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Where are they?

Missing friends

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Stephen Grigg22/11/2012 16:27:27
8691 forum posts
1128 photos

I was sitting pondering when I started thinking of missing people on the RCm and E latest posts.Of course I know Gemma Fairchild and her teddy left us after winding everyone up ,and one of the most memorable posts was from Dave BEB himself a man larger than life .but one missing person is Andy Watson last seen trying to come up with a way to get his Vulcan to take off.Another guy I enjoyed reading was Ross Clarkson ,miss him also.There are others that have disappeared and I cant remember there names,its a memory thing yo know.

simon barr22/11/2012 16:52:15
1034 forum posts
16 photos

I don't post very often, but I am always around, and I have also noticed a change  of "posters" and that most of the old regulars are missing frown

I guess its just an ongoing thing that members come and go...

Edited By simon barr on 22/11/2012 16:53:01

Stephen Grigg22/11/2012 17:01:25
8691 forum posts
1128 photos

Hi Simon you are probably right but Andy was such a prolific builder and poster and his threads so popular.

Concorde Speedbird22/11/2012 18:33:45
2717 forum posts
631 photos

Andy Watson last logged on yesterday from his account. It's a shame, his Vulcan build was brilliant but as far as I know it has not flown, and he has disappeared...


Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator22/11/2012 18:43:01
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

I've noticed over time that folks "fade in and out". I guess its all connected with other things in their lives. Maybe they don't have as much time in front of a PC as they did? And also, the forum is a bit like a soap opera - if you come here regularly you get to know the characters and where the "story line" is going. But if you have an enforced absence - maybe due to work committments etc. - you can "lose the thread" a bit and it can seem hard to get back into the rythym.

For whatever reason, new folks come in, and are very welcome, a few old faces bow out - and we miss them. But then they reappear - a bit like a missing sock! - to be welcomed back with tales of new adventures etc.,


00122/11/2012 22:29:11
2212 forum posts
1 photos

I have been with this forum since the very first day, I moved house, changed club secret and handle for a little anonimity. I miss some of the old regulars, some went onto another site of course. I started using the local library computer but that was not great success, time limits, noise etc.So I am now connected to the internet at home again and you might hear a little more from me in future.

Stephen Jones23/11/2012 00:03:44
2693 forum posts
1528 photos

Hi , Andy Watson and i are both members of the same club .And i can tell you that he is in the middle of a house move at the moment and so he will not be building anything for a while yet , as most of his projects are on the larger scale . And he has the added worry about storage of his existing models plus how to transport them from one hose the the other .

Rest assure he will be back , no doubt with some new project .

Ps i don't think the Vulcan has flown yet .

Stephen Grigg23/11/2012 00:54:49
8691 forum posts
1128 photos

Thankyou for the updates so far,give Andy our regards ,we miss him.

andy watson23/11/2012 13:01:39
1942 forum posts
20 photos

Well it's nice to be missed!!

I have done a little lurking recently, but as far as flying goes I don't think I have done any this year- certainly none since March.

There are a few reasons for it really. One being a prospective house move- I wish we were in the middle of it, but the house is on the market and since I don't want the hassle of moving a part built airframe, and I don't know what storage I will have in the next house (although the other half has accepted a workshop as "essential", I would rather wait and see. I am also concious of the fact that my builds have been a bit on the big side- and I think I need to reign in my ambitions! I have also managed to get a couple of builds in my queue that- to be honest- I am not that excited about. Maybe I just need to bin them- the bipablast 2 and a seaplane biplane that I agreed to do for personal reasons, but to be honest looks like I might never get to it.

Other reasons abound as well- work has been very busy- we were visited by OfSTED this year in my department, which was a lot of work and the students seem to need an ever increasing amount of support. I have also started playing poker again, which means my nights are taken up- so it's harder to get out during the day.

Probably the main reason though is young Oliver. He is 3 now, and brilliant. I want to spend as much time with him as possible whilst I am the person he would rather be with than anyone else. Building and flying planes comes a long way behind chasing round the house with nerf guns (I don't know how I got that birthday present past the girlfriend) or making jam tarts or fighting with cushions.

And the flippin Vulcan hasn't flown (or even had the markings painted on).

Stephen Grigg24/11/2012 00:17:29
8691 forum posts
1128 photos

Fantastic to hear from yoy Andy,enjoy that boy.Hope the move is successful good luck with it all.

My ex wife wrecked a holiday in Disney and my youngest at the time always was saying "Carry".My wife kept saying "why do you carry him.I turned and said " one day he will be to big and wont need or want me to,so Ill enjoy the mopment whilst I can".He is now 24 lives with me ,and Im still carrying him,financially that is,but make those memories Andy,modelling can come later when he is glued to computer war games like mine.

Paul Marsh24/11/2012 15:54:38
3705 forum posts
1053 photos

I don't post much, and thinking of stopping altogether. Seems my postings get completely ignored and the subsequent posts just go on, as I wasn't there. Feels like the girl from Buffy V.S (Season 1 Ep.11, Marci Ross) , who was ignored and actually disappeared from sight.secret


Edited By Paul Marsh on 24/11/2012 15:55:43

simon barr24/11/2012 17:57:48
1034 forum posts
16 photos

Don't stop Paul. I sometimes feel the same way, but I guess as a "sometimes" poster, the other more frequent posters build up a rapore, and just chat more between themselves.

But we all have something to give on this forum whether it is big or small, ignored or not.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator24/11/2012 19:00:32
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Paul - Simon is right. Just because a post isn't explicitly referenced to doesn't mean its isn't read or that it isn't noted by folks. Maybe a lot of what you say is good common sense and most folks simply agree - it still needs to be said.

I tend to find that the posts that attract the most attention are often times far from being the best or the most well informed - maybe that's exactly why they attract so much comment!


ken anderson.24/11/2012 19:02:49
8436 forum posts
772 photos

stay calm-keep posting........

ken anderson ne..1. posting dept...

Peter Miller24/11/2012 19:20:06
10170 forum posts
1192 photos
10 articles

I notice tha Cyclicscooby has not been around for a while.

fly boy324/11/2012 19:59:19
3517 forum posts
18 photos

Please stay with the forum Paul you have personally answered many of my problems and I am very greatful. Your posts like most of the forum posters are very instructive. Cheers

Paul Marsh24/11/2012 20:29:26
3705 forum posts
1053 photos

OK, Thanks for that. I suppose Trolls get the most comments, maybe due to their content, or lack, thereof...

John Tee24/11/2012 22:54:33
769 forum posts
65 photos

Paul, Hang in there mate. I went through a spell of replying to threads only for the threads to die a death .Thought it was something personal as even the few threads I started didn't seem to go anywhere. Keep posting.


Andrew76724/11/2012 23:25:26
809 forum posts
4 photos
Posted by Peter Miller on 24/11/2012 19:20:06:

I notice tha Cyclicscooby has not been around for a while.

Yes i noticed that too Peter...Chrissie where are you??

Andrew x

David Davis25/11/2012 06:24:39
3399 forum posts
598 photos

Seamus O'Leprosy hasn't posted for a while either.

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