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Galloping Ghost P51

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mightypeesh10/05/2013 19:53:47
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Hi chaps. I have never like the looks of the P51, but when Tons plan came with RCME this month, I was tempted as A, the plan looks like quite a quick build. B, it lends itself to adaption through the method of constructing in top and bottom parts for the fuse. And C, The demise of one of my airframes has freed up all the gear required, and I figured it would be quicker to build afresh than to rebuild the much abused airframe (RIP).

After a bit of research I came across the gorgeous 'Galloping Ghost' Reno racer. Sadly the aircraft crashed during the race in 2011, killing spectators as well as the pilot. The aircraft itself was a beauty though, distinctive as the cooler scoop had been removed and another cooling system installed, and the wings being shortened so much. The pic below shows how the wings and tail were clipped, and the profile of the fuse changed, with a low profile racing canopy installed.


And a pic of the aircraft....



Because of Tons design method I can redesigh the canopy and turtle deck without too much hassle, also the scoop will be easy to lose too. I am in two minds about clipping the wings on my version as she sounds like a nice flyer as she is. Also I am concerned about the wing loading after chopping off around 20% of the wing area! Mmm, keep it a 'sport scale' with full sized wings, or clip and just go round in circles?


Anyway I spent some hours today cutting a kit of parts ready to go. The motor is a E-flite power 15, which will give it plenty of go, and maybe a set of E-flite retracts just coz I cansmiley I will keep you posted whatever happens, Cheers!

Edited By mightypeesh on 10/05/2013 19:55:02

Concorde Speedbird10/05/2013 20:13:40
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After seeing your Spitfire log on here, I know you will do a stunning job! If you are fitting retracts, which could be interesting in that thin wing, I say go for the full size wing. I'm looking forwards to seeing this one progress!


Merlin spit10/05/2013 20:33:14
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turn up the sound !
Ton van Munsteren10/05/2013 23:51:55
1294 forum posts
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Great choice and will follow your every step.

Have fun with the build.


mightypeesh11/05/2013 06:16:31
697 forum posts
898 photos

Great Video and sound track. Thanks for the advice on your thread Ton. I dont want to get as bogged down in the detail as in the spit build, as I want to use this in the 'fun fighter spirit'. I do keep looking at the Galloping Ghosts clipped wings though, and am very temptedindecision.

If I go that route I will want to fit the huge flaps and tiny ailerons as well as retracts. That wing loading sure is going up. Also, seeing that clip from Austenrover I thinkI will fit the 1250Kv Power25 as it is after all a pylon racer.

I think I have just talked myself into it!

If I am going to do it I may as well do It. Watch this space!

download (1).jpg

She sure is a fine looking plane.


Edited By mightypeesh on 11/05/2013 06:18:50

mightypeesh12/05/2013 21:51:51
697 forum posts
898 photos

Hi Chaps. I have got a bit done over the last couple of days, and made some choices as regards to the wing clipping. I do work in a 'scale-ish' way, and in the spirit of this I find it hard to ignore things like obvious shortening of wings. To this end I woke up thinking that I would make two wings for the Ghost - one to test fly, and one to be more accurate to the original. Then I thought 'why not make removable wing tips' - that way I can set up and test fly with full length wings, then use the shorts for high speed flying. Also I like the flaps on the original, so they were a must.

The final choice then is to have

  • Removable wing-tips down to rib W8, but to also have airelons that extend to W9 for more control on initial flights
  • To have longer than scale airelons when tips were removed to help with handling with clipped wings
  • To fit E-flite retracts, but to have a wider stance for stability on the ground.
  • To fit flaps to help with higher speed required for higher wing loading.

So a couple of pics.


I reinforced area between W5 and W6 with 3mm litply plate, as well as 6mm sq spruce bearers morticed into the ribs. also the W2 spar has been extended past W6 to add robustness to the retract area. I am going to make some 'low profile' wheels to fit the wing space.


wing with retact units fitted. I will make the wheels before cutting more holes.


Flap and airelons framed up. Rib W8 has been doubled up for the tips to be removed when I have fitted some rod and tube to reconnect them. Also most of the airelons and flap outlines have been sliced through, leaving only tabs to detach.

Thats it for now, Still not sure whether to go for the E-flite Power15 or power 25 (1250Kv). The advantage of the power25 is the smaller prop and higher power - this is after all a pylon racer!!

Cheers, Simon


Edited By mightypeesh on 12/05/2013 21:52:36

Ton van Munsteren12/05/2013 22:18:48
1294 forum posts
3303 photos


If this is your way of keeping it simplecool than all your models will be a work of artyes.

