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Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer

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Richard Harris30/05/2013 11:31:12
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Whilst I sit and wait for my Calidus spares to come from the East I thought I would make a start on my new design.

For me, pushers are by far my favourite type of autogyro as I think they just look 'right' in the air. I believe they are just as easy to fly as tractor type models but do require a little more forward thinking when designing.

This model has been on the drawing board for a while after Mr Ashby asked me have a go at a pusher design which hopefully maybe published as a freebie plan.

To make life easier I have decided to stick with all the same electrics as used on the Panther so they can be easily transfered on to the new model which is called the 'Revolver'.

I have been happily cutting away a sheet of 3mm lite ply over the last week and started to slot together bits over the weekend.


This is what I have so far, doesnt look a lot but it is the battery mounting plate and is the heart of the build with alot of formers slotting into it. You will also see a plate at the front to which the rudder servo will be mounted.




To give you an idea of what the model will look like I have been experimenting with a smaller similar design. This used  the same train of thought and utilises Fire Fly blades and electrics etc.







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Edited By Richard Harris on 30/05/2013 11:33:25

Richard Harris31/05/2013 11:28:36
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

I have added a few more formers which slot into place, before I cmmited to glue the boom was trial fitted and checked for alignment. The boom is a length of 6mm x 13mm carbon fibre box section, this seems pretty rigid and is very hard to twist by hand.


Also, I have glued into position the two rear inner triangular strengtheners (R2) which double up as an aid to align F3.

U/C plate assembly is made from 3 pieces of 6mm birch play (I have laminated 3mm thick as I don't have any). Pressed into these are 2 M5 captive nuts. The gap is infact a location slot for the base of the mast, but it will all become a bit mre obvious as the build progresses.



The bulk not only has the motor bolted to it but also the servos mounted into it. I have doubled up this assemby with 3mm lite ply creating a slot for the mast and a bit of extra 'meat' for all the screws to bite into.


At the bottom of this laminated bulk head is a gap, this if for the U/C assembly to be epoxied into which is checked for squareness.


F3 was then glued into postion which slots into the battery plate right at the back and butts up to the 2 triangular doublers (R2).


On to the rear of F3 are glued two 6mm formers (R1), you will note that the grain is infact running vertical as the U/C plate assembly will be mounted at the bottom of these.



David Holland 231/05/2013 13:19:27
222 forum posts
25 photos

This looks very appealing, Richard. I shall look forward to the plan in the July mag!!

Mowerman31/05/2013 16:11:10
1556 forum posts
105 photos

The little depron based model looks good,perhaps another plan on the way?

How come it is so noisy?

Richard Harris31/05/2013 17:00:35
2172 forum posts
2023 photos


Maybe July 2014 smile, it has to fly first!


Most pushers sound like that, I think that it is exaggerated a bit due to the tip of the prop being pretty close to the tail boom.


Richard Harris01/06/2013 21:31:37
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

OK, I have progressed a little more this evening with a few bottles of Hobsons finest wink 2

Mast has been again laminated with a 6mm balsa core plus it has a carbon fibre strengthener which is the off cut from the boom. Two birch ply plates are epoxied at the top to creat the female hinge. This was then slid into the pre made bulk head then glued, I also added some triangular balsa section I had kicking around.


Now I had two inner sub assemblies, the front and the rear. These were mated together with epoxy for strength.



Before adding the 6mm balsa fuselage sides I installed a couple of 4mm plastic tubes as guides for the closed loop rudder cables.


Last for tonight was the fuselage sides and a quick check that I have my dimensions right for the 4s 3300 A Lipo.



Richard Harris02/06/2013 12:03:19
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

Having been called into work at 6am due to a fault on the fire system I was back at hme for 8 twidling my thumbs so had me a couple of hours adding the top decking .

Rear first......


Followed by the front.....whilst I was in and around that area I slotted into place the centre nose section. This will double up as a guide to get the shape correct when I attack it all with the sanding block. Before that I will need to infill each side of it with scrap soft balsa block.


Below is shown the first 3mm thick birch ply nose wheel mounting plate in position, this will be doubled up with another. I have stuck with 3mm as it has a bit of flex in it to follow the slight arc.


And to finish off the early mornings session a soft balsa spine has been added to the top of the front decking sheets (which were sanded flat first).



