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DB Sport and Scale Corben Baby Ace build

My first ever CNC kit

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Eck26/01/2013 11:48:05
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It's not the waiting for parts, Tom - the longest wait is always for suitable weather for a maiden flight!

Be patient, it will all come together!

Eddie Stocker - Formerly, DB Sport and Scale26/01/2013 13:05:40
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Hi Tom,

Yes, normally the engine would be basically fitted, and then the cowl would be joined and the holes cut for exhaust etc. and trimmed to your acceptable length required. Our plastic cowls are always left a little longer to allow freeda bit of juggling when fitting it, it's not an exact science.


Major26/01/2013 13:17:59
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Thanks Eddie. I thought that I forgot to sand the bottom sheet (under tank) and now I'll have to take covering off, sand to shape and recover it... But from the other side, it would look much better, will give it a gowink


You're right, just hope I won't need to wait age for nice weatherwink.



Major26/01/2013 19:32:40
610 forum posts
213 photos

Ok, here are latest photos

Cowl in place, engine as well. Luckily I gave myself some reserve when fitting pushrod, so even after engine went a bit to the front, it does its job perfectly.


I'm gonna use 12x6 prop, but this one doesn't look right to me. I will purchase wooden one instead, which will be paired with alloy spinner.


Female pilot from Giant Shark. A bit too small, with ugly face, to be repleaced as well as prop.


Cockpit sticker from Blackburn Models does it quite ok. Cabane struts were painted in blue, but it looks as ugly as pilot, so will be repainted with white and fuel proofed.


And the biggest suprise to me. Just discovered, I am able to take quite sharp photos with my current camerawink. Visible some imperfections caused by fuel proofer.


And again I need some advice, What kind of gap filler would You recommend for cowling? Also what paint?? Best would be just can of sprey, I look for pearl white...



Major28/01/2013 05:32:16
610 forum posts
213 photos

Latest progress...

I fixed windscreen. Cutting and trial-fitting of template took me about one hour. It is not very best, but for the first time I am happy. To make it easier, I marked some dots on the fuselage, measured lenght between them and taped plastic to that exact langht. Then it was just placed on the fus and glued by CA. Small gap appeared on the front, but it will be sorted with 5min epoxy.


Then I realised, that I hate the look of cockpit decking. I made some nasty holes in it to accept cabane struts, but it looked very bad.


So I fixed it with small pieces of 'tex


These to be "shot" from hairdryer, just didn't want to make noise in the middle of the nightwink. I also did some work on the cowling. Drilled holes for exhaust, needle extension and remote glow plug adapter. This is total fail to me. I don't know how, but in this case "measure twice, cut once" didn't work and so half of the cowl has turned into dust, leaving huge holes everywhere.




The serious problem I have here, is cowl removal. No matter how I enlarge holes, all seem to be far too small when I put the cowl onto the fuselage...

Now just hatches and headrest left, and I'll move on to the wingwink.

bouncebounce crunch28/01/2013 07:17:44
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I wouldn't be too embarassed or ashamed of your handywork there Major looks good to me.I am changing my mind back and forth and tyring to solve problems on my Cub only to cause myself more thought provoking problems.

One thing for sure she will really be yours and stand out at the field from those arf's.

Eddie Stocker - Formerly, DB Sport and Scale28/01/2013 09:37:56
94 forum posts
1 photos

That looks well tidy,


Major28/01/2013 15:12:53
610 forum posts
213 photos

Thanks gents!


I'm not really ashamed... Just see, what could be done better. I'll just wait till maiden, if she flies, I will do some more work on her - like some vinyls to hide covering joints, some paintwork etc. For now she just has to flycheeky.


Thanks. Now I have to tidy up my workshop - it is really bad if I can't find the item placed just under my handwink.

I called Blackburn Models just few minutes ago. Somehow, I gave them wrong card details on order form, so it might be delayed one day... And all I need now is some 'tex and aliphatic glue, which I used to last drop.



Major28/01/2013 21:46:35
610 forum posts
213 photos

Just discovered something very bad. Left nose former somehow has cracked lenghtwise just below the joint with engine bearer... That would explain, why yesterday I had a feeling like engine was moving during LiPo powered electric starter test. I fixed it using aliphatic and superphatic glue, now it is clamped to dry, in addition I will add some 3m ply where I can. However I'm not so sure if it will be safe now. Any advice what I should do extra?



