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signal lost

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Kean Tarron31/03/2013 17:21:44
11 forum posts

can someone tell me if i am doing somethink wrong i bind my transmitter with reciever it all goes well i get a orange light on my AR600 not flashing solid light no red light so all seems ok take off fine for about one min then lose signal into the ground it goes it does not do it all the time plus batterys is fine i also do a range test please help its a mystery to me

Johnny Kirkham31/03/2013 17:43:33
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Kean have you got your failsafe set?? ie have you set your throttle to cut in the event of signal loss?? Im just asking this basic question because this is a good indication of signal may be blaming signal loss when its something else......just a thought



Edited By Johnny Kirkham on 31/03/2013 17:43:56

Kean Tarron31/03/2013 17:52:38
11 forum posts

when i lose signal i lose throttle and full control of plane its like i have just turned my transmitter of but no i have not got my failsafe set

Devon Flyer31/03/2013 18:07:37
622 forum posts

Is it a genuine Spektrum AR600 and not a fake one?

Mate of mine had a similar problem with an AR500 receiver he had bought direct from Horizon in the States and it turned out that the receiver was a very convincing fake.

See THIS thread for more details.


Edited By Devon Flyer on 31/03/2013 18:09:50

crispin church31/03/2013 18:18:58
442 forum posts
102 photos

after you lost signal did you check wires and rx before picking up the pieces

when you say battery fine in what way?

do a full range check not just tx on low power see how far it goes

rx mounting is the wires outside fuse or inside and what is it made of

you dont really give much details i had one plane that had metal type look covering and only got half range until i put rx wires outside fuse

Pete B - Moderator31/03/2013 18:43:30
7608 forum posts
732 photos

What is the model, Kean? Along with the other suggestions, it may also be worth considering whether the ESC is shutting down, the BEC can't supply enough power for the radio or the battery itself is unable to cope with the demand. You mention a Vortex 400 and a Habu in other threads - EDF's are pretty demanding.....


Kean Tarron31/03/2013 18:45:58
11 forum posts

got reciever from als model shop in essex so i am sure its not a fake also its a edf elec jet jetiger its happen to three different batterys receiver wire is out side fuse 80% of the time it flys well but every now and again it cuts out

Frank Skilbeck31/03/2013 19:12:28
4543 forum posts
101 photos

Check the power supply connections, I had this on one of my planes, would have sworn it was a Rx fault, but on checking the plug on the ESC wasn't connecting to the battery plugs properly, changed the plug and not had the problem since.

The other thing to check is that the transmitter isn't switching itself off, if it's a Dx6i make sure the pencell batteries are making good contact.

Also on Spektrum you set the fail safe when you bind the reciever, so if the throttle was reversed when you bound it then on switching the Tx off the throttle would go fully open, you can check by holding the model, set some throttle and switch off the Tx if the motor shuts down then the failsafe is set correctly.

Kean Tarron01/04/2013 10:34:37
11 forum posts

Thank you every one for giving some advice on signal lost I was checking out my wiring in plane all ok but then I notice a fault on my Spektrum transmitter on of switch just touch it and it breaks circuit as anyone else had a porbem with this or is it known that Spektrum have a fault with on of switch

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 01/04/2013 10:37:41

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator01/04/2013 10:47:49
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Hi Kean,

I have moved your most recent post to this existing thread. I've also moved it to a more appropriate subject!

I'm not a Specktrum specialist - I do have a DX6i but its very much a "reserve Tx" for Phoenix and indoor BNF's! But I've never come across anyone commenting on Specktrum's switch gear adversely. But of course switches are mechanical components and as such they can always fail. I think if you contact Horizon Hobbies they will set up you returning the Tx to them so they can fix it! They have a excellent reputation for speedy repair work - it seems to me that they get a lot of practice! wink 2


Frank Skilbeck01/04/2013 18:05:43
4543 forum posts
101 photos

I've not heard of problems with the switches on the Dx6i, my Dx6i is 5 years old now and the only issue has been the odd broken trim rocker which was a known issue with the earlier sets.

crispin church02/04/2013 10:27:57
442 forum posts
102 photos

which switch?

