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This quarter's BMFA news

A good start.

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Erfolg24/01/2013 17:31:12
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I was pleased to read the article which dealt with "Why Join the BMFA".

For the first time I remember, the issue of what the BMFA does, beyond providing insurance, was comprehensively addressed. I would think that most of us had some vague idea, now the confirmation.

I see the article as a start,

In my opinion, what is now required is to write more entertaining articles, with respect to what it does and is doing. Along the lines which are commonly found in trade journals and newspapers. That is not just factual, educational, but presented in an entertaining good read manner.

I am sure that there will be PR people who are members of the BMFA, who could be brought on board to aid a professional campaign. Producing an overall plan (over some period) of what could be produced, ideally where the articles could be placed, the when, understanding what effect that is being sought.

Having once for a period having worked along side some of these people (PR), I was amassed how effective they were at presenting the companies messages. For a sceptic, I was converted, to one who came to see the value of PR, for managing and changing perceptions.

So now they have started, which I applaud, now I look forward to a more subtle and entertaining series of this is the BMFA and why it is so important to all.

Welshboy24/01/2013 18:39:07
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A good start maybe but having just read the whole of F1D world championship I guess that it is an indoor duration event, but until I can be bothered to look it up I'm in the dark.

Steering by helium balloon is a black art indeed!

It maybe just me as a relative newbie but I might have more interest in a world championship report if there was a bit of an introduction to the relevant class.

Just my view

Sorry if it comes across a bit snappy, I have toothache and an 11hr shift in front of me.

kc24/01/2013 19:27:44
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I dont want PR stuff , I want the facts. I want the subs to be kept low and not wasted on PR. I reckon the vast majority of BMFA members will agree with me.

PR really exists to just deceive the public.

PatMc24/01/2013 19:40:51
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Spot on, KC. thumbs up

Erfolg24/01/2013 20:11:02
11865 forum posts
1374 photos

I am not suggesting paying for PR services. I am suggesting making use of the skills of members on a voluntary basis. It is about getting a message across, motivating us, why the fees are good value, what issues could effect us, what the opportunities are being pursued on our behalf, it is about communication in a way we respond to positively. Not just once every blue moon.

It could be said that it is about us being aware that the BMFA is more than just insurance. Perhaps more importantly, valued as our representative.

flyeruk24/01/2013 20:15:38
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Enjoyed the article on edfs,being a comfirmed edf addict.

Welshboy,i can sympathise with you regarding the tooth. I have just been to the dentist,thought i was going to have a filling,ended up with the dentist trying to remove a wisdom tooth. It snapped off,now have to go to hospital to have the root removed. Feel like ive been hit in the face with a hammer.teeth

Welshboy25/01/2013 06:28:19
59 forum posts

Owww. Why did I read this before my appointment.

My sympathies flyeruk.

Greybeard25/01/2013 09:27:30
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Posted by kc on 24/01/2013 19:27:44:

I dont want PR stuff , I want the facts. I want the subs to be kept low and not wasted on PR. I reckon the vast majority of BMFA members will agree with me.

PR really exists to just deceive the public.

I can understand the British demand for doing thgs on the cheap but if PR can expand the membership then it could result in a reduction in the membership fee as the base cost would be spread more. Would tha be an acceptable use of PR?

FunnyFlyer25/01/2013 09:36:30
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Posted by kc on 24/01/2013 19:27:44:

I dont want PR stuff , I want the facts. I want the subs to be kept low and not wasted on PR. I reckon the vast majority of BMFA members will agree with me.

PR really exists to just deceive the public.

What a strange attitude to take. I too found the article interesting.

BFMA news is unlikely to appeal to the majority of RC ARTF bred flyers - and nor should it - the glossy monthlies like RCME cater for that.

What it does offer is a glimpse into the hardcore, non-trendy aspects of model flight. Martin Dilley's piece on the evolution of free flight competition models was a great read and shows just how much innovation takes place.

Erfolg25/01/2013 11:27:42
11865 forum posts
1374 photos

I think there are limits to how much we are all willing to pay in BMFA fees. To pay for professional style PR is probably a step to far. At the same time, the BMFA does appear to struggle in getting a message out with respect to all of the services and what it is doing for both the members and a wider audience.

As to how many new members that can be found, is probably limited. Say an additional 5,000. At this sort of level @ £10 per head (stripping out insurance), this would probably not pay for one person, after wages, overheads etc.

I am sure that many of the officers within the BMFA work tirelessly for the BMFA and its members. To expect even more from the same people is possibly asking to much.

