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New Shed

Similar to what BEB did last year, but not.....

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Olly P05/12/2012 16:57:32
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So, as may have been mentioned SWMBO is insisting that I build some shed space in the new garden. We are due to complete on the house a week this Friday and therefore I am doing the only correct thing and planning the shed instead of doing any proper work.

The shed will be built at the back of the plot, which is approx 34' 10" long at its longest and 30'10" at it's shortest and about 18' wide.

The only other considerations are:
The ground slopes up towards the rear of the plot
The council must approve the planned shed before I build it
The long side has a gate partway down

I also need a second, garden storage shed.

more to follow when i get home.....

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator05/12/2012 17:24:53
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I'm not an expert Olly but I thought sheds were classed as "temporary structures" & didn't need permission....

Good luck with the build.....& with SWMBO....teeth 2

I will follow with interest.....wink 2

David Gilder05/12/2012 18:59:27
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I believe its something in the deeds of the building... For 80 yrs after sale from council, permission is still required to makle any and all changes / alterations including the building of sheds in the garden!!

I'm sure Olly will explain better!!



Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services05/12/2012 19:30:54
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Actually while we're on the subject I am also buying a shed very soon, but i keep being told by various people it has to be at least 16ft away from the main house, is this correct as the only space I have for a decent size one is up thwe side of the house

Codename-John05/12/2012 19:41:38
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my shed is 2 foot away from the house, if it had to be 16 foot away id only be able to have a 2 foot wide one before the fence

David Gilder05/12/2012 20:04:53
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If its up against the house then surely its called a garage!!!!!


Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services05/12/2012 20:28:55
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not quite up against the house lol, there would be a 1 metre wide pathway through to the garden from the gate at the front

Les Littleton05/12/2012 20:37:47
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Outbuidings and sheds are permited developement if you work within certain guidlines, Check gov website for guidence, but you may find that any wooden structure has to be at least 1 metre from border due to fire hazard.

I am in the process of building a shed from concrete blocks at the moment in order to use the space right to the fence line. I dont need planning if i keep the roof less than 2.5 metres and use largely non combustable materials . When finished i will have aprox 200 square foot of warm and dry workshop.(or toy room as the present mrs l calls it).

Just dont let SWMBO talk you in to putting things like decorating and home improvements before your new shed . If neccasary ,plead insanity . Good luck with the move.


Steve Hargreaves - Moderator05/12/2012 21:37:54
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Posted by Les Littleton on 05/12/2012 20:37:47:

Just dont let SWMBO talk you in to putting things like decorating and home improvements before your new shed . If neccasary ,plead insanity . Good luck with the move.

There is an easy solution to this one.....pile the models into the bedroom....let them leak a bit of oil if necessary & then point out that when the shed is finished you will have somewhere to store them so wouldn't it be best to get the shed finished first...............Darling?

WARNING!! This is a risky strategy but can be highly effective.....if it doesn't work you know you can count on us to attend your funeral Olly....teeth 2

Olly P05/12/2012 23:19:09
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Lol. Yeah as the learned Mr G says it is down to the covenants on the house that local council have to give permission. Permitted development rules vary greatly from council to council. Best advice is to contact the planning department....

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 06/12/2012 09:38:33

Steven Buckingham05/12/2012 23:28:12
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Steve H- Worked for me! Got two hanging in the bedroom, two in the study, one in the dining room and one being built on the dining room table. Mrs B has the patience and understanding of a saint, but suddenly talk has turned away from new curtains, kitchens and floors, to the merits of ship lap over feather board.....

Olly P06/12/2012 09:16:52
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OK, have just re-read last nights post, I hadn't had a drink - honest - but i was using my phone to post and the auto correct can do silly things....

rhetoric council - while accurate, not what I meant which is local....
Grommets? Think I meant greatly.....

Either way. the garden is a good size being a slightly odd shape and with a rise over the whole length, not sure how much yet but I will when I get chance to measure it. The plan is to dig into the slope to establish a level at the back of the garden, I may even level the whole plot at the back to make it more useable anyway, with raised beds round the edge and a nice green area left. Once I get the Sketchup models finished, then I'll post some piccys up and show everyone the plan.

The build will hopefully be on decent founds of Hardcore and Cement, with a small (3 brick high) edge wall and then onto T&G board walls. The Roof is planned to be single pitch, once I have clarified things on the permitted development rules with the planning department.

Once I have these plane I will submit the application to the council for aproval (darn money making scheme) and then probably be starting work in Jan/Feb. This will be a slow burning thread until then, and then will be updated when things move on....

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator06/12/2012 09:54:29
6744 forum posts
191 photos

Olly I have taken pity on you & amended your earlier post.....whilst I do like the word "grommet" & think it should be used as often as possible it sat slightly oddly in your post but it wasn't really funny enough to leave as it was......teeth 2

Good stuff Steven......thumbs up You see can work well......

Yes I sympathise with your council wife is head of the school PTA & she has just had to apply for an "Entertainment License" from the local council for the school Christmas Fair because they are "serving alcohol" (a glass of mulled wine with the entry ticket sad). She has had to visit the council offices twice, fill in forms & pay £21 for the privilige. Her license is a photocopy of the application form with a date stamp & "Approved" written on it.....ridiculous!!!!

