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In your experience what's the most common cause of a crash?

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Q: In your experience, what's the most common cause of a crash?

Pilot err  






Eng fail  


CG probs  


Batt fail  






(754 votes)

Josip Vrandecic -Mes10/05/2013 12:11:49
2993 forum posts
260 photos

Hi All , at least ,at this point,we all agree....face 1

Braddock, VC10/05/2013 12:14:04
1645 forum posts
82 photos
Posted by Les Littleton on 09/05/2013 19:43:15:

Gravity !

Ditto. Though it's always been assisted by my lack of ability( pilot error) and, on several occasions, by the blackwire syndrome and once by the top branches of a tree.


Edited By Braddock, VC on 10/05/2013 12:16:15

GrumpyGnome10/05/2013 13:00:41
513 forum posts
145 photos

When I clicked on Pilot Error, I included anything that I could personally have prevented. Including bad prep, bad building, bad launches (by me, the pilot!), etc. etc.

Even the last two I can remember that were caused by lack of radio control were, in the cold light of day, down to me using unsuitable equipment/not doing a range check.

I think (and it's only think) only one has absolutely been down to something I couldn't avoid. I puit that down to interference on 35Meg and no time to recover.

So that leaves 3,765 down to me wink


Piers Bowlan10/05/2013 13:48:12
2039 forum posts
53 photos

I am not too sure what this poll is going to achieve as I think people will agree that most crashes are generally caused by pilot error simply because it is such a 'broad church'. Including such things as disorientation, stall-spin, and mid-air collision to name but three. As far as the other categories are concerned what about servo failure? Fairly common I should think (I have had two). Also ESC failure either because it was a low spec. unbranded ESC in an RTF or because the BEC was overloaded by too many servos. In that instance surely that is pilot error again? Crashing due to flying in 'adverse weather conditions' Is that not pilot error too? No one makes you do it, your decision to fly and risk crashing the model.

Ben B10/05/2013 14:09:54
1420 forum posts
4 photos

All mine are pilot error (even if some are due to me mis-handling a side wind etc so the weather played a role in the crash) apart from my recent destruction of a brand new Sbach as3x on the first flight when on the first turn a tree jumped out and headbutted it.


kevin b10/05/2013 18:58:41
1764 forum posts
140 photos
Posted by cymaz on 10/05/2013 09:37:00:

The %'s only add up to 99.......who stole the other 1%??

I'm not saying, but divine intervention hasn't been mentioned in the poll. Not wishing to tempt providence, but maybe a few crashes were retribution from an anthropomorphic divinity who has been wronged. How many pilots have, on seeing their pride and joy go chasing moles, hasn't looked up and said, or at least thought "why me ?" It's either that or little green men.

kevinb Waiting for the van to arrive.

kevin b10/05/2013 19:48:17
1764 forum posts
140 photos
Posted by kevin b on 10/05/2013 18:58:41:
Posted by cymaz on 10/05/2013 09:37:00:

The %'s only add up to 99.......who stole the other 1%??

I'm not saying, but divine intervention hasn't been mentioned in the poll. Not wishing to tempt providence, but maybe a few crashes were retribution from an anthropomorphic divinity who has been wronged. How many pilots WHO, on seeing their pride and joy go chasing moles, hasn't looked up and said, or at least thought "why me ?" It's either that or little green men.

kevinb Waiting for the van to arrive.

Should have been who, not have. Somehow I can't edit the post.

Kevinb Bad grammer is us.

Mark R10/05/2013 21:34:20
279 forum posts
44 photos

As with most have put 'other' and dumb thumbs is the usual culprit....which i think is totally different to pilot error/flying kills....its like driving a car for 30 years and never having an accident and then over steering into your own brick wall due to brain freeze....its not error just an erroneous brain moment. I think pilot error/flying skills is totally different. A new pilot flying a low wing warbird and crashing because he or she cant handle the flying characteristics is pilot error/flying skills.....dumb thumbs is just one of those things and has no bearing on your piloting skills....ask any professional if they have suffered it and i can guarantee they will say Yes, so is their skills lacking? Are they bad pilots?

Ok 2 penneth over n done with.

Robert Coxon10/05/2013 22:48:39
9 forum posts
22 photos
I fly smaller fastish models. Big problem when they turn into a black blob in the sky when they get away from me. Pilot error+confusion.
Learnt years ago not to fly as the sun is getting low as it makes it hell to fly a silhouette. ..
MikeS10/05/2013 23:07:18
818 forum posts
240 photos

I put Pilot error as per my earlier post.

