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What does your wife or significant other half think of your hobby?

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Q: How does your wife, partner or significant other half view your hobby?

They fly!  






Not bad  




Not good  


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Swissflyer16/06/2012 10:47:36
162 forum posts
41 photos
Posted by Erfolg on 15/06/2012 19:25:21:

My wife is a Golfer...

and Erfolg is an anagram of Golfer, how cool!
I thought you were saying “success” yes

Simon B16/06/2012 11:26:53
1936 forum posts
284 photos

Provided I pay the bills I get away with stuff. It's only if I buy a plane and am then short two weeks later when it comes to the mortgage that she gets snarky She also worries about lipo fires after a faulty charger ignited one, so I have to be doubly careful with where and how I charge them. She does mock me for being a nerd from time to time (fair enough really!), but I get a fairly easy ride.

Erfolg16/06/2012 13:32:03
11799 forum posts
1346 photos


Until very recently I had considered Golf as quite boring. I had tried pitch and putt, very boring.

Whilst working I was always to busy with something, recreation for me was as chauffeur, when my daughters were at home. Then when they went to University, I was into classic cars, and driving the then current BL car of its day, always busy. Then my wife bought a Porsche, suddenly I found that cars did not always need repairing and actually went around corners and that 70 mph was no challenge, for however long. So I took up cycling. dumped BL, acquired my wives car as she had moved onto BMW.

When I retired, my wife got me onto a 9 hole course. In attempt to get me into the sport, she contrived for me to get a hole in 1. I think it was fudged somehow, as I just hit the ball as hard a I could, trusting to luck, where it went. I have come to understand that it requires a lot of skill and a lot of thought, as well as nerve. But still not really interested. Although I have gone to Royal Lytham to spectate at the UK national amateur championship. Where I found it really good, to watch.

Being old, lacking in skill and understanding of the requirements, I will never be a Golfer, that is beyond Erfolg, there will be no success.

Flanker .20/06/2012 13:44:52
622 forum posts
5 photos

What a lucky 22% ! I saved over €350 For models last year and was given €100 as a gift.

Did I get to buy anything for my hobby with it ? No chance !

A.A. Barry20/06/2012 13:56:14
1922 forum posts
186 photos

Well without going ito to much detail, I wear the pants in this household, but she tells me which one to wear


Doug Ireland21/06/2012 20:51:47
2088 forum posts
42 photos

My other half says she enjoys watching me build models from plans and has helped out on various occasions. As far as the cost is concerned, she never asks.

Myron Beaumont21/06/2012 22:02:41
5797 forum posts
51 photos

Chrissy complained to me an hour or so ago that I don't fly enough & that she wants to learn . I "assembled" an Arising Star a few months ago and she's dying to fly it !She even bought it and a nice simple Tx /Rx combo with "proper" sliding trims, OS 52 Fs installed -- the lot. Beat that !

Mind you ,I am looking after 60 sheep, 40 plus chickens and their eggs ,11 cats ,5 goats ,4 ducks ,a family of pheasants that have taken up residency,feeding wild birds by the dozens ,herons about to settle and nest on the Derwent at the bottom of our garden .I won't mention rats and mice and minks and foxes that are dependant on what we're breeding .Can't complain though . We've been a bit damp underfoot for a while so havn't flown much .She's brilliant!

Steve Fish24/06/2012 12:19:48
70 forum posts
78 photos
Posted by Eck on 08/06/2012 11:05:48:

Budget is severely limited, but that applies to everything, not just modelling. Mrs Eck accompanies me to the field when she isn't working, takes some wonderful photos and helps out at Club Open Days. Lucky Me!

Mr Eck, my wife is much the same - in fact without her help at our club's recent fly-in, we'd not have muffins, pumpkin soup, and invaluable help serving teas, coffes and the bacon butties i was busily cooking up. What's more she takes great photos too!

I know a chap on the other hand, who had to ask permission to go fly.

One afternoon he went flying without the wife knowing. 2-3 seconds (7 seconds + = a flight?!) and he yawed into the fence.

As he had not sought permission, he had to hide his misdemeanor for 2-3 weeks until he had a moment to fly legitimately. Thus he could then lay claim to the crash! Of course, all us club members knew about it,  but were sworn to secrecy lest divorce papers were served. For the greater good... tish tish!


