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Multiplex FunCub

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Martin Hickey26/06/2013 21:08:58
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I,m looking a getting the FunCuband wondering if the FunCub power set is any good or is it worth buying every thing separate and which glue would be best to use. Any surgestions would greatful.

Plummet26/06/2013 21:48:47
1408 forum posts
41 photos

Hello Martin,

Mrs Plummet and I have a couple of Fun Cubs.

The early ones had a plastic engine mount, but later ones have an aluminium one. You need to get a motor that matches the mount - that is, the holes in the motor match the holes in the mount.

The wires from the motor can be tricky to run. If the motor is an outrunner, that is that the outer case of the motor revolves with the prop, then it is important that the wires cannot touch the case. I found that - with some motors - the angle that the wires came out meant that this was tricky. I ended up replacing the plastic mount with a home made aluminium one which had the motor mounting screws at 45 degrees rotated from the original.

I know that some folk have fitted very powerful motors to their FunCubs. This might be good if you are using it to tow gliders.

We did not want too much power. I cannot remember exactly which motor I got, but it was the Steve Webb standard recommended one.

I recall that the "Book" reccommended motor set up is very powerful, but also very expensive.


Andrew76726/06/2013 21:53:20
809 forum posts
4 photos

Martin.....The multiplex set is expensive. Try the 4Max site (Link in shopping partners on the left) or take the component list and try Giant Shark. Either way would be much cheaper.


Ps....For glue,use a standard CA and kicker (accellerator)

Old Geezer26/06/2013 22:17:53
650 forum posts

If the wiring for an outrunner is tricky you might consider the "outrunner in a can" option that MVVS produce which should avoid the whirling metal,drum chewing up the power wires.

Frank Skilbeck26/06/2013 23:23:12
4543 forum posts
101 photos

The Multiplex power set will be pretty good and ideal for the model but it will be more expensive than if you shop the internet providers. I've got several Multiplex planes with their standard power trains and they all are well matched to the airframe and have been trouble free, they always seem to give you generous head room on the ESC.

If you are going to buy your own power train then note the specs of the Multiplex power train and if you use that as a basis for what you buy you won't go far wrong.

Olly P27/06/2013 09:59:03
3215 forum posts
181 photos

I have to admit to being tempted by a super-cub as I need a new hack/something to get my A Cert. I think I would be going down the airframe only and match multiplexs power system route...

Percy Verance27/06/2013 21:10:37
8108 forum posts
155 photos

I've used both the genuine Multiplex Power Set and a less expensive option in my FunCub. The Multiplex set-up definately feels "right" for the model, as you'd expect, but there's no reason why a cheaper option shouldn't do the job.

I also felt the motor wires would rub against the case if installed as Mpx suggest. I chose to scoop a little hollow out of the airscoop immediatly under the motor and route my wires into the radio bay via this. My wires now cannot possibly touch the case.

By the way, the flaps hardly seem worth the trouble imho. Save two servos and don't bother with them. I didn't glue my servos in either. I placed the fus servos in their respective mounts, then pushed a small length of 3/16 square balsa down onto the mounting lugs. A tiny drop of cyano holds the balsa in place, with no glue on the servo. In the wings, I used a length of childs iced lolly stick glued across the servos to keep them in the wing. Again, no glue near the servo. I used Multiplex Zacki to stick mine together, but normal Zap is also fine.

I got my cheaper motor/esc combo from BRC Hobbies, and the motor mounting holes did match those in the FunCub motor mount. Brc will advise if you go this route. Also 4 Max (aka Purple Power) have a suitable set up on offer.

Edited By Percy Verance on 27/06/2013 21:14:32

i12fly25/12/2013 22:33:16
586 forum posts
21 photos

Can you guys with FunCubs advise me, do they need calm conditions or will they cope with some wind, say 12-15mph?