As for brain freeze I have to agree on that. Try flying your Whizzza and when instructing a right hand bank it goes left. That one got me. My brain just froze along with my hands. See pilot error for not checking the controls before flying. Something I always do!!!.


Steven Buckingham11/05/2013 01:18:32
52 forum posts
8 photos

Lets be honest, everything ultimately comes down to pilot error. Weather, pilot error (no your limits), structural, pilot error (should of checked before flight), eng failure, pilot error (with the odd exception, but you should be avle to dead stick from almost anywhere),C of G pilot error (should of checked before take off), Batt failure, pilot error (check before flight) etc. etc. Pointless poll

Piers Bowlan11/05/2013 06:34:16
2039 forum posts
53 photos

"Pointless poll" That's a bit harsh isn't it? It's good to talk!

What might be worth considering is what do you mean by 'crashing' which is a pretty emotive word and one so beloved of the media when referring to full sized aviation accidents and incidents. For me a crash is a 'bin bag job' or at least something which is going to require a major repair. Some might consider a crash to be an 'unintended arrival' due to any number of reasons. For example, caught by a gust of wind just before touchdown resulting in one of the landing gear legs being ripped off. A crash? Perhaps not but an incident yes, and not to mention really annoying angry. Another example; flying that new manoeuvre you are practising just one mistake too low. You make a recovery but just a millisecond too low/late and end up making an unexpected and rather heavy unplanned landing. Result, a cracked cowl. A crash? Not really, you got away with it that time, the model wasn't wrecked just a minor repair. Pilot error certainly but I think you have to define 'a crash' if you want to use that word in this poll. Or maybe it is just me being pedantic.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 11/05/2013 06:36:28

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 11/05/2013 06:42:39

riverlandgirl.11/05/2013 07:29:03
462 forum posts
281 photos

I voted other, as the main cause of my crashes is testing some daft thing that never really had much hope of flying anyway!face 4

When it comes to my "proper planes" it's always my fault. Cheif cause is dis orientation. normally due to flying late evening and trying to get one more flight in before dark. Nearly equal to that is some sort systems failure- flying the battery flat, launching with the the ailerons back to front etc, generally being in a too much of a hurry to get that flight in...(although I did have one crash due to a loose reciever crystal)

Flanker .11/05/2013 13:53:34
622 forum posts
5 photos

I have had two planes lost due to battery issues. These were my fault so as I am the pilot AND flight mech I guess pilot error covers it !

Once we have full auto pilot this will be a thing of the past..... along with the fun ....


Alan Pennington11/05/2013 14:12:28
174 forum posts
46 photos

Hi I put down Pilot error but there should be 2 more options Gravity, Ground in the way, as said in the forum. I have found that gravity and ground can be pilot error as the pilot could have done some thing about it, but did not as I know with great affect and scaring the locals

Martian11/05/2013 14:41:49
2368 forum posts
1108 photos

Hi it seems to me a lot of shall we call them mishaps could be prevented by a solid set of pre flight checks much the same as you are required to do in full size aircraft, it couldnt do any harm to commit it to a paper list,a few minutes may save your precious plane

Erfolg11/05/2013 16:05:36
11637 forum posts
1294 photos

We all know we should check our model, transmitter and weather before flying. Do we always, perhaps not, sometimes it yes.

Most, if not all will wiggle the control surface, do we always note if the sense is correct, is it the correct model and so on.

I do endeavour to build the process into my regime from home, arriving at the field.

So i am perfect it seems, unfortunately not, as most human beings, I less than perfect. What I have noticed though, those who point an accusative finger are often even less reliable, than those who try.

This form of pilot error will catch every single one of us at some point, those who have not, either do not fly, or need to reserve Sunday for the confessional.

Roger 211/05/2013 18:15:42
145 forum posts
7 photos

I think definitely.... the ground or maybe trees that jump out in front of the plane.


Stephen K Davion14/05/2013 11:13:09
2 forum posts

Mostly pilot errors but also includes other reasons mentioned above ... instead of selecting one ... I would like to select three more options ...

MEL14/05/2013 16:00:00
36 forum posts
5 photos

magnetics i find the ground to be the largest magnet but trees, brick walls etc also have a big attraction

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