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In your experience what's the most common cause of a crash?

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Q: In your experience, what's the most common cause of a crash?

Pilot err  






Eng fail  


CG probs  


Batt fail  






(754 votes)

David Ashby - Moderator09/05/2013 19:18:02
11065 forum posts
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An idea I had on a long train journey last week and a question we haven't run yet. 

I guess pilot error will cover a lot from inexperience to over-confidence. If you can think of anything under 'Other' then please say in the thread. smile




Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 09/05/2013 19:35:20

Concorde Speedbird09/05/2013 19:26:35
2735 forum posts
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Although it is pilot error, I think that there should be an option for getting the controls wrong when the aeroplane is flying towards you. I think it must be the no.1 cause of crashes!


Rob09/05/2013 19:35:16
235 forum posts

I have two main reasons for crashing, they are in no paticular order.

1.The ground was to high up.

2.Ran out of sky.

Option one but don't tell anyone.!!!



Greybeard09/05/2013 19:40:48
726 forum posts
6 photos

I generally find that the ground getting in the way is the most common.

Les Littleton09/05/2013 19:43:15
120 forum posts
30 photos

Gravity !

Alwyn Gee09/05/2013 19:47:15
194 forum posts
4 photos

Dumb Thumbs. That's why I've changed to holding the sticks between thumb & forefinger. wink   Hopefully the fingers have a link to the brain.


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Bill_B09/05/2013 19:50:04
1145 forum posts
11 photos

I voted "other" because although pilot error is a significant contributor IMHO, 'human' error is more usually the cause whether it be from an accidental wrong input from the pilot, bad preparation, poor building or poor flying skills (or all of the above!)

After many years of model flying I've all but eliminated bad preparation and building skills, but must admit to having the odd case of a flight induced brain f4rt! I guess that comes with the ageing process. indecision

MikeS09/05/2013 19:50:40
818 forum posts
240 photos

Most of the time pilot error such as when I crashed my Whizzza last week. You never blame your tools.wink

Paul Marsh09/05/2013 19:52:14
4088 forum posts
1231 photos

I said engine failure. As long as there is power, there is a chance. Flew a model last weekend and the engine quit. Didn't quite make the strip on landing (cut low/downwind) and had to land downwind.

Only minor damage - ripped out u/c, but looking at other incidents, like losing engine after take-off or in awkward situations doesn't help. Not happens often - usually get down ok.

Erfolg09/05/2013 20:00:12
11799 forum posts
1346 photos

To be completely honest all my crashes have been pilot error of some sought. Even those some would put down to equipment failure.

Examples are, push a motor so hard that the motor burnt out, causing an electrical problem.

Another was charging a separate Rx Nicad pack, yet not checking that on load, the batteries were still providing the current for the radio set up. That is after a whole series of unexplained incidents. Yes, I finally stuffed the plane in , almost immediately after launch.

That is ignoring the standard types of incidents

All pilot error.

Andrew76709/05/2013 20:15:44
809 forum posts
4 photos

I put pilot error...certainly in my case but if i'd had a second choice it would have been adverse weather. Gusting winds on approach and finals seem to have it in for my lighter models.


David Molineux09/05/2013 20:30:15
123 forum posts
18 photos

I selected 'Pilot Error' (or should that be inexperiance/overconfidence?) as that definitely sums up the couple of unplanned arrivals that I've had blush

I have seen a few at the field that seem to be loss of signal though. A particular club mate has lost at least 6 models and has sent his DX8 off for investigation. Nothing was wrong with it apparently, but he's lost some since.......

Tim Mackey09/05/2013 20:35:13
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Posted by David Molineux on 09/05/2013 20:30:15:

I selected 'Pilot Error' (or should that be inexperiance/overconfidence?) as that definitely sums up the couple of unplanned arrivals that I've had blush

I have seen a few at the field that seem to be loss of signal though. A particular club mate has lost at least 6 models and has sent his DX8 off for investigation. Nothing was wrong with it apparently, but he's lost some since.......


Tom Sharp09/05/2013 20:35:46
387 forum posts

Venturing out on to the flying field !!!!!!!!

John Privett09/05/2013 20:49:45
6079 forum posts
243 photos
Posted by Tom Sharp on 09/05/2013 20:35:46:

Venturing out on to the flying field !!!!!!!!

For some individuals I'd classify that as "pilot error"!

In fact, on a more serious note, I'd say many crashes that are put down to other causes could probably be better classified as pilot error. Most planes don't crash simply because the engine cut. They crash because the pilot failed to handle the situation when it did cut, or had got into a situation where an engine failure would not be recoverable.

BTW, I voted pilot error! I can't recall a single crash I've had that I could honestly attribute to anything else...embarrassed

Noel Eaton09/05/2013 20:52:32
139 forum posts

I've voted "other" In my case its either been pilot error or incorrect model set up ,both due to inexperience, when I investigate the causes of crashes that I cant explain as simple dumb thumbs pilot error ,It's usually down to some equipment set up error ,I do mean Error on my part and not failure of the component .I'v found that I've had to learn by trial and error and error seems to have played a major part in my flying tuition so far ,I've also found him to be an expensive instructor too ! but he always lets me keep the bits for spares embarrassed


Edited for language.....remember the CofC, folks!

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 09/05/2013 21:21:56

J V R09/05/2013 20:57:27
328 forum posts
62 photos

I selected other as most of mine have been down to orientation

William Morrison09/05/2013 21:08:17
66 forum posts

I always thought it was pilot error and certainly some were. But in the last couple of years I have flown 2.4 Hitec Aurora system and used a 6 volt high capacity battery for my receiver. I have not had a crash until recently due to a dead stick into a post on the field border. Happenstance to hit the post, no power to change vectors so to speak, otherwise, no damange would have occurred. So I surmissed I was having intermintten glitches due to battery/voltage drop out/brown out. So stay away from 4.8 volt/600 millliamper hour batteries. I use 2000 to 2500 milliampere hour batteries now days. That means sufficient power even when servo demands are high. So do your self a favor and use a big battery.

WolstonFlyer09/05/2013 21:10:21
2104 forum posts
189 photos

Pilot error for me, that includes orientation and flying towards the sun and blinding myself trying to follow the model!

chris edwards 309/05/2013 21:10:34
221 forum posts
64 photos

i said other because some of the crashes at my club have been down to radio problems, insuficent take off speed, engine problems, pilot error and most of the other catorgorys listed in the poll.

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