I understand that there are in the region of 30,000 members, who either work or have worked (retired etc) in a wide range of industries and occupations. Many of these I am sure would be prepared to support the BMFA, yet have no interest in being delegates and being involved in the politics of the BMFA. It is from these ranks I am suggesting that support could be obtained in reaching the audiences that the BMFa wishes to reach.

I for one, with an engineers hat on, was very scathing of PR. Late in my career, I came work along side PR people. I came to realise that the role was one that was vital to a successful business, particularly if being viewed critically. I saw that rather than being a reactive, bovine faeces, activity. On the contrary, it was structured. It was about identifying what the messages are, constructing a strategy as to how the messages would be rolled out, the channels to be used, when etc. It was not about flooding a message out in one go, then sitting back, unless spurred into action by an unforeseen event. I became a convert, it is worth doing properly, in the long term. Above all the message had to engage with the audience, a good read, or entertaining in what ever format the message was put out.

We are all influenced by communication, look how effective the "green power" or more pointedly, how effectively wind turbine generators present their arguments. How ineffective are those who suggest that, equal amounts of conventional power generation is required to cover periods of low wind etc. The cost of the inter connectors. That transmission losses are often very high. That at present little power can be economically stored. That official figures indicate very low levels of power generated compared with the rated capacity and so it goes on.

PR can get your message across, the lack of it can leave people uninformed.

Area 5125/01/2013 13:20:52
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Reading the article in the BMFA news I feel the “office lads at Chacksfield” have attempted to take on board some of the comments made a few weeks back on this website.

I am glad, see this as a positive, and some recognition of what we as members feel the BMFA needs to do to secure its development and future.

Remaining positive, I am sure we all take time to contribute to try and help, not hinder!

ERFLOG makes some valid points, these need taking onboard!

The idea of gathering the skills of members in the BMFA to use for the benefit of the association is excellent; it is similar to what any successful company will do.

See what it can achieve “in house” from its employees (read membership) before seeking a costly alternative externally…

We may have some budding, up coming PR people in the hobby who would be happy to help! Heavens a university teaching PR could even take on the development of the BMFA as a project..!

Free to us, a real and great learning curve for students with maximum benefits for our hobby… I see this as only win, win all round…

The editorial on the latest RCME strikes a very serious and real note.. I think it maybe needs adding to this topic…

Perhaps, in wishing for youngsters to come into the hobby and boost numbers, is not the best placed aim?

As David stated, we should also be aiming to catch the guys/girls in their mid 20’s, 30’s etc. Who are over their IT games, playstations, first pint, first love, first job, first car etc….. A group who are possibly more receptive to the skills and enjoyment our hobby can bring to them…

This is only my view of course but, reading the BMFA news and the RCME article has clearly struck a cord with me; to ensure the future growth of the BMFA I feel it should also be considered by the “office lads at Chacksfield” too!

As for the PR.. we had untold fortunes spent on it over Xmas with the great show by James May…

To anyone watching thinking “wow, I like that how can I get involved, do the same”.. it would have been great of the show ended with some sales pitch pushing the BMFA and LMA etc.. Some mush needed PR for us…

This higher profile will naturally reap benefits at council planning meetings, the CAA, sports councils… the list is endless..

To get back on topic, to see if we can harvest some skills FOC from within the membership is truly an inspired suggestion.. as would any surveyors, legal, insurance skills that maybe willing to help our association.. Would James May be interested in helping raise the profile of the BMFA.. he certainly loves his toys.. as do we all!

What other celebrities could be approached to help out our recognised sport..

If we don’t think out of the box and ask… we may never know..

kc25/01/2013 16:38:17
6917 forum posts
175 photos

PR is the art of twisting the facts to make things seem better than they are. PR is the art of giving the public the " mushroom treatment" ( kept in the dark and fed....... ) As BMFA members if we employ PR people ( paid or unpaid ) we would just be employing people to deceive ourselves! Do we really want someone like Max Whatshisname involved in our hobby?


As BMFA members we just need to know the facts -- such as exactly what our money is spent on --what are the expenses of individual officers. How much of our subs is used to pay hotel expenses for officers when the AGM is held. etc etc Who pays for them at the AGM dinner? How much is spent on travelling expenses to attend competitions abroad How much is paid and to whom for the articles in BMFA News? Then we can judge whether its good value. Information seems to be withheld from us. Such as the list of all clubs - we no longer have the ability to contact all the other BMFA affiliated clubs to arrange anything.

