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Electric flyers, READ THIS THREAD

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Concorde Speedbird15/12/2012 17:15:51
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Right then, we have just maidened Dad's Wot 4-e (the balsa one, 48" span) that I got him for his birthday in August.

BUT, it did NOT have an electric motor. It had a Saito 45s 4-stroke, and I can tell you it was absolutely wonderful. The plane flew superbly handling the heavy turbulence easily, docile as anything and very nice and aerobatic. And even better, people who have had this plane electric have had to add lots of lead up front- ours balanced perfectly with the engine.

And then we come to the engine. Now forget the way over generalised opinion that engines are dirty, unreliable and too much hassle. This engine is as reliable as any electric motor, it ticked over so well we could not stop it! It is the best tickover my Dad has ever seen, and he's been doing this for about 25 years. (We will set the throttle cut button as a safety feature. )

Dirty? Well the Wot ended with no oil on it! And even if there is, cleaning is a good opportunity to check the airframe over- which should be done at all times anyway.

And hassle. Started first spin of the starter, so we were from car to flight in about 3 minutes (fits in the car one piece). That is really not that much hassle! Then the sound was superb, it sounded like a full size aeroplane and it makes flying it so much more enjoyable and gives her some character!

Now the Saito is a superb engine, but other engines like an MDS 38, Enya 120, OS 25FSR and AX and my OS 70 surpass have all performed in the same way in the last year. So why do some people confine themselves to just flying electric models? I know some people have to due to flying sites, but most could perfectly well fly IC planes as well, even if just one or two. Is there a point in limiting yourself to one power source? This Wot 4 has proved to me that IC is easily as good as electric, and it is so nice to have a real working internal combustion engine on the plane like full size aeroplanes. If you use engines properly, then they will be absolutely wonderful. And remember, the same applies to electric- don't use it properly and you can have problems, and even fires.

I seriously think that we should have at least one or two IC planes in the fleet, even if just a Wot 4 with a four stroke. It offers a fantastic side to the hobby that can even unite people, the person who owns the land we fly on came out to look at it and was much more impressed than the electric models we fly, and they even make you laugh sometimes! Engines are superb, especially the top brands like Saito, OS and Laser. Engines remind me why I do this hobby, and I think that no one should just use electric unless they have to. Get a Wot 4 or Acro Wot, fit a Saito, Laser or OS four stroke and it will become your favourite plane in your fleet, and you will be able to enjoy this wonderful hobby so much more.


WolstonFlyer15/12/2012 17:33:25
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Sorry but Meh!

Each to their own, live and let live etc.....

Going on an IC crusade eh CS ?
MikeS15/12/2012 17:39:04
818 forum posts
240 photos

Just put an 70 FS ASP in my Piper Pawnee and love the way it sounds and handles. I use my electric models to practice dead sticks and new moves so its a win win for me.

Tony H15/12/2012 17:49:18
846 forum posts
242 photos

Well I have to say I for one am all for IC and have had almost no problems with modern engines, however my 2 stroke planes do get covered in oil due to my wide open throttle style of flying. I also have some nicely powered electric planes and I do feel that they have their place too.

However CS I think you are right there is something slightly more special about IC and just toping the fuel tank up for another flight rather than carry tons of expensive lipos or wait 30mins for it to charge up.

I sometimes get in 6-8 flights in a few hours at my flying site, one after the other just refueling. I wish they would make more 25 size ic/electric ARTFS/kits. They always seem to be reserved for Electric only these days and too lightly built to take a vibrating engine.

Tony H15/12/2012 17:50:43
846 forum posts
242 photos

CS you will be pleased to know, I did convert an all Electric guy to IC at my club. He now flies IC more than Electric and loves it!

Tim A15/12/2012 17:51:40
225 forum posts
13 photos

See this is what happens with IC'ers tis cos of the fumes building up in their sheds.

Concorde Speedbird15/12/2012 17:52:45
2730 forum posts
649 photos
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 15/12/2012 17:33:25:
Sorry but Meh!

Each to their own, live and let live etc.....

Going on an IC crusade eh CS ?

What does 'Meh' mean? Seriously, you are a year in now. Why do you not want to fly IC (if I am interpreting 'Meh' correctly)?

The Wot 4 made me realise what some people are missing out on. Mike has a great set up, where he can enjoy both! But you needn't jave dead sticks if you use it correctly! Tony is also right, it is just special!


Great Tony! I want people to be able to enjoy both power sources and forget the common opinion of un-reliability and hassle of IC, which is not true!

