could try contacting SFO Museum, their contact details are on page one of this thread.
I would imagine they don't have many model helicopters and would appreciate some background info if they have the Lark.

Peter Christy11/03/2020 14:17:16
1873 forum posts

Hi Allan,

Thanks for the update! As you can imagine, an .049 powered helicopter was pretty small, but it did fly, and quite well! At the time, I think it was the smallest RC helicopter in existence (mid-1970s)! It should have been quite easy to get it in the container!

On the other hand, it might have been considered as waste because of its size! Peter Valentine also built an .020 powered heli, which I have, but never managed to get it to fly. He couldn't make a centrifugal clutch that would work at such a tiny size! Maybe if I electrified it......?!




Alexander Peacock12/03/2020 21:46:56
4 forum posts

Hi again .

I spoke with my father about the subject of Flying the Lancaster across the channel . From what he remembers Jim Crashed the Lancaster while exhibiting it , apparently it went straight through a caravan and after the close call Jim was worried about hurting someone. My Dad's a good bloke and honest with it but who knows . Whatever the case it's fond memories.

I vaguely remember one of guys who worked in Jim davis models started Apple Models. Maybe he knows more .

Any how



Jesus Cardin13/03/2020 07:53:00
102 forum posts
22 photos

Alex, as an aside note, is your father Ian Peacock?


Eric Robson10/08/2020 21:40:44
331 forum posts
61 photos

Sorry about the orientation and the quality but I have just found this photo taken at Sywell in the 1970-80's it is in colour but the photo had yellowed so I made it black and white . It was not very good in colour. It is standing beside a Sopwith Pup, not sure if it a real Pup or a replica._20200810_210251[919].jpg

Bob Cotsford11/08/2020 11:33:50
8746 forum posts
489 photos

Reportedly that Lancaster directly led to the loss of the Box Trees Lane flying site in Bentley Heath on a combination of noise complaints and overflying the A34. Four Quadras was it?

mal brewer11/08/2020 12:51:01
334 forum posts
1 photos
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 11/08/2020 11:33:50:

Reportedly that Lancaster directly led to the loss of the Box Trees Lane flying site in Bentley Heath on a combination of noise complaints and overflying the A34. Four Quadras was it?

I seem to recall that the Jim Davis Lancaster had only two functional engines, yes they were chainsaw engines,so would have caused a fair old racket !...........could be wrong, can anybody confirm on number of engines ?.......Mal

Allan Bowker11/08/2020 15:43:44
1640 forum posts
228 photos


Thanks for the photo Eric, good to see it as it's intended use.

I can't confirm if the design was 2 or 4 active engines but I can recall being told in the shop they were from chainsaws. I had just assumed it was all four.

Eric Robson12/08/2020 08:03:02
331 forum posts
61 photos

Hi Allan, I was able to buy my first set of Futaba radio gear due to Jim Davis. He advertised Futaba M series at £164 interest free credit for two years. I gave up smoking to afford it, I was visiting relatives in Kidderminster at the time and drove up to his shop in Erdington where the big Lanc. was hanging up. It looked awesome, at that time 60 size models were classed as large, I seem to think that it only had two working engines but I would not swear by it. I know he had two large scale Spitfires and I think there was a large scale Me. 109. as I asked about it at a show where he was flying the models and he said they were having problems with the 109 and it would not be flying that day. That was 44 years ago so time may have fogged my memory which is normally pretty good.

mal brewer12/08/2020 08:23:18
334 forum posts
1 photos

Hi Eric, I remember the Spitfires that Jim Davis used to fly at displays alongside the Lancaster,he used to put on a big show at Woodvale,where he would have a big trade stand. His manager,Dave Wright, used to do a lot,if not all, of his show flying. I remember seeing the two Spitfires, but never saw the Me 109, or ever heard mention of it, that's not to say it didn't exist. Last time I went to his store,it was in a large industrial type building in, I think, Dartmouth street, Birmingham, that would be around the late 80's................Mal

Andy Stephenson12/08/2020 10:46:10
221 forum posts
36 photos

I saw the Lanc fly at Sywell circa mid 70s and if I remember correctly there were only 2 working engines. The other thing about it was that it needed two pilots, one for the actual flying and the second for the flaps, bomb doors and throttles.

wingcoax12/08/2020 11:23:41
110 forum posts
2 photos

That would be the same as Roy Levers big Lanc They used to fly it from the back of a car with the roof down.

mal brewer12/08/2020 12:08:12
334 forum posts
1 photos

Yes, Roy Lever's Lancaster, or 'Plankaster' as it was known, due to it's very semi-scale appearance. He did indeed fly it from the back of a converible car, a Jaguar I believe, if I remember correctly. The story I read somewhere was that he used to use a chase car because he couldn't fly a model coming towards him ! Probably a made-up tale, I think he did it that way because he was an out and out showman.................hope he wasn't using a 'merlin' radio ! .....Mal

Edited By mal brewer on 12/08/2020 12:08:41

Colin Leighfield12/08/2020 15:35:38
6007 forum posts
2505 photos

Dave Wright, who did a lot of the show flying for Jim, is still flying with SCRCAC. Since 1970 I have owned a Frog Jackdaw that was given to me by a friend at work who said that it had originally belonged to Dave. A while ago I mentioned it to him and he said that he had originally built and flown one and eventually sold it on. Last year I decided to get it going again, did some minor repair work, fitted new radio and servos as well as a new Enya SS30. It flew straight away perfectly, a bit twitchy on take-off but it’s a really good plane, surprisingly quick and quite aerobatic on rudder and elevator. I reintroduced Dave to it, he hadn’t seen it for probably fifty years and he flew it again. It was a great experience to see the master flying a plane that he reckons he built in 1964, 56 years ago. It has some aged related “patina” that I don’t intend to change, it’s still a top-notch plane to fly. Here’s Dave reunited with an old pal. d3c7ebdd-8a6e-4142-b490-6ee82a7dac1b.jpeg

Richard Harris12/08/2020 16:16:22
2197 forum posts
2034 photos

Its a small world, here is Dave flying his Wakefield model up at the patch a few years ago. I spoke to him last year at Greenacres, next time I see him I will ask him about the Lancaster.

I was only a child but I do remember a trainer they did that looked nice, Slim Jim I think? always fancied one.


Edited By Richard Harris on 12/08/2020 16:16:51

brokenenglish12/08/2020 19:54:44
592 forum posts
30 photos

Sincere Thanks to Colin for the Jackdaw story and to Richard for the Evans Jaguar video.
Both super interesting posts!

Bob Cotsford12/08/2020 20:02:52
8746 forum posts
489 photos

I persuaded a mate, Steve Hilton, to take up flying in the early to mid 70s. His weapon of choice was an ARTF Slim Jim and it turned out to be an excellent trainer. I think there were a couple of other * Jims, certainly I remember a low wing Jim variant.

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