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precedent hi boy

just been given a training plane .. need some info

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Adrian Day02/02/2013 23:46:14
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Hi all just been given this kit started building it today got most of it done too comes together pretty fast ... but i would like to know the age and any one else who has on or how has had one in the past???phbt.jpg

this is what its ment to look like .. my ones not like this yet


would like to see others models of this plane and if its good for learning with???
regards Adrian

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator02/02/2013 23:59:21
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I learnt on one of these. They are as tough as old boots and an absolutely classical trainer. As I say very solid, but if you do manage to do any damage they are also quite easy to repair - though I imagine replacement wings (should you need one!) are a bit more difficult to come by. You should be able to pick up a "spare airframe" quite easily though as I imagine there are hundreds lying at the back of people's workshops. "Back in the day" they were a very popular trainer!

They fly well - in a trainer style. Very stable, little to go wrong. I'm sure you will be very happy with it and it will see you through all the early stages of your learning to fly.


ken anderson.03/02/2013 10:01:37
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hello adrian...when i started to learn to fly radio models in 1989...... the hi-boy was one of the models to learn with......along with the yamamoto's...... so around about then will be the date for you.....

ken ....1989 dept.....

kc03/02/2013 12:45:41
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What you should do before you start building ( or is it too late? ) is to draw around every component onto a sheet of paper - lining paper or even wallpaper or wood - to be able to make spare parts later if needed. Mark the material and thickness onto each drawing. The foam wing root shape should be drawn around ( tip too if its different) so that a new wing can be cut if required.

One should do this for any kit just in case, but for this model it's important because there does not seem to be any plans and its unobtainable now. Note that over the years there have been slight changes and some adverts said 57 inch span, some 58 or 60 inch. Maybe other changes too.

Be very careful about wing joiners for this model and do it properly or it can be a weak spot.

Adrian Day03/02/2013 13:00:34
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thank you everyone that's a great start ... thank you Ken for the update on the date i was thinking about early to mid 90 so not to bad its a little late for the fuz but i have done everything else already its seems like a standard thing now only thing i didn't do was the wings as this one the owner had pre done and looks pretty well, everything else is now glued as started putting together last night there isn't much to this model to be honest..
basic ply wood work and 10 parts balsa that makes this build fast ...
the only thing i don't like is the weight its such a heavy plane.
other than that its a strong old thing.. don't see them like this very often

thank you all for your comments good to know more about this one. looking forward to seeing it fly hope its not a up and crash model

Regards Adrian

Greybeard03/02/2013 13:31:59
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As others have said it's a good basic trainer on which many of us learned to fly.

Ben B03/02/2013 13:51:35
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yes Great plane.

Still got my 2nd one up in my loft (the first turned into confetti when I tried to teach myself to fly and found I didn't know which way the wiggly bits at the back of the plane were supposed to wiggle)

On the heavy side so needs a good-ish engine. I flew mine on a 35FP but the take off run was epicly long. I switched to a TT 40GP (still plain bearing) and it was a bit better. Lack of steerable nose-wheel would cause some aborted landings on our pock-marked take off / landing strip.

They're seriously robust. I flew mine into a tree one autumn- all the leaves fell off the tree, the plane cart-wheeled into the floor, end result = slight crease on the LE veneer else good to go.

I wish they'd start making them again!

Adrian Day03/02/2013 14:13:01
351 forum posts
101 photos

thank you graybeard and ben...
looking forward to finishing it now .. now been told its a good trainer.. its just what im looking for.

Ben thank you for your reply, i do think its going to need a good 40-46 to run this one i think its a little heavy and would maybe benefit from the extra power? not sure... just need to look about for a little second hand 40 .. to run it .. i dont want a new one as this is only going to be a bridge plane for now.. ok you can pick up new now for £50 ish .. but on a mega small budget for this one as got others being built,
its not a bad plane.. hope it will take a bashing than my first model some years ago(just started again) 20years on)) didn't take much for instructor to smash it into a million bits showing me what he could do with a plane.
lasted 2 flights put me off after a £200 model was gone in 15 mins

Chris Channon02/03/2013 16:46:21
551 forum posts

Hi Adrian, i flew mine on a Bluebird.40 engine, it was honestly brilliant.

