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In your experience what's the most common cause of a crash?

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Q: In your experience, what's the most common cause of a crash?

Pilot err  






Eng fail  


CG probs  


Batt fail  






(754 votes)

Kelly02/06/2013 12:21:07
1241 forum posts
191 photos

My crashes due to,

Pilot error 3

Poor Pre flight checks 4

Poor hand launch 8

structural failure 1

servo failure 1

esc failure 1

retract failure 1


Martian02/06/2013 12:32:22
2368 forum posts
1108 photos

whoah Kelly of the 19 crashes or mishaps how many resulted in total loss ?

Paul Marsh02/06/2013 14:21:41
3834 forum posts
1110 photos

Mine are:

Mid-airs: 1

Shot down: 2

Radio failure (not found): 2

Battery failure: 1

Dead stick: 1

Servo failure: 1/2. (model sort-of survived)

Chuck Plains02/06/2013 21:27:54
1096 forum posts
244 photos

After reading som e recent posts, I want to change my plea! My legal council has persuaded me to change it to "The Plane Crashed!" angelangelangel

krflyer10/06/2013 09:34:45
11 forum posts
18 photos

I would say misjudgement of speed ,height and distance old post I remember said that gravity always wins as a rule, the best you can ever hope for is a 50-50 split.

john stones 113/11/2013 16:32:53
11109 forum posts
1500 photos
Posted by Mark R on 10/05/2013 21:34:20:

As with most have put 'other' and dumb thumbs is the usual culprit....which i think is totally different to pilot error/flying kills....its like driving a car for 30 years and never having an accident and then over steering into your own brick wall due to brain freeze....its not error just an erroneous brain moment. I think pilot error/flying skills is totally different. A new pilot flying a low wing warbird and crashing because he or she cant handle the flying characteristics is pilot error/flying skills.....dumb thumbs is just one of those things and has no bearing on your piloting skills....ask any professional if they have suffered it and i can guarantee they will say Yes, so is their skills lacking? Are they bad pilots?

Ok 2 penneth over n done with.

at that moment in time yes crying

Kelly09/01/2014 02:24:58
1241 forum posts
191 photos

Hi Martian

Bit of a late reply sorry

Total loss - 2

1- Pilot error Seagull 40 hit tree tops while landing

2-Structural failure Boomerang trainer wing faiied **LINK**

Repaired the restsmiley

cymaz09/01/2014 06:41:53
9004 forum posts
1187 photos

Most common cause is hitting the ground. No ground- no problem

Old Geezer09/01/2014 09:12:20
670 forum posts

Has to be pilot error. ( But that should include mid-airs & shot down. )

At least we're being honest with ourselves!

bert wilde09/01/2014 09:25:09
18 forum posts

in my case with the glider was filling myself with confidence by watching how"easy"it was to fly on youtube,also by the people selling it.

with the heli,same really except the earth wire came off while up in the air.and it went into the ground like a tent pegsurprise

Chuck Plains01/04/2014 21:08:14
1096 forum posts
244 photos

To be totally honest .....................

The air was the wrong shape.

The planet jumped up and hit my plane.

Squirrels ate my wiring/batteries/screw driver (delete as req)

The tree didn't duck.

Martians took over my transmitter.

A distraction distracted me.

The hill was on the wrong side of me.

My coffee/burger/wife was getting cold. (delete as req)

Once I let go of the plane, why's it anything to do with me?

Edited By Chuck Plains on 01/04/2014 21:11:06

Shaunie01/04/2014 21:14:35
944 forum posts
78 photos

Taking off... On 100% of the occasions when I have crashed I took off at the start of the flight. On every occasion when I did not take off I never crashed either.


Ernie02/04/2014 08:23:19
2519 forum posts
21 photos



buster prop02/04/2014 11:27:37
488 forum posts
13 photos

I'll be honest, almost all of my crashes have been pilot error of one kind or another. Usually disorientation, going too slow on downwind turns and misjudged approaches. I also crashed once by running the battery to cutoff and trying to stretch the glide too far and once by taking off with reversed ailerons. My most memorable crash was when I lost my Sean Bannister Algebra 100 at Ivinghoe. I'd been flying it successfully elsewhere but on that day I launched and flew ok, it was the landing which went wrong. I turned it back towards the slope (mistake) and it went like a rocket back over the hill with me frantically stirring the sticks. Panic and overcontrol. Luckily it didn't hit anyone but was a total write-off. It was one of the Algebras with a ply fuselage, swept back wings, just rudder and elevator. Superb flyer, wish I still had it today. sad

Edited By buster prop on 02/04/2014 11:28:35

Broken Prop02/04/2014 12:42:24
617 forum posts
1 photos

It's never my fault! embarrassed

(Pilot error every time., mainly due to brain fade.......)

Jez Harris 102/04/2014 20:38:51
563 forum posts
1380 photos

Every piece of damage to my aircraft had been attributed to sudden deceleration trauma.


And sometimes the damage is limited to just the entire airframe!

john stones 102/04/2014 20:46:09
11109 forum posts
1500 photos

Whats a crash ?

only kidding don't set about me blush

Jez, very goodsmiley

G194007/04/2014 11:57:56
3523 forum posts
1 photos

Not counting minor mishaps which were all down to pilot error my last four 'serious' crashes are:

1 GP Stearman. Engine cut just after take-off and I tip stalled it trying to get it down. So engine cut followed by pilot error. When I eventually repaired it a few years later it turned out the ignition unit was faulty (Mackay 30cc petrol engine) and,after replacing it, the engine has rune well.

2 ARTF Wot4. Try to do two consecutive rolls too low I got my fingers toally confused and comprehensively destoyed it, including a lovely Irvine 46. Total pilot error compounded by hitting a tarmac runway

3 Acrowot Foam E. Pilot error. I inadvertently turned off the transmitter when fumbling for the elevator trim on an unfamiliar transmitter. Damaged the fuselage which has been replaced and it's flying again as good as ever

4. Hangar 9 60 size P47. Engine cut downwind after a lowish pass over the runway. I had to try and turn it as it was approaching a no-fly zone. Again pilot error caused a tip stall followed by a spin onto rough tarmac. This happened 6 days ago so a bit raw. However only wood a glass fibre was damaged (even the prop survived) and as the wing is (almost) unscathed and fuselage from the wing L/E back likewise, it will be rebuit and a new cowl etc has been ordered. I think I'd set the tickover too low when I moved the model over to a different transmitter.

I hasten to add these are well spread incidences. So 2 pilot error and 2 dead sticks.


Cliff Bastow07/04/2014 16:09:52
863 forum posts
441 photos

Has to be pilot error for me. To my mind some of the other causes listed could be classed as pilot error as we should have checked before flight.

During my full size aviation years I actually read in an accident report once, reason for crash- failing to maintain sufficient airspace between aircraft and ground!

Yep that will do it everytime!

leccyflyer07/04/2014 16:30:22
1342 forum posts
314 photos

Wrong thread - biggest cause of crashes - pilot error! Not posting error!

Edited By leccyflyer on 07/04/2014 16:31:57

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