Concorde Speedbird28/01/2013 22:26:01
2730 forum posts
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How did that happen? Never mind, there's always a solution. It will need to be strong, so a picture would be very helpful. Some plywood over it should do it if you can cut the ply to glue against a strong point. We can only guess though, so a picture tomorrow would be the best way to make suggestions. It'll be fine once fixed though, good job you spotted it!


Major29/01/2013 03:13:14
610 forum posts
213 photos

I have no idea how this happened. I suspect two things

* little crack on the front + tension from paxoline plate (down and side thrust), to which engine is screwed or

* little crack + vibration caused by electric starter..

It was from the front to the far end. I have fixed crack somehow, also coated entire former with superphatic glue. now it is nice and hard, but in addition I will place ply all over it. To prevent this happen on the other side, I glued some pieces of 0.4mm ply on the front of right former. Will upload picture later, as I jut left workshop and want to go straight to bedwink.

Thanks CSB



Now ailerons are covered and hinged, cabane struts painted in white, wing fixing pins in places, but weather forecast is getting awful...

Eck29/01/2013 11:47:30
660 forum posts
124 photos

Don't forget to put some contrasting trim on your model, Tom- it's very easy (especially with grey skies) to lose orientation on an all-white model. My late brother-in-law landed a glider on the roof of a bakery because he didn't know which way it was going!

Eddie Stocker - Formerly, DB Sport and Scale29/01/2013 15:52:09
94 forum posts
1 photos

Hello Eck,

What a very good point, as you say, it is very easy to lose orientation. Colours are very important on model planes just purely for orientation purposes.


Major01/02/2013 04:37:35
610 forum posts
213 photos

Hi again.


Sorry for little delay, I got another butt-kicking supprise, and had to stop the build for a while.


Re trim:

Of course, You're right Eck. I still can't decide, but most probably trim will be blue, Cessna-like...


Re crack:

Sorry CSB, I did try, but after I fixed it, it's impossible to spot on any photo. Nose former seems to be nice and hard now, but few pieces of ply won't do any harm...


Yesterday I got 'tex and aliphatic glue from Blackburn, so did little more.

Both wingtips are finished now.


Here, the port side is drying.


I also drilled some holes for servo leads and installed mounting plates, cut from ply. I know holes are not really in-line, but luckily it won't be seencheeky


All of the were sanded afterwards and received thin coat of glue - just in case...


I couldn't resist the urgent need to cover even a little part, so here it comes. Starboard wing tip is fully covered. Didn't come out perfect, but will do (for nowwink)





Top layer of Solartex still needs to be shrunk some more, I hope it will make the tip looking nice and round.


And my boy with her, before I told him "do not sit on my aircraft"...



and after...




Weather forecast still does not look ok for maiden, so instead of rushing I'll just take my time.... Not much left to do anyway.




Edited By Major on 01/02/2013 04:40:28

Edited By Major on 01/02/2013 04:44:45

Major19/02/2013 12:31:36
610 forum posts
213 photos


Plane is finished by now. There was some problems with wing struts (kept splitting up - I drilled too small holes for fixing pins) but aliphatic glue together with thin ply sorted the problem. I fixed the nose formers, using about 1.5mm ply everywhere I could and after about two hours of running no single sign of further damage.

I could not understand, how to fit wing struts to the fuselage using just pieces of bent wire, it was quite sensitive to vibration, so instead I used 2mm bolts. These work ok on three struts, one is a little stubborn so for time being rubber band holds it in place.

Plane will not be fully white. After maiden (if it survives of course) I want to add some trim, mainly to cover some imperfections like this one visible here right in the middle of fus


And few shots more from last session out (engine tuning)


My boy teaching me how to tune engine wink



And start-up. LiPo powered starter works perfectly, but requires some awareness. Short circuit has melted my hex keysblush.

It was very intresting build. Sometimes challenging, but very big pleasure. I learnt a few things more (like "never clap your hands to encourage kids to do something while holding scalpel" and "no matter the size, prop in the eye hurts" winkcheekyblush). Of course, final feedback for DB Sport and Scale has to be 10 out of 10 - for quality of the kit and more than perfect customer support. Thanks a lot You all for help and advice - without this the build would be much longer.