It will take all the abuse of learning and still come back for more, i wish they were available now.


Chris C.

Chris Channon02/03/2013 16:48:26
551 forum posts

Progressed to a Lo-Boy then a Lo-Boy Turbo ( had a centre flap) , all brilliant models.

They all taught me how to build, cover, fly and then repair, good times.


Chris C.

David Tweddle22/06/2013 16:40:15
290 forum posts
3 photos

flew mine on a Bluebird.40 engine

Well I think I have an old bran new never been used MFA Blue Bird...

David re:- the looking now (soon) Dept

Lee Phillips12/08/2013 22:18:50
1 forum posts

I currently have an old hi boy that I plan to learn with at my local club, currently getting some air time with a bixler 2 EPO but hoping to move on to the hi boy in the coming months.

The plane is getting there and a generous club member has offered to assist in getting it airworthy but could really do with the instructions. If anyone has the instructions that they could email me that would be fantastic.

scott finnie12/08/2013 23:50:51
756 forum posts
95 photos

Superb! I built one of these with my grandad in 1997 , i was 9 years old and it was my first plane, ive still got it , it last flew 3 years ago, superb PROPER trainer, you couldnt get better than the precedent Kits, i then got the T240 which i lost a rudder servo last year on and crashed into a lake, Looking for another T240 now, enjoy this aircraft like so many others have done, it will teach you alot heart

Rich too13/08/2013 06:31:18
3060 forum posts
1070 photos

Yep, I have an old one in the loft that stills flies now and then, just make sure you put the biggest recommended engine in it - being so heavy they fly great in strong winds! Rich

Edited By Dickster on 13/08/2013 06:31:47

Shaunie13/08/2013 13:04:29
951 forum posts
78 photos

I built one as my second trainer (first was a Graupner Terry) in 1986 or thereabouts. Yes they are a litle porky but quite tough too. You can just see it in the right of this picture.

It was partially restored in the late 90's and finally got new servos and battery pack a couple of years ago. So it is now in flying condition again!

I put an O.S 45FSR in it on an 11 X 6 MK propeller (can you still get them?). The engine has had a new set of bearings and I think a new piston at some point. Possibly the best glow motor I ever bought, burbles a little at idle but two strokes cleanly all the way through the range after that. Plenty of power but not too much, which got me out of trouble on failed landing approaches etc. on numerous occasions.


Adrian Day18/11/2013 19:23:18
351 forum posts
101 photos

been working on a new program and finding out it can be used for more than just box design .. not sure if others think its any good though.. used it last night to design the tail of the hi boy

hiboy tail 3jpg.jpg

hiboy tail 2jpg.jpghiboy tailjpg.jpg

Adrian Day21/11/2013 11:30:12
351 forum posts
101 photos

anyone else used google sketch up to design plane parts?
been trying it out and not a bad programme to use ???

tail des in skt.jpg

buster prop21/11/2013 12:52:56
499 forum posts
13 photos

Adrian, I have an Evolution 0.46 RC 2 stroke that I've been trying to sell. I advertised it on here a while ago, no takers. I'm sure it would fly your Hi boy, I flew it in a Protech Skystar which was a heavy plane as well. If interested let me know.

Adrian Day22/11/2013 14:50:43
351 forum posts
101 photos

hi Buster Prop thanks for your msg

i have sent you a pm hope that you get it ... if not do you have any pictures of it and a price please as maybe interested
please send me a pm if possible

buster prop22/11/2013 18:38:17
499 forum posts
13 photos

Adrian, have just replied to your pm and taken some pics of the engine. Price as in the 'For Sale' column with some info.

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