Stephen Grigg25/12/2013 23:19:09
8691 forum posts
1128 photos

I flew my Fun Cub in windy conditions and it was good ,but I had a powerful motor

PaulH26/12/2013 06:35:06
108 forum posts
19 photos

We've two Fun Cubs in the family, both with Multiplex Power Sets, both bought 2010, both with aluminium motor mounts to solve initial vibration problems. They fly well in a stiff breeze, but not with the flaps down. With the right head wind you can get an almost stationary ground speed, which makes for fun landings. They really are most enjoyable models and definitely fun to fly.

Percy Verance26/12/2013 07:29:24
8108 forum posts
155 photos

I avoided the chewed wire problem by simply routing the wires down and in through the air intake below the motor. Mind numbmingly simple, but totally effective........ It just needs a small scoop sanding into the leading edge of the intake.

The plastic motor mount supplied in many of the early Funcub kits can be replaced with an alloy option available from Multiplex.


P.S. Ignore thist. I just spotted my earlier post.......

Edited By Percy Verance on 26/12/2013 07:31:19

Terry Walters26/12/2013 07:47:29
1829 forum posts
1068 photos

Still got mine 2 years on - u/c been off three times - front end twice - elevator horn came loose twice but got it back - flies in any weather - what can you say! Not difficult to fly and is genuinely for fun! Enjoy!


i12fly26/12/2013 21:30:12
586 forum posts
21 photos

Thanks for the advice, everyone. That clinches it , I'll get one!

Old Geezer26/12/2013 21:54:38
650 forum posts

Or a FunMan ????

Anyone had both - how do they compare ?

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator26/12/2013 22:12:08
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

I maidened one of these for a clubmate recently - I'd seen plenty but never flown one before. Its a remarkable model. Very stable, it will fly incredibly slowly - walking pace even! The flaps work really well and bring about no significant trim change which is good if this is your first model with flaps.

The model had the Multiplex power setup. Now this was very interesting. With this arrangement it will take off at half throtlle, fly quite happily (albeit very slowly) at quarter throttle. But if you open up to full throttle - well not a lot happens. It climbs, but not strongly and there is almost hardly noticeable increase in speed really!

So, a great model, fun to fly as the name suggests. Certainly great for the less experienced or for the experienced flier looking for a relaxing fun model. Fine with the set power system, but a rather truncated performance envelop? Then its hardly intended as a pylon racer!


Devcon127/12/2013 20:07:04
1394 forum posts
487 photos


You won't regret it. It's still one of my "always take to the strip" models, it's sublime in still conditions and will cope with a good blow as well.

Make sure you fit the flaps and give yourself the option of maximum deflection as this is where the Fun bit comes in. You will need to mix in some elevator with full flap to keep things simple.

With full flap (and height), zero throttle try pointing the nose down into a fairly steep dive where the model will reach Terminal Velocity (not very fast) then flare at the last minute for a Tundra type landing.

With rates low it's a great trainer, my son is learning on it as his first model.

I've got an Overlander S/C and Thumper motor powered by standard 2200 3S packs.

Have fun...



i12fly27/12/2013 20:24:26
586 forum posts
21 photos

Thanks John, I've ordered one from Inwood as the LMS doesn't stock them. I'll fit the ailerons, haven't decided on motor yet but will check out GS and HK to start with.

Edited By i12fly on 27/12/2013 20:25:05

Peter O'Brien26/07/2017 09:08:23
1 forum posts


I have a new Permax 680g power set which I was going to use on a Magister/Mentor build, both are now discontinued.

A bit obsolescent (680 brushed motor, 3:1 gearbox and 12x8 prop) with a M32 (32A) speed controller - could I successfully fit these to a Funcub or wold I be better off binning them?

Percy Verance26/07/2017 17:07:56
8108 forum posts
155 photos

Bin them Peter

Brushless motors - particularly the better quality items - are in another world compared to the old school stuff. Even £25 worth of Brushless motor will whip the hide of that old brushed set-up.......

As BEB points out, the Funcub is a remarkable model with some really pleasant handling characteristics. It's as tough as old boots too, which is handy for a beginner. 

Edited By Percy Verance on 26/07/2017 17:11:31

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