Maiden flight is planned on the next weekend, but it depends on few things. First of all, I have to get carb and tune the engine, second - weather. If it flies, I'm gonna work a little on the cockpit and some finish.

I have already few planes in mind to do next. TN 72" Spit and FW-190, DB Spit or Hurri and TH Armstrong, but time will show.



Tangental19/02/2013 12:45:21
123 forum posts
4 photos

Superb! Awaiting your maiden with bated breath Major Tom!yessmile

Dale Gibson19/02/2013 17:50:54
123 forum posts
26 photos

Great stuff Tom, looking very nice indeed. Be sure to take some pics of that maiden thumbs up


Major20/02/2013 17:55:13
610 forum posts
213 photos

Thanks gents.

Closer I am, more nervous I getwink. I will make sure that flight is recorded.

However, e-mail I received from JE clouded all chances for maiden this weekend...

"The following order has been received thank you. There is a slight delay in dispatch because some of the parts are on order or have been ordered in for you. delivery will be usually within a week. As soon as they come in we will ship your order, we will email you to let you know when your order is dispatched."

I am not happy with it, but from other side - sometimes better than not at all. I wouldn't get is faster from US anyway.



NewBuilderFlyer23/02/2013 11:30:52
61 forum posts
24 photos


thanks for posting - I'm half way through building the same model and your pictures have spurred me on!

I have the wings made but not covered, and nearly all the fuselage complete - I'm stuck on the curved section that fits around the pilot.

So this afternoon I'll cover the tail sections.

I'd love to know what engine you've selected (I can't decide upon electric or four-stroke) and how your first flight went.

All the best - David

Major23/02/2013 14:53:09
610 forum posts
213 photos

Hello David!

I didn't see Your posts before so welcome to the forum from mewink.

I'm glad my pics could be of use. I would suggest that You start own thread, so You can get help easily from members of the forum and DB staff - Eddie is present sometimes. We could also see Your progresswink.


The engine choice was quite simple - OS .40FS. Mine is a little old, but (including new carb for 35GPB posted which I broke) still half the price of new Surpass. I'm sure it will have more than enough power even with 11x5 Master Airscrew prop, but I intend t use 12x6 wooden one. If You ask me - do not use electric setup, models like this one have to be IC poweredwink. EP is just not rightwink. If You do not have the engine, recently I have seen some on eBay, so You might want to have a look.


Before You install any powertrain, check nose formers for any cracks. These are made of soft balsa, so You could use some 0.4mm ply on the front of each one. I also applied thin coat of glue (superphatic, as far as I remember, but aliphatic will do too).


The cockpit decking is made of 0.4mm ply. It is good of DB, that piece of ply included is exactly what You need to make it width- and lenghtwise. So what I did

* First of all, copy the whole piece onto the paper, as per manual. It will save a lot of frustration when something goes ugly. I used heavy weight tissue, so I could easily copy what I needed from the plan.

*Then look at the plan- fuselage side. Place Your paper template on it. Just make sure, that it matches with the former just behind cockpit (107) and does not go any further, and with longerons (or fairings) underneath (142, so it was probably fairing). This way You will have some (just few mm) excess of ply at the front, but it is very easy to get rid of.

*Then just copy side of the cockpit from 107 to the curve on the decking and do exactly same thing on the other side of template. After that, just draw the line to connect sides and cut out wood inside Your drawing. You can make it round or a little more straight, it's up to You.

*After Your template gives what You want, just copy it onto the ply. Line in the middle might be helpful when comes to positioning. During this stage, before glue was applied, I used 5" elastic bands to hold decking in place. Set is as You want, check if it's good and glue. The glueing itself might require some patience, I didn't soak wood in the water and it was coming off a little. To solve this, I used (as J. Clarkson would say - "millions of" steel pins.



Just make sure You apply glue on both inside and outside. Do not take the bands off, use some clamps as well. After one day everything was nice and strong.

Here's a coupple of additional photos (don't remember them here)





I hope I was clear and You can understan what I have in mind. If not - just post here or PM me, I'll scan the plan and mark everything there for You.


I am sorry for quality of the pics - but what can I expect from digital sanding block??wink


Hope this helps. Good luck with Your build






I forgot one thing. You might want to make holes for cabane struts before fitting decking in place. I found it easier to do afterwards, but think about it.



Edited By Major on 23/02/2013 15:26:16

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