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E-Flite Inverza

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E-flite Inverza

Manufacturer: E-flite

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GrumpyGnome18/06/2013 07:42:16
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Just got an EFlite Inverza - flies really nicely and looks absolutely gorgeous. There were though, a couple of minor niggles, which surprised me for an EFlite product........ nothing serious

I added a review in the review section. Would be interested in other's experiences.


YakMad18/06/2013 08:47:48
518 forum posts

I picked up an Eflite Inverza late last week, have not managed to fly it yet as within 5 seconds the left aileron servo failed (hopefully have the replacement servo today). The wheels are so tight on the the axles they are even difficult to turn by hand, I think I will have to replace them. I also have the paint peeling problem and I have not even flown mine yet. I consider these to be a little more than minor problems as the servo and the wheels should have been caught by quality control as Eflite are supposed to be a premium brand.

GrumpyGnome18/06/2013 12:50:24
513 forum posts
145 photos

Best tell chapter and verse what my 'niggles' were ! Save people reading the review...

The moulding has a little 'flash' around the cowl and the wings are a VERY tight fit into the fuselage recesses - I was nervous about damaging something.

There are quite noticeable gap lines at the nose, and the white foam shows through.

The battery hatch is noticeable and white foam can be seen all around it.

Each wing is retained by a screw through plastic mouldings - one of the holes was in the wrong place. I substituted a self tapper for the machine screw (?) supplied

There was a noticeable amount of up trim that needed dialling out

The battery retention velcro came off the first time I took a battery out.

I've been thinking about the vfm whilst wandering around town in the sunshine and comparing it to my recently bought Durafly Spitfire (HobbyKing):

Inverza - £120 with four servos (which I thought were decent but maybe not!), decent ESC and decent brushless motor.

Spitfire - £112 with 6 servos, flaps, electric retracts, unlabelled ESC, powerful but unlabelled motor

Moulding quality - Spitfire wins by a large margin

Finish - Spitfire wins by a large margin

Durability - the Spitfire feels like it's more likely to survive any 'incidents' - hopefully a way off

Noise - Spitfire is whisper quiet and turbine smooth - Inversza is much noisier and rough sounding

Flying - they're both excellent fliers for their type. Within my limitations ! I can't do 3D for example but with the Inverza I can loop, roll, spin, flick, inverted - i.e. 'normal' aeros so please bear that in mind for any responses

Looks - I think both of them are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous

I did think they were minor niggles with the Inverza that I forgave as soon as there was air under it's wings but YakMad's sound more significant.



Edited By GrumpyGnome on 18/06/2013 12:52:33

YakMad19/06/2013 08:38:45
518 forum posts

The replacement servo arrived so hopefully I will get time to install it this evening. I had the same problem with the wings one was so tight I had to spend alot of time gently coaxing it in. The bottom joint on the cowl on mine is very rough looking and not closed tightly. Thanks for the heads up on the velcro will check that as well. I am thinking of modifing the spats and cutting a slot out of the top surface to allow a bigger wheel to be fitted as it looks like the spat retains the wheel in place. To be honest if this was a kit or ARTF these issues would not bother me as much but the fact that this is supposed to be ready to fly out of the box, which is what I paid for makes me slightly annoyed. I have to say that I have been dissapointed by the poor quality control of the last few Eflite models I have purchased, the most recent was a UMX Sbach with a duff servo which shut the RX/ESC down out of the box.

GrumpyGnome19/06/2013 14:20:23
513 forum posts
145 photos

It's adding more weight to my view that you don't always get what you pay for - my sentiments about the Mystique a few months ago......

You may not need to change the wheels - I fly mine off the local park that is mostly football fields - it gets mowed by the council semi-regularly only, so I just choose a piece that looks flattest and with shortest grass and use that. Take off is only a couple of metres, and even I can land this one so slowly that grass length is pretty irrelevant Touch n go's are a no-no though !

Shame you had issues with both this and the UMX Sbach - I have one of those too and that was/is fabulous. However, the batteries I bought from HobbyKing at half the price of a genuine e-flite one give much better performance. I would have been able to compare lifespan if I hadn't managed to pull one of the balancing wires off one of the cells

In case anyone thinks, I'm anti E-Flite, I'm not - I have a Mini Ultra Stik (love it), had a mini Funtana (loved it), got a UMX Sbach and mcpx (love it). Just surprised at quality for, as we all agree, a premium brand plane.


P.S. anyone know how I can move this thread out of FPV ? Do I need a mod ?

YakMad19/06/2013 15:02:41
518 forum posts

I may just swap out the wheels based on your expierence as our patch is cut every week, I think I have a similar set in my parts box . I am not anti Eflite either, I have a lot of their models (Eflite Stearman, Taylorcraft, UMX Beast which had the ailerons plugged into the opposite sockets out of the box) Blade 400, 120sr, MCPX and 130x). Looking on other forums we are not alone with problems with the Inversa as there appears to be alot of people having similar problems. I agree on the battery front, I changed the UMX type connector to JST so I could use other brands for half the price and greater capacity.

YakMad16/07/2013 08:44:28
518 forum posts

Finally got around to maidening the Inverza at the weekend, it does fly on rails as GG previously stated and wiil take off from our patch on the original wheels which really surprised me and I was even more surprised when it landed without a hint of nosing over on those same wheels. The only slight gripe I have is it does not appear that fast certainly nothing like the promotional video from Horizon Hobby which I thought was down to my batteries as they are only 25c rating, on the same day another club member turned up with another Inverza to maiden and he was using 45c disharge cells but he felt the same that its not as fast as he expected.

GrumpyGnome16/07/2013 16:33:51
513 forum posts
145 photos

Yeah, in the horizontal plane, opening the throttle increases noise far more than speed.......... seems to make more of a difference in the vertical plane. I suspect it's quite 'draggy'with that frontal area.

Still love it - 50+ flights on it now ......

Incidentally, I found a really good match for the purple paint that got chewed off my cowl - I'l write down the details when I get home, in case anyone needs it. I suspect I'll be searching for blue and lemon soon


GrumpyGnome17/07/2013 06:54:27
513 forum posts
145 photos

The purple paint is from the acrylic MODEL COLOR range -- Violeta Azul 70.811 Blue Violet. Good match to cover up the little bits of white foam that soon appear ......................


Gary Turner27/07/2013 13:07:07
50 forum posts
I bought an inverza last week to go with my edge540qq (still awaiting its replacement motor/rec)

I agree on the quality issues, the wings don't fit well, the wing retaining screw holes don't line up and the undercarriage fell off after a gentle landing!

It really does fly very well indeed though! I am no 3d hero but even I can do a whole circuit in knife-edge with ease and the roll rate is ridiculously fast!

Its a smoother yet sharper plane compared to the edge 540qq and it looks fantastic!
Bob Archbold13/08/2013 06:53:18
65 forum posts

Hi All

Another defect to report, the undercarriage 'module' on my inverza just ripped clean out of the fuselage upon a light as a feather landing and left two lovely puncture wounds in the wing as well as a gaping hole in the belly... close inspection revealed that only about a third of the plastic locator pod had been coated with adhesive..... beware of grass..... and Horizon Hobby quality control....

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