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Hobbyking orders

charges for paying by card

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Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services10/12/2012 19:39:46
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This is not a complaint thread about hobbyking just a heads up if people didn't realise

I have just placed an order with them for a motor and esc and some batteries, only to find on the confirmation email they have sent me they have charged me an extra $9.65 for paying by card not through Paypal!

There excuse is thats what the credit card companies charge, but mine is a debit card and I have never been charged for using it by anyone else.

Needless to say not too happy.

Codename-John10/12/2012 20:06:25
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it does clearly state when you select card there is a certain % charge tho, but why not just pay by paypal ? its safer than giving out your card numbers online

Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services10/12/2012 20:27:28
1704 forum posts
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mainly because i have issues with Paypal and refuse to have one of their accounts when they cost me a fortune as an ebay seller settling a dispute in the favour of what i can only describe as a crook. 2 years ago I sold and personally delivered a drum kit for £600 through ebay, upon delivery the guy proceeded to make a claim against me that he never received the goods, thereby getting his £600 back and my drumkit! I lost because I had no proof of delivery, so Paypal are not in my good books.

Besides, like I said above this is just a heads up for other people who may not be aware, it is not that noticable tbh, as I have used them several times and didn't realise myself untill tonight.

Erfolg10/12/2012 21:11:14
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I agree with Tom, the last thing I really want to do is give out details of my card.

I recently had great trouble stopping a fraudulent company repeatably billing my mother for a service which she had not authorised, all because they had the card details. Letters were ignored. It was only cancelling the card that stopped the withdrawals. Even then there was a suggestion that the cancellation of the card, was an act of fraud, as they suggested my mother had entered an agreement, There was the demand for details of a current valid card. I asked for a copy of the agreement, which never materialised. Eventually they were stopped. This incident truly awakened me to the dangers of supplying details of cards, particularly to offshore persons. Many are crooks. When you are 86 it is even more worrying, you try and hide what is gong on, in case your family thinks you have been foolish. All but for the grace of god, goes many of us.

Garbo10/12/2012 21:18:52
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I never bite off my nose to spite my facecrook

Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services10/12/2012 21:36:36
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Really? this doesn't bnother anyone? if you went into your local LMS and made a purchase and handed over your card, would you not be a bit miffed if he said "thats another £10 please"

WolstonFlyer10/12/2012 21:45:05
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There is a transaction fee involved in paying with any type of card. I think it can be somewhere between 25 and 50p depending on the bank involved and the amount of card payments the company processes. Most retailers just absorb the fee when you pay by card and others (like if you buy concert or budget airline tickets) pass it on to you and some make the fee quite high and profit from it.

I guess HK are trying to encourage people to use PayPal and also make sure that they cover transaction fees from any possible card type..... and it would seem make a bit of extra profit!
Ian Jones10/12/2012 21:59:40
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The use of a credit card should be paid by the retailer but more & more these days they are passing the charge on to the purchaser. $9.65 is how much? I suspect rather more than the credit card transaction fee.

I see it as a sharp practice to have a second bite at the purchaser.

Edited By Ian Jones on 10/12/2012 22:41:58

Martin Harris10/12/2012 22:10:45
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I'd agree except you have the option to pay without incurring any fee. Using Paypal also bypasses any international transaction charges your bank may add. I suppose you should also check the conversion rate if you're being billed in Dollars...but I haven't found it too unreasonable.

brfc710/12/2012 22:14:39
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Posted by Ian Jones on 10/12/2012 21:59:40:

$9.65 is how much?

About £6

I'm sure some people will appreciate your heads up, but from my own experience ( last week being the latest) the charge is clearly explained. So if you choose to pay via debit/credit card and not Paypal then that is your own decision.


GrahamC10/12/2012 22:15:18
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Interesting that my recent order for HobbyKing itemises the Paypal charges on the invoice that are 'absorbed by merchant."

Today I placed an order with Als Hobbies, and they wanted to charge me extra if I paid by Paypal. In the end I used a Debit card which came with no additional charges.