Stephen Grigg02/04/2013 11:07:00
8691 forum posts
1128 photos

I think Kean is saying its a faulty ON/OFF main switch.

Tom Wright 202/04/2013 12:44:09
3908 forum posts
297 photos

Have a look at this Kean.

Olly P02/04/2013 13:26:41
3215 forum posts
181 photos
Posted by Kean Tarron on 31/03/2013 17:52:38:

when i lose signal i lose throttle and full control of plane its like i have just turned my transmitter of but no i have not got my failsafe set


Please see the discusion we had some time on setting your fail-safe, generally it is a very good idea!!

GrahamC02/04/2013 14:01:07
1237 forum posts
196 photos

Well if you are using a DX6i and an AR600 you DO have the failsafe set. [I suspect its the same if you are using a DX5] It may not be set correctly, but it is set. It is impossible not to set it, and the Throttle channel WILL failsafe to the throttle setting that was indicated when the bind took place.

As has been mentioned, this question is relevant as it helps indicate whether the receiver lost signal or power. A receiver that looses power cannot and will not fail safe. What can be confusing is determining how your ESC will respond to loss of signal input from the receiver which will occur if the receiver looses power. That could look like a failsafe event.

However, If you know that there is an issue with the main switch on the DX6i, then I would eliminate that fault first. Speak to Horizon Hobby. As many will tell you, customer service is good, and they would probably either replace the switch for you, or send you a replacement part.

Having done that...

Check that the ESC is sufficiently rated for the load being put on it. Check that it has airflow, and check that the BEC part of the ESC is up to the job. [How many servos are your running off of it?]

And the two antenaa's on the AR600 really do need to be perpendicular to each other.

Edited By GrahamC on 02/04/2013 14:02:37

Peter Beeney02/04/2013 14:52:10
1581 forum posts
59 photos

A couple of our members had some Spektrum trouble a while back, at more or less the same time, and both overcame it by changing to Futaba. One gentleman continued to investigate his problem, and eventually tied it down to the ON/OFF switch, this would intermittently turn off the rf transmission, but not the leds, on the front of the case. This on a DX5e tx. We found that with practise we could do this to order, just by squeezing the tx case! He still uses his tx, though, for a couple of small Parkzone electric models, he cured the switch fault by soldering a a wire strap across it, and he turns it on and off by taking one cell in and out. This has worked 100% since!

We took it all apart, and we can to the conclusion that the switch was not really the best of quality, it was simply not up to the job. But having now said that, I have a DX5e, exactly the same, which I generally use as a buddy slave, so the switch is perhaps not too important, but I’ve tried on numerous occasions to create the same fault, by knocking and squeezing the tx case, but to no avail. It’s never missed a beat when live and talking to a receiver. So I guess it’s all a bit of pot luck, maybe…..

I remember that I emailed HH at the time, explaining the situation and suggesting that if they sent us a new switch, we would install it… …but they declined to answer that one!

Looking at the 6i, this appears to be an identical switch, but I’ve been involved where four of these transmitters have been operating in some fairly adverse conditions, and these have also been 100% reliable, too. I’ve had many problems, I’ve had to repair a couple of the transmitters at various times, mechanical breakages, but no obscure headaches, such as signal loss, etc.

I very much suspect that all the sudden unexplained problems we had were probably related to these switches, I’d doubt if there two such diverse issues; so anything similar and I’d be giving the switch a really good coat of looking at first, (and second!). And I’d very much tend to think that for the later radios at least, this has been addressed now. I’m sure it caused more than enough interest at one time.


SkippyUK02/04/2013 19:30:05
287 forum posts
23 photos

It seems most are looking at blaming the TX but from experience, I have maybe a different slant.

I got an EDF shark from HK (stop laughing - it looks great down the beach!) and it had a prblem with severe vibraion that caused some kind of problem for the RX/ESC as it would always start flashing after using high throttle for a minute or so - it was genuine Speckie RX showing 'brown outs' via flashes of amber light.

I balanced the fan using a mobile phone app and the brownout problem disappeared.

I wondered whether at some vibration frequency a contact became intermittent or a component malfunctioned but as I say, balancing the fan cured the problem.

Does this EDF Jet vibrate at high revs as is required for take-off?

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