Edited By Steve Fish on 24/06/2012 12:31:38

Edited By Steve Fish on 24/06/2012 12:44:46

lee sheppard 124/06/2012 19:20:31
1 forum posts

My wife lets me got no and i can do what a like and spen what i like. One of the bed rooms is my work shop and one is for the models that are ok for flying, its a good life i have.


Big Bandit24/06/2012 21:36:37
2436 forum posts
947 photos

I have to say my better half is a real diamond, and is always supportive and interested in what I'm building, to be totally honest. If it's not too good she will say so, if she likes it she will say so. I couldn't wish for anyone better.



Steve Ashton18/07/2012 08:27:01
45 forum posts
2 photos

My wife rekindled my flying, the model flying was a substitute after having flown k8 k13 k21 k23 full size gliders then slipping disc at work, I ended up not having the money to keep flying.

So one christmas the wot trainer appeared, wife also goes with me to the field when nice weather IE not this year!

As long as I tidy up and house chores are done for the wife she's happy.

Her indoors also goes with me to the air shows but goes mad if I hear a plane and rush to see what it is

Radge18/07/2012 16:56:51
322 forum posts
48 photos

Sounds a bit like me Steve, we're quite lucky I suppose in a sort of skewed manner. I solo'd in the K13 then joined the 'bottle neck' in the K8 until I gained enough hours for the K18, then once I got the Bronze C I qualified to full Silver in the Discus. After the instructors course I ended up either as 'talking ballast' or 'My God! He's trying to kill me!' sitting in the back until illness stopped it all.


Martin & Sue HARDY26/01/2019 10:44:06
2 forum posts

Just found this!

A flyer in my own right (although not as good as Martin!). The first female member of the first club we joined that gained an A Test in any medium (A SFE). So far as aware, still only female member of existing club. Slightly a 'fair weather' pilot, but enjoy the trips with the water models (Twotter, Sealand, Piaggio and large FunCub). Just need to get confidence to have a go. The twin engine models more easy to handle than the FunCub as they have differential throttles which helps with the taxying.

I was the full size gliding 'crew chief' for a number of years, became quite adept at towing! Generally the trailer while Martin towed the caravan. HWMBO has Diamond C and over 2000 hours.

He retired from full size in 2009 to go back to modelling. For 26 years, I owned the tail plane and release hook of the SHK - after all he couldn't fly without them!

Mind you I am not the best of cooks, and hate shopping/shoes!


SONNY MONKS26/01/2019 10:52:25
269 forum posts

After i pay my share of what goes into the joint account for the mortgage and bills,then whatevers left in my current acc,and my savings,i can spend what i want,on what i want,its the only time i can switch off is when i am in my man cave on a building project,

John Tee26/01/2019 11:06:57
886 forum posts
73 photos

Sonny, Thanks for reviveing this thread. Many names from the past who made the forum so varied. Brought back some happy memories. Where do people slide out of our awareness without us realising it. Good that a lot of the names are still with us.


Former Member26/01/2019 11:18:42
724 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Former Member26/01/2019 11:28:05

[This posting has been removed]

Denis Watkins26/01/2019 11:49:42
4632 forum posts
129 photos

We met as teenagers 50 years ago ! ! !

So my sweetie knew right from the start that I was messy ! ! !

There are the usual " Not on the kitchen table " comments

But am always encouraged to go out in the fresh air all day

And to come back exhausted but smiling.

cymaz26/01/2019 12:07:13
9333 forum posts
1211 photos
Posted by Doug Ireland on 21/06/2012 20:51:47:

My other half says she enjoys watching me build models from plans and has helped out on various occasions. As far as the cost is concerned, she never asks.

yes.....lucky me!laugh

Edited By cymaz on 26/01/2019 12:07:31

Geoff S26/01/2019 12:09:06
3765 forum posts
36 photos

My wife of over 50 years and I have no separate money everything we have is jointly owned except , I guess, obvious things like my toy aeroplanes and her bike or our clothes etc. (she owns the back of our tandem ). She's always been positively encouraging about my hobbies and pastimes and often shares them from motor cycling, through sailing, cycling right to aeromodelling.

No problems at all. In fact I'm often puzzled by the comments some here make about sneaking a new kit into the workshop - though I suppose many of them are jokes.


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