Tony H15/12/2012 18:01:36
846 forum posts
242 photos

Too right CS IC these days really isn't unreliable most of my planes never miss a beat once set up, the trick is not to fiddle with them when they are. It's usually some grass seed or something that gets in the engine that makes them deadstick after they have been set.

Electric is by no means flawless, I have had to deadstick land an Electric when the ESC snuffed it.

Also if you add the price of a Motor, ESC and Lipos together I doubt they win on price everytime either unless you are flying small below 25 sized. Which is I think where Electric really kicks ass, high speed small applications 

Edited By Tony H on 15/12/2012 18:03:34

WolstonFlyer15/12/2012 18:07:09
2104 forum posts
189 photos


What I mean is that you can fly whatever you want powered by any power source that is legal, who is to say what is "best".

I have played with plenty of IC engines (not model ones) and at the moment I have no interest in them.

Tony Bennett15/12/2012 18:20:08
5081 forum posts
129 photos

i will second the "meh"

i fly electric because i want to and have no desire to fly ic.

get off the high horse csb and lets just fly models what ever the power.

Eamonn Fahey15/12/2012 18:26:21
529 forum posts
58 photos

+1 thumbs up We are all modellers and should not try to push each others preferences on to others.

Concorde Speedbird15/12/2012 18:30:30
2730 forum posts
649 photos

I am NOT trying to say IC is better and everyone should only fly IC. I am saying that people who only fly electric should give IC a go and get the most out of the hobby.

Kiwikanfli- I don't really know what you are trying to say there.

Wolston and Tony, what harm is there in trying IC? WF especially because you are relatively new to the hobby (1 year I think), maybe not now but why not try an IC plane in the future? You are trying plan building with that Tucano, so why not try IC at some point? I can guarantee you will enjoy it, and you Tony B.

Thanks Eamonn! Tony H, that Saito on the Wot 4 was £50 second hand, WOW!


Radge15/12/2012 18:31:12
322 forum posts
48 photos

Hey CSB, you know that this is always an evocative subject of which there as many opinions as there are pine needles on my carpet. Perhaps an electric to IC conversion blog with supporting photo's would have been a preferrable tack on this subject.wink

Concorde Speedbird15/12/2012 18:37:25
2730 forum posts
649 photos

I have some pictures!

This is the bulkhead. We cut away the original and put this one further back to accomadate the Saito, and it was not very difficult.

Wot 4e four stroke conversion

Another view

Triangle stock for strength, I'll try and get some pics of the finished plane and in the air too.


Paul Marsh15/12/2012 18:38:50
3849 forum posts
1115 photos

of course going to multi cylinders sound even better.

scott finnie15/12/2012 18:40:50
756 forum posts
95 photos

I like the fact that my car doesnt stink of ic fuel anymore and that i can fly in all weathers reliably, i know theres little less chance of a dead stick with my brushless setup and the locals where i fly love how quiet it is and enjoy watching it, i did enjoy flying my ic's but i can get far more flights to my money with electric now and flying with twins is far easier to set-up, no fine tuning required, aslong as theres a big smile on all our faces then thats all that matters in my opinion.

GrahamC15/12/2012 18:55:50
1240 forum posts
196 photos

All my ic stuff (with the exception of the trusty WOT4) is in the attic for the coldest bits of winter. Too cold to be fiddling with methanol!

Concorde Speedbird15/12/2012 18:57:15
2730 forum posts
649 photos

Dad's car does not smell of fuel, I don't know why your's did.

If you enjoyed flying IC, then why not fly both? You can fly electric predominantly, but on special days fly an IC plane so you can get the best of both? Twins is easier now I agree, but remember, IC is reliable if you use it properly (like electric is if you use it properly), I wish that opinion would just diminish. Although it does say in your description your Pawnee has a 26cc petrol on it, GREAT! That is what I want, for people to at least have one IC plane to get the best out of the hobby.

Graham, batteries don't work so well in the cold but engines work better! Get them in the air!


I will report the Wot 4, Funfly and Domino's progress on this thread, the Wot has the Saito, Funfly MDS 38 two stroke and Domino an OS 70 four stroke. I will also show flight time without a dead stick, so...

Wot 4- 6 mins (1 flight)

Funfly- 3 hours 2 mins (12 flights)

Domino- not flying yet!

david 715/12/2012 19:00:09
219 forum posts
16 photos

Dont open a bag of worms with this topic, i have this at the field why dont you try ic, i done all my training on ic but like a lot of pilots they like electric, so sorry i will not be converting.


10 lover/clive15/12/2012 19:08:11
30 forum posts
5 photos

my local club is lecky only nowdays unfortunatly

because of were it is to the local village

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