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Feeling sheepish (and sore)

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Jim Newberry - Nuviation Ltd.29/11/2012 11:46:52
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Morning all,

Feeling a bit sheepish this morning after an entirely avoidable aeromodelling injury. Late last night I was cutting hinge slots with my trusty and ever so sharp Swann Morton No. 3 knife. Obviously, I should have been cutting away from myself, but I wasn't, the knife slipped and oopsy daisy, straight into my stomach. Didn't hurt that much but did produce quite a bit of blood and ruined the shirt and jumper I was wearing. Luckily one of my good friends two doors up is a doctor and came round to patch me up. Could have been a whole lot worse - a few inches lower and I'd be a soprano!

All my fault, totally inexcusable (been building trad models for 25 years so I can't pretend not to know better!)

Be careful out there folks!

MikeS29/11/2012 11:54:32
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Yes we all get caught out at some point. No matter how careful you are accidents will happen.

Did the same thing when I was about eight years old. I was carving some balsa with a new blade and being a kid did not think about what I was doing. Using my thumb to pull the blade through the balsa the blade slipped and I got a nice two inch cut in my thumb.

Yep blood everywhere and one very scared kid. Cut a nice scar that reminds me every time I pick up the Swann Morton.


Frank Skilbeck29/11/2012 11:59:10
4600 forum posts
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Just to put it into perspective a few years back I was building a new computer with all the components laid out on the conservatory floor, I was wearing shorts and when I moved pick up a piece my knee was sliced open by one of the tabs on the computer case blush.

Needed 10 stiches and when the Doc asked how I'd done it, I said building a computer................

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator29/11/2012 13:06:04
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Yes, we all can use a timely reminder - as Mike says, we all lapse from time to time. Both hands (and the rest of you!) behind the cutting edge!


Martyn K29/11/2012 14:02:47
5041 forum posts
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My favourite and embarrasingly frequent self inflicted body alteration trick is to slice my fingertips off when I am cutting strip balsa using a knife and steel rule. (Yes - I have a stripper but that doesn't work for tapers).

Guaranteed to do it at least once every 2 months and it even inspired me to keep a first aid kit in the workshop - and I have just run out of plasters again...

You can tell what I working on at the time by the blood stains built into the model.


Olly P29/11/2012 14:11:21
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Martyn - I have a special edge cutting ruler due to this, it has a finger guard on it which curves up and round my fingertips!!

Bob Cotsford29/11/2012 14:19:05
8230 forum posts
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I usually stab myself in the leg at least once per build, if I'm lucky it's with a screwdriver, if I'm not it may well be with a drill. You really would think I'd have learnt by now.

Martyn K29/11/2012 15:12:58
5041 forum posts
3677 photos

Olly, I need one - made of metal and 1 metre long! TBh, a length of aluminium T section from B&Q would also do the same thing but I would probably still have my fingers on the wrong side..

Bob, I have managed to impale myself witha carpenters chisel before now. I learnt that lesson - (point chisels away from you) - very quickly.


Bob Cotsford29/11/2012 15:27:56
8230 forum posts
454 photos

at least when you do it with a soldering iron it's self-cauterisingface 7

Martyn K29/11/2012 15:36:17
5041 forum posts
3677 photos

Probably my best self inflicted injury was when I working (at home in my lab) on high power microwave radiation energy.

After a few seconds while working on live kit, i could smell something horrible burning. I said to myself "Oh dear I wonder what that is?"(or words to that effect).nerd

2 seconds later a tiny column of smoke popped out of my fingertip. I had been cooking myself from the inside out..

now that did hurt..


Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator29/11/2012 15:48:39
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

You know what they say - they don't fly properly unless you've bled on them!


Mowerman29/11/2012 16:31:01
1547 forum posts
105 photos

Jim, Lucky you were not using a chain saw.

A chap I worked with had a motto -'always cut towards your neighbour'

Some years back when using my brand new angle grinder to cut steel tube I could smell burning

when I looked down my boiler suit was on fire, couldent get it off as the zip had melted.

Luckily I managed to put it out without injury but was sweating for a while.

Pete B - Moderator29/11/2012 17:18:31
7625 forum posts
733 photos

About 4 years ago, I was cutting a window opening with a 9" electric disc cutter, standing on some staging, when the staging collapsed as I moved to change my stance. I dropped about 3ft to the ground, with the disc cutter following me down and landing in my groin...........

Fortunately, I must have released the trigger as I extracted the disc from the wall, as it caught my shorts and bound itself up, but not before it had started cutting into the top of my thigh, right over the femoral o

Not a drop of blood, strangely - the disc must have cauterised the blood vessels in the cut. I was on my own and there were no passing cars to see my plight, typically! After a few minutes wondering if the femoral would pop if I moved, I stuffed a clean hanky into the wound, hobbled indoors and rang my mate, who was round in ten minutes.

By then I'd bound it up with a proper wound dressing and he got me off to the local hospital, where I was in and out in 55 minutes and 14 stitches later...........smilethumbs up

Apart from dying, the thought of what else may have happened brings me out in a cold sweat even now............face 21


I'll spare you the

Codename-John29/11/2012 17:19:41
1087 forum posts
18 photos

Since we`re confessing silly injuries

I broke my nose with a diamond core drill while making a vent hole for my tumble dryer, I was bending underneath the kitchen worktop and it snagged the core bit, but the drill carried on spinning, span out of my grip and the handle caught me square in the nose

It was about 7 in the evening and I`d paid £50 to hire it overnight, so had to finish the hole, with quite a severe nose bleed, before going to the hospital

They seemed quite amused at my blackening eyes at the hire shop the next day lol

TheFlyingCrust30/11/2012 00:01:10
611 forum posts
67 photos

Used to be a staff nurse in a minor injuries unit and some of the silly accidents with tools, some of them power tools made my toes curl! 3 of note :-

One guy came in with a sore eye after a chip of wood shot up from a circular saw as he was removing it from the job. Within 3 hours he'd had been in surgery for a lens replacement. I daren't tell you about the other 2! Motto - always wear eye protection when working with power tools!



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bouncebounce crunch30/11/2012 01:30:58
1739 forum posts
212 photos

Thought I would pour some boiling water on myself to see if the covering would come off easily.


as you can see the adhesive is holding it on really well, even with all that heat.

Turbycat30/11/2012 07:27:38
594 forum posts
55 photos

I remember being in A & E for a relatively minor (1" ) gash on the back of my hand. Happened when I slipped whilst working at sheet metal workshop. A guy came in with an angle grinder wound down his arm and across his hand. Barely any blood from the wound. My little cut was leaking claret like mad!!

bouncebounce crunch30/11/2012 08:02:23
1739 forum posts
212 photos

That photo was taken a week after the blisters burst. It happened two days before going on a two week summer holiday. The ocean water was part of the healing. Johnnie Walker medicinal whisky was used on the day and during treatment. i still use this arm for modeling and giving medicine.

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