Richard Harris02/06/2013 21:01:06
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

After filling in the nose area with soft balsa block and sheeting the underside I had an hour outside this evening with the sanding block. I now have something that ressembles a flying machine...OK , maybe not , more like a shoe!crook




And a snap of the underside, the sheeting was made in segments around the square boom tube. You can also see the exit holes for the rudder closed loop wires as well as open compartment to access the rudder servo.







Edited By Richard Harris on 02/06/2013 21:01:52

Richard Harris03/06/2013 22:22:22
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

I made up the tailplane mount this evening, it's a simple affair using TE and triangular section balsa glued together to create the dihederal I wanted. Fin just slots into the top and the tail feathers are slotted and will be glued on final installation. I have also added a couple of finlets too the outer edges, these help a pushers stability when the motor is off.

Tail feathers are very simple and just 6mm depron, easily replacable in 'an event'.




UC has also been fitted and the nose wire bent up and mounted.




Servos to the head are mounted from behind into the bulkhead, a slight bit oof trimming was all that was needed too give them a snug fit.




Coming along nicely, I think I will tackle the head next.








Edited By Richard Harris on 03/06/2013 22:24:59

Gyrocopter05/06/2013 16:44:59
50 forum posts
10 photos

Looking great so far, rearward servos will make any maintenance easier and with so little load on the pushrods shouldn't be a problem. Will it use a HK head?

Pilot looks ready to go!!



Edited By Charles Malcolm on 05/06/2013 16:46:38

Richard Harris05/06/2013 23:02:15
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

Hi Chas,

I am glad at least someone is looking in, I was beginning to think I was talking to myself which they say is a sign of madness!..sniff sniff!

The HK head will be too small I think for this model, it is in fact larger than an RPG but should turn out roughly the same weight as there is a lot more balsa used rather than lite ply.

The head was made up this afternoon so I will give it all a rub down and it is time to start covering. I will fit all the radio in place and weigh it, from this I can calaculate whether the Panther blades will give the required disc loading.


Jose L. G.06/06/2013 13:46:58
223 forum posts
194 photos

Hi Richard. Also following your progress. Nice. Will interfere the motor with the servos? José L.

Mark Stringer06/06/2013 14:54:45
329 forum posts
232 photos

Rich - always follow your work - still love to get my hands on a pusher autogyro!

This one is looking nice - please do keep posting.

Have to get over and see you sometime!


Mowerman06/06/2013 15:09:52
1556 forum posts
105 photos


Not many replys but 375 people looking on, Plenty of interest

Gyrocopter06/06/2013 20:41:48
50 forum posts
10 photos

Hi Rich,

Hadn't realised it was bigger than an RPG but thats all for the good with regards orientation. Yes, there are lots of folk looking over your shoulder as you magic yet another autogyro. Looking forward to seeing it finished.


simon burch06/06/2013 21:07:13
754 forum posts
19 photos

Was tempted to build a Panther, but I think I prefer the challenge and look of the pusher models. Will it be swinging bigger blades than the RPG? Might have to wait for this one to come out to tempt me back into the autogyro's.



Richard Harris06/06/2013 21:20:28
2172 forum posts
2023 photos

Thanks chaps,

I really did think I was wasting my time taking photos.

A slow few days progress due to work commitments, the head is finished and I have started to make some spats which need to be final sanded.

Blades are looking like they may need to be a tad longer than Panthers but the same width and aerofoil. I will try Panthers when the time comes to crash test.




Plenty of clearance between motor and push rods, even with the right offset of the motor.




And a 'balance things in position' photo.



Richard Elliot06/06/2013 21:40:08
180 forum posts
118 photos

Looking really nice Rich, some ingenious ideas in this one...I just cant fathom how you keep coming up with new and unique shapes.

Have you thought of going for a fibreglass finishdevil......kidding!!!


Terry Whiting 107/06/2013 10:32:55
564 forum posts
359 photos

I really like what I see here, this is certainly a yes for me..................... Terry.

Edited By Terry Whiting 1 on 07/06/2013 10:33:16

Kevin Flynn 109/06/2013 18:07:48
55 forum posts
11 photos

Very nice Rich looks good, if only with my one good eye at the moment regards,


(PS Looks like this will be my first pusher, by the time it's ready for plans I hope to be able to see it with both eyes)

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