Frankly we mainly need the BMFA to provide insurance, negotiate flying field problems and as link with government. We dont need to be forced to pay for a magazine we probably wouldnt buy otherwise. The BMFA News has improved a lot under the new editor but it's still mainly used to glorify what the BMFA insiders do. Remember what the BMFA did when they ( we ) got a windfall grant from the Lottery or somewhere a few years ago -- they just issued an extra copy of the BMFA News instead of investing it in some worthwhile project!

We have already got too much PR spin - we certainly dont need more.

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 25/01/2013 16:52:13

Greybeard25/01/2013 16:53:10
726 forum posts
6 photos

Some valid points made KC, so which position are you going to put yourself forward for come election time?

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator25/01/2013 16:56:57
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Can I remind all forum members that posting what is actually no more than an opinion or supposition, or even merely a personal prejudice, as if it were an undisputed fact is not acceptable. No matter how passionate you feel about a topic you do not have the right to make unsubstantiated, possibly libellous, statements about individuals or organisations on this forum.


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 25/01/2013 16:57:48

stu knowles25/01/2013 20:19:57
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I don't understand your negativity. I suspect that if there was no mag there would be just as many complaints that people didn't know what the BFA does, what does it do for me and so on.

The mag keeps members informed and involved. It provides a vehicle to show the expanse of aeromodelling, it's many aspects and variations. The event calendar contains many opportunities for expanding tour personal hobby and getting out and about.

I accept that some don't like it but please take on board the counter view that there are many who take it for what it is and enjoy the content.

stu k

john stones 1 Moderator05/02/2015 14:35:28
11908 forum posts
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I see Manny makes a mention of "Drones " in this months magsmiley it tells you they are aware of the negative way some events may reflect on modellers by way of the National media and the pilots involved. But are liaising with the CAA due to the concerns that the events may have an impact on lawful model flyers. So they are looking after our interests and keeping us informed yes


Geoff S05/02/2015 15:07:22
4027 forum posts
68 photos

The cost of BMFA membership (and club membership, too for that matter) is relative peanuts compared to what many (most?) of us spend each year on our toys. Just as an example, I spent £200 a couple of weeks ago on a new bandsaw and £40 on a V912 brushless CP helicopter just before Christmas and I've hardly been flying for several months. I spend more in a busy year. I don't begrudge any of it and I'm retired on a very modest pension. I'm also a member of the CTC (Cyclist's Touring Club) for the same reason I'm in the BMFA - it protects my interests as a cyclist and provides 3rd party insurance. There's a readable magazine as well.

I really enjoy the magazine, too. I know it doesn't cover my RC sport flying interests to a great extent but it does provide an interesting overview of other aeromodelling disciplines. I would prefer it if each time some competition class is mentioned it also offered a very brief idea of what it was about eg control line speed, indoor electric aerobatics. Those letter/number combinations don't mean much to most of us.

Moreover, the piece about 'Drones' is interesting. We need to be prepared to combat all the ignorant negative publicity they seem to be attracting from the general press

I watched a YouTube video last night which illustrates my point that it's always interesting to learn about someone else's aeromodelling passion. It was about a US free flight genius.

It's here


Cuban805/02/2015 15:53:32
3162 forum posts
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Received my copy this lunch time and have to say that it's a better offering that much of what's been in it of late. The free flight stuff might as well be in Mandarin as far as I'm concerned, but Chacksfield Chat was enlightening along with the profile of Andy Hewitt (clever chap allround). More Chinese from the gliders, and although I'm pushing 60, I'd rather forget the trip down memory lane, which for me as a kid was an aeromodelling disaster of crashed Keil Kraft, Mercury and Veron kits.

Enjoyed the Triple Tree bit - possibly included to soften us up for the National Centre?

Oh, and referring to another recent thread 'The name that shall not be spoken'.............they didn't when talking about the Auto G2 on page 10laugh

Erfolg05/02/2015 16:08:14
11865 forum posts
1374 photos

Hmm, I hope your supposition is without foundation, as a national centre would in my opinion be an indulgent expensive millstone.

The feedback with respect to the BMFA stance and its interactions with relevant bodies, with regarding Quads is the sort of thing that the membership convinces us that the BMFA is doing something for us, the members. So that is well done. It also makes a change from the relentless drone (now I am getting into it) about safety that is the norm.

Jim Carss05/02/2015 17:09:48
2169 forum posts
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Well done to our very own Chris Bott for winning the Nationals photo competition . page 5 yes

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