Edited By GrahamC on 10/12/2012 22:16:04

Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services10/12/2012 23:20:33
1704 forum posts
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Thats the thing, my card is a debit card not a credit card and as of yet, in the years i have used it, no one as ever charged me for using it. Even on Saturday I bought a new car, for my planes, using the card, heaven forbid if they charged me the 2.45% that Hobbyking did for the same use!

Surely a cost like this would normally be absorbed into the prices of items they are selling, so when i see a price i know thats what i am going to pay.

But I don't really want to turn this into a complaint about them, thats the way they do business and i have to accept that, I just figured there would be other people out there that didn't realise this is what they did just like me.

Erfolg11/12/2012 10:12:28
11706 forum posts
1309 photos

Lidl will not accept credit cards for payment, as a transaction charge is made. As those paying cash or by debit card would be indirectly paying for these charges via a generally higher cost per item, they have made the decision not accept credit cards.

I guess another fairer way is to bill the credit card user. This is the approach by DVLA when renewing the road tax.

I guess the HK issue is knowing what is a debit card and what is a credit card.

My own opinion is that I want to limit the number of people who know my card details, so I am happy with Paypal.

IAN EDGE11/12/2012 10:57:59
20 forum posts

Back in 2008 i had a small buisness selling garden equipment on ebay and was looking at also using my own internet site, When i talked to my bank about taking credit or debit card payments there would only have been a small monthly charge for the provision of the terminal and small 2 or 3% charge on each transaction with the money showing in my account within 24 hrs, that was for £5000 per month income with the percentage dropping if the income increased I have no idea what the charges are today but do feel that there are lots of retailers who add on a charge for credit and debit card use just because they can get away with it, whilst sat here i have just done my weeks shopping at asda for home delivery and paid by card with no extra charge, ( by the way we are 40 miles away from the store and delivery is only £2.50 ) so i dont see why if one reatiler can do it why they all cant

John Cole11/12/2012 11:55:38
615 forum posts
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Dylan: it is very common for purchases with ANY card to attract a premium charge if you use them overseas. And I guess it was an oversas transaction.

Martin Harris11/12/2012 12:11:48
9262 forum posts
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Surely there's nothing fair or unfair to discuss as long as the charges are visible before you commit to the purchase. I don't see that a retailer is bound to absorb any card fees or other charges.

I would hope that people are aware that traders are in competition with each other - "Sale Reductions up to 70% off" doesn't mean everything in the shop is available with that level of discount, 3 for 2 offers don't "give" you anything, "Free Gifts" aren't really free etc. etc. All they are trying to do is make their products or services look attractive to the customer and as long as they don't lie to you or hide the charges it's up to you to think about why their offer looks any more attractive than someone else's and if it would really benefit you to buy from them.

Just take the trouble to look at what you're paying overall including any charges and postage - compare that figure with any alternative supplier on the same basis and factor in whether speed of delivery, loyalty or trust is more important than overall cost and make your decision!

The beauty of the internet is the ease with which you can make these comparisons - whether shopping on line or in the high street.

Barrie Dav 211/12/2012 14:30:24
1012 forum posts
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I don't think that would be possible anyway Garbo wink

Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services11/12/2012 17:33:24
1704 forum posts
661 photos

I totally understand about the charges banks make to companies regarding credit cards, but as far as I am aware these charges do not apply if a debit card is used in this country.

And yes the card was used at the UK warehouse, that is one thing I am very carefull about lol

But as regards these charges being made all the time, this is simply not true, I have now used this bamnk account with this card (debit) and I can't remember once when I have been charged extra for using it, shops (as in reall walk through the door types) have never asked for more money because i get my card out.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying HK have done anything wrong here, I never read the small print! so to speak, I have nothing against HK, They have excellent goods, brilliant service and speedy delivery, not to mention their favourable prices.

Erfolg11/12/2012 18:08:51
11706 forum posts
1309 photos

My understanding is the same as your own with respect to Debit cards. I can imagine that HK wants to keep things simple, in that not all non credit cards from differing countries may have differing rules with respect to charges and liabilities etc.

Where as if they use Paypal, they get their money immediately and secured. That must be a big benefit to them.

Garbo11/12/2012 18:16:54
497 forum posts
34 photos

I think the charge is made very clear

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