Far from being a money making scheme I think this particular "scam" actually costs them money....I can't see £21 covering the councils time....

Anyway I'm ranting away off topic now.....any more of this & I'll have to moderate myself....wink 2

Right...on with the shed.....thumbs up

Olly P06/12/2012 10:10:17
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Steve - £21 - bargain!

For applying for permission to do something on land I will shortly own - £125, just for the application, irrespective of outcome. If Planning permission is required they recommend you get that first!!

Anyway, the shed will be T&G outer faces, and OSD or Chipboard inner faces with a 50mm insulation foam layer in all external facings. The planned floor areas are 7' x6' for the garden storage shed, and 10' by 10' (12' for the main shed. The shed will run along the sloping rear boundry and therefore one side will be approx 12' long, the other 10'. this should give sufficient floor space for benches, tools and storage, and allow enough space above to stow models, while the garden shed will prevent lawnmowers and things encroaching.....

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator06/12/2012 10:22:45
6744 forum posts
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Don't forget to insulate the floor too Olly.......cold feet are not good!!!crook

Olly P06/12/2012 13:18:05
3215 forum posts
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Sorry Steve- I mentally included the floor as an external facing!

I have had a read of the workshop construction guide available at a well known online book seller too, and will probably incorperate many ideas from it. As I say probably a slow burning thread at first while I deal with the practicality of buying the house and moving in, and then once I have fully designed the shed get on with the build.....

Mogs07/12/2012 13:28:39
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I hope you eventually get the shed/workshop/playpen, you realy want.


<rant on>

as a Local Government Officer, I really feel the need to put up a little defence.

LGO's work in a weird world, every 4 years or so the management is changed, if the new management is a different colour, then everything achieved earlier is rubbished and a new set of ideas brought in. It gets worse 4 years later, the earlier lot return and its change it all back again.

On top of this is the next tier of politicians, if they are a different colour to your lot then they force change again, and finally there's the out of touch lot at the very top that force even more change.

You are forced to work longer for less pay (no pay rise for 3 years is a pay cut). The work once done by staff that have been cut is dumped on you. Make a mistake and your personally at fault. Do something good and there's no reward.

So next time you meet an LGO that's enforcing rules that make no sense, just remember you voted in the bosses, and it's your fault that the only way (s)he can hit back, is staight at you, by strict adherance the the rules made by the people you voted for.

<rant over>

Sorry for the derail, Olly, best of luck.

Vecchio Austriaco07/12/2012 16:12:01
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Hi Olly,

I have more or less the same constellation as you are planning, a seperate shed for the garden and one for modelling only. as my new garden is rather on the small side I had to alter the existing shed to leave space for the new one (not new but purchased 6 month before my divorce - so I moved it into my new house). When I said I had to alter it - I made a "narrow shed". As my new house is 5 min from the Grand Union Canal I got some input from the narrow boats...


So here you can see new and old next to each other, the old (narrow) one got a new coat of paint and a new roof as the old roof was rotten.

The bigger one is 10 x 8, big enough for a workshop if you do not have the intention to store models in it. I have a large loft in my house, so storage is no problem.


This is the inside - but at the old location - now I have covered all walls with PE foil as humidity barriere followed by 40mm expanded polystyrene as insulation and 8mm MDF to form the inner surface. The insulation works well, the summer temperatures were much better than last year. As it was too hot (yes, even in the UK this can happen) in the past I installed also a fan to force the change of air inside the shed.

In the new version I have no planes stored inside the shed (except the one I fly on a regular bases) and the lathe is on a seperate table with rolls - so I can get it if needed. this leaves more space on the bench which is from the Kitchen program of Wickes plus working surface from IKEA (This was the cheapest combination)


Another view of the work bench, now also the computer is removed, as I have now a desk in my spare bedroom. This leaves more space on the wall for tools.

Did you have already any plans about the workbench inside the shed?


Jon Laughton07/12/2012 17:24:45
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Vecchio - that is a very nice and tidy workshop - you have managed to do so much with the space available! I am not as tidy as you although I have to be reasonably so as I have limited space. I am going to reorganise my workshop and buy some new racking & a work table in the next few months so you provided me with some ideas...

Olly I look forward to seeing your finished new domain: I'm very envious but hope it turns out to be just what you need!


Olly P10/12/2012 09:48:41
3215 forum posts
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I have given the bench some thought, I want it to be at least 8' long, so I caqn build good size wings on it....

The lathe I have is a stand alone one and will be on the rear, sloped, wall. The soldering bench will probably be next to the door with extraction set up on it. The shelving will be on the other wall. I have a few ideas in my head and need to sketch it out, but want to measure up for myself first.....

Mogs - My rant wasn't aimed at anyone who tries to enforce the rules - I have nothing but respect for the tough job they have to do, but for the fact that I have to pay the counciol £125 to think about if I can build a shed on the land that I have bought, despite it being a premitted development....

I am now having a tactical pause while we await completion and therefore measurng up and accurate design of the shed....Oh, and we have to move in as well.....

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