Enjoying the build progress and please do keep up the good work.

And don't forget its a Pylon Racer not a Rocket.


mightypeesh13/05/2013 21:11:24
697 forum posts
898 photos

Hi chaps, Just a quick one today. Drew up some servo plates in Autocad, and thought I may as well draw up a couple of low profle wheels to fit in the wing. Laser cut them at work out of a combination of 3mm and 1.5mm liteply, with some 6mm foam for the tyres - doubled up to 12mm.


bit of glue...


and some paint...


Ready to be mounted in a drill to shape the tyres.


Very scale-ish, but are only 12mm thick and fit in the wing space perfectly.

When I have shaped the foam I will cut the apertures and fit the legs.

Cheers for now, Simon

Concorde Speedbird13/05/2013 22:34:52
2735 forum posts
650 photos

Incredible! I wonder if some of those retracts could fit in a Cambrian Funfighter, hmm. Great job, carry on!


GrahamC14/05/2013 08:30:09
1247 forum posts
202 photos

Looks like a very neat build. I'm quite tempted by this one myself!

mightypeesh18/05/2013 21:41:11
697 forum posts
898 photos

Thanks chaps. It is such an enjoyable build. I would recommend this plan to anyone, great design!

My gorgeous wife has gone out to Hamton Court for the day with her friends.....Mmmm what can I do? Ok, pot of tea, packet of biccies and radio on. Lets go!

I wanted to get the servos mounted and fitted today and the holes cut for the retracts, and I will use mainly pics for this post with captions.


servo covers made up.


cut corner radius using hole cutter to match cover shape.


place blank and cut around with new blade



temporarily screw mount plate to cover and tack glue in place. remove cover and wick glue all around mount.


Perfect fit.


Next wheel wells. I made up oversize 1.5mm balsa rings (soak in hot water, curve etc} and fitted around wheel wells. To cut down to profile of ribs I reverted to the good old Cornflake packet.


cut a rough curve


bend around ribs and mark around the oversize well


and cut and sand to shape


cut through


and then cut channels for legs, and line with a bit maore balsa.


Getting busy in there!

Next is to shape and size the tyres on the wheels and to sort the removable wingtips.

Thanks for reading and comments, Cheers, Simon

Dwain Dibley.18/05/2013 22:45:31
1701 forum posts
1648 photos


This one caught my eye, but I have a full bench.

It's great to see it coming to life.


Concorde Speedbird18/05/2013 23:04:20
2735 forum posts
650 photos

Very nice, she looks great! Ragarding motor choice, what you really need is a Saito FA40A!smile p

Great job, keep at it!

Richard Elliot19/05/2013 08:10:32
180 forum posts
118 photos


Having just built the wing as per plan....I can only say your building is first class and ingenious. Nice one



mightypeesh22/05/2013 19:40:47
697 forum posts
898 photos

Thanks for the kind words gents, glad you like it. Some more pics...


I have fitted some 'mini spars' for the wing tips. I used 3mm CF rod inside another suitable sized tube for the main one, and 1.5mm CF for the 'locators' and airelon joiner.


All the hard work covered, just hope it all comes apart with just a scapel blade, and I have not got adhesive on the joiners.


A lot of swearing later, and lots of blunted blades it came apart! needs a bit of making good, but I am pleased.


close up of the spar and joiners in the wing tip. the slot is for a small ply plate to secure the tip to the main wing. Looking good so far. Next onto the fuse smiley

Cheers, Simon

Concorde Speedbird22/05/2013 22:10:39
2735 forum posts
650 photos

I am really impressed with what you do with these smaller warbirds, it is great!


GrahamC22/05/2013 22:17:55
1247 forum posts
202 photos

Some very impressive building there.

Ton van Munsteren07/06/2013 19:59:24
1294 forum posts
3303 photos


Any progress on the build , looking foward seeing the fuse getting shape.wink


Phillip Long08/07/2013 03:12:44
18 forum posts

Hi Simon,

I'd signed up to this forum for the sole reason of following your "The Galloping Ghost" build. For the last month I've not seen any further posting's short of the wing's [no pun intended].

What's happening to date???



Phillip Long06/08/2013 02:04:27
18 forum posts

Hi Simon,

Still waiting to hear how your'e doing with "The Galloping Ghost". Looking at the wing's youv'e constructed, they look spot-on. The one thing I did notice is having to do with the leading-edge in front of the landing-gear, coming away from the fuse....what happened to the "first angle" of the edge?


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