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Engine without markings, anyone work out what it is

how do you work out who and what size engine

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Adrian Day02/02/2013 21:27:58
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going to post a picture in a few mins of a engine its got no making on saying what it is!!! there is no size or a manufacturer on it just a code that looks like a year of manufacturing .... can anyone help please

personally i think its a 40-46 but not sure???

Adrian Day02/02/2013 21:42:34
351 forum posts
101 photos


this is the Engine sorry took so long drink was getting cold tea

00102/02/2013 21:52:36
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Looks a bit like an MDS but are you sure there is nothing written on the side opposite the exhaust? Not sure about the orange head though. A picture of the sides might help? face 6

Adrian Day02/02/2013 21:58:30
351 forum posts
101 photos

Hi Chris
thanks for your comment .. there isn't anything on there at all not a single making other than a date.. will see if i can get a picture of the side but its half bolted in to a plane that i got yesterday... ... also i don't think that the exhaust is the original one that came with this engine
rgds Adrian

Adrian Day02/02/2013 22:09:08
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s you ask Chris here are the side views best that i could get

moorer02/02/2013 22:43:13
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Looks like an early Magnum to me,but could be wrong!

Bob Cotsford02/02/2013 23:14:33
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I was thinking GMS or an early Russian job pre-MDS.

moorer02/02/2013 23:17:53
206 forum posts

Yep Bob,you could be right.

Adrian Day02/02/2013 23:33:40
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101 photos

cant work it out a friend sold it to me for £10 for a plane kit i got given yesterday a 62" precedent hiboy trainer but would have been good to know something about it... little lost other than that it was in a brown box with out any markings on same as the engine

Nigel Dell03/02/2013 08:57:33
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This is, I am sure, an MDS 40, the carb is the give away and should be given away! I had a 60 version of the engine many moons ago, at the time Ripmax replaced these carbs FOC, engine ran well enough with the later carb, I suggest you replace that carb with the likes of the ones from Just Engines, the ASP ones or similar.

00103/02/2013 10:05:56
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Adrian, I bought an early MDS 40 new about 15 years ago as sold by the German firm Robbe. It had the rough finish carb as on your picture.Later carbs were different (better) and had a machined finish. The head was usually black with a polished ring below it. I did find a good clear picture, of the exhaust side, of one on the net.

The picture is copyright so I won't put it on here, but the only difference* between that one and yours is the gold coloured head. (Cannot see the other side but they usually had the raised MDS letters on the opposite side where the 0 is, or MDS in Russian lettering.) So I am sure that it is an MDS or made in the same factory.. There are also some photos on Google Images, but they are mostly later engines.

*Edit. I have just noticed something different. There should be a through bolt behind the carb to retain it. But the shape and finish of the rest of the crankcase, cylinder, exhaust port, and carb are pure MDS. So still a bit of mystery.

Edited By Chris P. Bacon on 03/02/2013 10:18:38

Paul Marsh03/02/2013 10:11:55
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It's a MAC - precurser of MDS. Basically good for the bin.wink

Eck03/02/2013 10:19:20
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Yup, it's definitely an MDS 40. I have one, in it's hard polystyrene box, in front of me as I write. It has the digits 08.92.1503 cast or stamped into the edge of the mounting flange opposite the exhaust.
P.M. me for a scan of the instruction leaflet.
Paul Marsh03/02/2013 10:27:17
4091 forum posts
1233 photos

This is MDS 40. Actually was quite a reliable engine - but won't be seen using it now...




Uploaded to this site and posted them here. Seems when using Photobucket and linking, ruins the sizing.

Edited By Paul Marsh on 03/02/2013 10:35:31

Engine Doctor03/02/2013 12:23:18
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Most definately a early MDS distributed by RipMax I think in the early 1980's.They were previously named or made by The Raduga brand which I think means Rainbow . The МДС marking is I am told the cyrilic Russian alphabet and interprets to MDS.An even earlier version had a bright yellow anodising on the head and prop driver. If Its in good condition its worth keeping as a reminder of days gone by . Not worth much even in russia.They can run fairly well but the carb was usually the weak point and if they were worked too hard the gudgeon pin / piston fit would wear quickly making them hard to start/low on power and even more unreliable.The muffler also gave a loud deep bark compared to the later models The black head version was a better made version but still had issuse with the carb

A club mate had a russian wife (No this is not a Joke) who went home to see and help her family at harvest time . He being a fan/user of MDS engines( silly boy)asked her while she was there if she could pick up some spares at near-by town model shop; as RipMax had stopped stocking them by then. When she asked the shop assistant for the required parts he burst out laughing and said they would never keep them as they were made to sell to stupid westerner's and no self respecting local modeller would use them smiley. She also found out that back in the communist days these engines were given to children to learn skills .

Adrian Day03/02/2013 12:39:01
351 forum posts
101 photos

thank you everyone for posting good to find out what it is and yes you are right there is what looks lke a date stamp on the flange will pm you Eck if you can do a scan of it please would be good... as a free item not going to argue with this little engine its not got any mark on it, looks like its been run 3-4 times at most, ok that mat not be a good sign , but i have other engines here just like the look of this one..
just something about it

i have other carbs here for a 40 thats not runnning would that better suit it???

thanks again everyone and thanks for the pictures and info to thats a big help
do you all think its not worth using just dont want to have to spend out at moment getting another if this one works fine

Regards Adrian

kc03/02/2013 13:06:14
6648 forum posts
173 photos

If it really is an MDS predecessor it may in time become a collectors item - they want the rare unusal types. Don't bin it. But dont waste any time if it doesn't run well look for a s/h Enya 40SS or other good engines for the Hi Boy.

Paul Marsh03/02/2013 13:16:18
4091 forum posts
1233 photos
Posted by Engine Doctor on 03/02/2013 12:23:18:

"When she asked the shop assistant for the required parts he burst out laughing and said they would never keep them as they were made to sell to stupid westerner's and no self respecting local modeller would use them smiley. She also found out that back in the communist days these engines were given to children to learn skills ."


Adrian Day03/02/2013 13:35:43
351 forum posts
101 photos

thank you all ... may just see if it runs and then stock it not use it

think i will give it a bench run see what it does but if its not that good then think this one will be a stock item. i have a irvine 40 that can be used if not

regards Adrian.

Edited By Adrian Day on 03/02/2013 13:38:21

dave wal13/02/2013 11:42:28
9 forum posts

what a load of must be the word russian or communism that prompts these statements.had several of these 40s and 60s.well engineered and finished,ran great.

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