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The worst has happened for rc.

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bouncebounce crunch06/09/2013 04:23:46
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A very experienced modeler in the U.S killed by his own rc helicopter and to make it more horrific this was witnessed by his father.

I don't know the rules in the U.S, but i would not want blades that size swinging near my head.

Ade Eades (Eadsie)06/09/2013 06:35:30
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oh dear, thats terrible sad horrific for his dad too

Phil 906/09/2013 07:06:26
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Very sad news. The reports say the lad killed was only 19 years old.

he was also flying with a club in an area designated for RC flying. The US TV news reported it as a freak accident.

Ben B06/09/2013 07:14:25
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The whole thing is clearly a horrific accident. Footage on Youtube, however, does show that least on one occasion (IE that shown in the video) he was doing 3D tricks with a wacking great big helicopter (presumably with a very high head speed) much too close to himself.

Zooming out of the sky, landing at your feet and then taking one step forward and stopping the blades is impressive until it goes wrong with a helicopter of that size.

Now it may be that the accident had nothing to do with what was shown in the video (IE flying too close to himself) but realistically there should be very little chance of something like this happening.

At least some of the more sensible reports point out that this is only the second person to be killed in the states by an r/c helicopter (or "toy helicopter" as the Daily Wail insists on calling it).

Rest in peace fella, let's hope at the very least we can all be reminded of the dangers of these things, to not get too complaicent and that, if someone is flying dangerously, we do something about it for all our sakes. Amazingly at our club if you ask people not to fly over the pits you still occasionally get a tirade of abuse.....

Ade Eades (Eadsie)06/09/2013 08:08:39
108 forum posts
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It was a 700 size nitro heli, i try to fly a 450 size (when weather allows) but to be honest it scares me when it spools up, its SO powerfull and thats only a 450! i have been to a site in hampshire to learn / watch the guys in action with their heli's same size as the accident one, and wow very impressive but that makes me look the other way sometimes when the guys do 'TIC-TOC's' within 15 ft of themselves!......i have stood next to pilots in awe.....trying to overcome my fear and to an extent it has helped, but this has just brought it home just how dangerous these machines are....they are not toys.

My concern is complacency, some pilots are so very good indeed, they fly closer and closer to themselves, i don't think its a macho 'hey look how good i am' kinda thing, just because they are so adept at flying their machines the 'Caution' slips down the safety scale behind skill and pushing the boundaries of ability, that's when accidents happen. It's so sad and my thoughts are with his loved ones and family. safety FIRST ALWAYS.

sad Ade.

John Andrews 106/09/2013 08:17:16
3 forum posts

19 year old Roman Pirozek was killed while flying a remote-controlled model helicopter on Thursday.


Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator06/09/2013 09:27:12
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A very sad time for the young man's family. And a reminder to all of us that even the best, most accomplished, pilots can have things go wrong. A tragedy really.


Frank Skilbeck06/09/2013 10:21:35
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So soon after the similar accident in Switzerland too where the guy was flying a Gaui x7 by himself, was found by walkers.

Simon Chambers06/09/2013 12:46:59
789 forum posts
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Really sad.

He's one of his videos flying either the same, or a similar heli to the incident earlier this year:

Helis scare the living daylights out of me. I've seen a few go in and every time the safest option is to run for cover. The electric ones almost always cut when hitting the ground, but the nitro ones seem to get their throttle servos stuck and thrash around uncontrollably.
Devcon106/09/2013 13:08:17
1420 forum posts
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Such a sad event, the best we can do is learn from it and think what else we can do to mitigate the risks,

I've noticed from some overseas youtue clips that some clubs have a safety fence between the flightline and pilot positiion.

Both fixed wing and rotary craft carry an awfull lot of energy in flight with hellcopters carrying the potential to be particularily dangerous.

No knee jerk reactions but we really should look to see if further things can reasonably be done to maintain our (to my knowledge) good safety record.

Tony Bennett06/09/2013 13:15:26
5082 forum posts
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poor chap, what an awful thing to happen. in front of his father too.


but i have noticed that most helecopter flying is done very close to the pilot.

00106/09/2013 13:27:10
2212 forum posts
1 photos

I think that the title 'the worst has happened for rc' could be toned down or changed.

This was a very, very tragic and unfortunate incident, but it didn't happen at a public show or near buildings and only the operator was directly involved.

Without judging before all the facts are known, the manoeuvres seen in the video obviously put a lot of stress on all of the airframe and many movements are close to the operator......... And the device is often coming towards him at head height before suddenly changing direction. Take all those things together and it looks like it was a high risk operation.

Tony B-62206/09/2013 13:54:34
72 forum posts
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RIP fella. Looking at the video he obviously enjoyed flying models so at lest he died doing some thing he loved, not many can say that.


Tony Read 206/09/2013 13:59:55
965 forum posts
3 photos

I see the abuse has already started on Youtube. Its quite disgusting what some people post. It amazes me why people have to be so cruel.

RIP pilot. Condolences to your family.

FilmBuff06/09/2013 14:02:44
262 forum posts
28 photos

Yes - this is tragic - but let's not carried away.

The Project Manager's amongst us will know that risk is assessed on two dimensions - Impact (or effect) and Likelihood (of happening). Numerical values are given to each and then multiplied to give an indication of how the risk must be managed.

Clearly the Impact of getting hit by a large helicopter is high - you will be seriously injured or worse. But what is the realistic Likelihood of this occurring? Probably quite low. So the mitigation needs to be proportionate. Sensible separation and flying guidelines. I think safety fences is a bit extreme.

The Wright Stuff06/09/2013 16:52:23
1382 forum posts
226 photos

Sad news indeed.

Interesting that the report expressed surprise that he wasn't wearing a helmet. I'd never heard of any model fliers ever wearing helmets.

Simon Chambers06/09/2013 16:54:40
789 forum posts
42 photos
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 06/09/2013 16:52:23:

Sad news indeed.

Interesting that the report expressed surprise that he wasn't wearing a helmet. I'd never heard of any model fliers ever wearing helmets.

The pylon racer guys do I think.

However I doubt a helmet would protect you much if the blades struck you in the arm and/or chest.


The Wright Stuff06/09/2013 16:57:42
1382 forum posts
226 photos

Come to think of it, the control line guys do as well...

Ultymate06/09/2013 17:05:25
1703 forum posts
62 photos

Helmets are obligatory for pitting C/L team racers, still don't save your digits though

WolstonFlyer06/09/2013 18:23:34
2104 forum posts
189 photos
I just saw this via a link on Twitter and then saw this thread on here, it is very sad. RIP.

My electric 450 size scares me rather a lot, a 700 size nitro heli is a very big machine.

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