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My First and hopefully Last experience of been Burgled!

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scott finnie06/10/2013 06:34:30
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Yes as the title suggest tonight wasnt pleasant and now im sitting at home shaken up and now living in fear, at 235am i was working away on a little free flight model as my fiancee slept in our bedroom of our new apartment, when there was a knock on my livingroom door! yes thats correct not my main door but the livingroom, i sprung to my feet knowing something was not right and quickly opened it, standing in front of me was 2 men, well dressed , fancy jeans , polished shoes, shirt and ties! Maybe lost on way home but wait!!!! im 3 floors up, secure entry, cctv, and locked front door, my front door hinge mechanism partly pulled away, i held onto the guy in front of me while i shouted to my fiancee to lock the bedroom door with the dog and not to open it, i then said politely this isnt you're home and you must leave now in a firm but pleasant manner, please bear in mind im only 26 and these men where atleast in there 30s so was feeling like a mouse, i then forced both out into the hall where i managed to trip the first guy up, i grabbed my front door and managed to shut it, they then ran off, police have been and have said it was actually 2 men from one of my new neighbours flat, shes a lawyer! they havent managed to get them yet but ths neighbour, she seems to find it all a big joke, saying to calm down, im hoping the police can find these culprits since only 25 minutes after the police left one of them came back and started kicking the door , i warned him that a more physical type of force would be used if he gets through and then he ran off shouting he will be back , luckily i have managed to secure our lovely wee home again, we moved here since its a very sought after area in Edinburgh and very quiet! Such ashame that one neighbour has put so much fear into us now, to say im a man at this moment would be a lie, i feel very small like a mouse, thought i'd come on here and let out, the home away from home i call, thanks

Scott & Lorna & Max (cocker spaniel)

David Davis06/10/2013 06:54:03
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Chin up Scott! You did well to force them out and at least the police seem to know the culprits.

How did they manage to get through the front door?

scott finnie06/10/2013 07:09:34
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Hi David , they had used a chisel to slowly wedge the lock open, so much for new solid wooden doors! I heard some movement but thought it was Max moving around, the main door in the apartment is pretty far from the livingroom, the bedrooms are first, luckily they didnt go into the first one since thats where my fiancee was sleeping, she said she thought it was max rolling around, saying that she sleeps through anything , hopefully a good sleep during the day later, Lorna has work in 30 minutes so once she is away safely i'll hit our bed, i thought you only read about this in papers,


David Ashby - Moderator06/10/2013 07:21:18
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At least you're all safe Scott, that's the main thing. That must have been quite a shock.

I'm sure you know what to do going forward but also sure the police can provide good advice too so make sure you use them. It's the sort of thing that most folks go a whole lifetime without having to face so you've just been very unlucky on this occasion but the important thing is to not to let it affect what you do and how you live in the longer term.

nigel george06/10/2013 07:35:33
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sorry to hear this news Scott,,ask the police for a CAD number, if and when you quote it weather it be 999 or main switch board they will come a running,,also you could sue your neighbors for all kind of things,i will let your legal eagle if you have one,,and i would,,,,lets hope they catch them and the are in the same job as your neighbor,,,,them they can be told by the advocate what distress they have caused you both,,and don't get the flob off by the police,,when they get the Scott pursue them with the law to the fullest weight,,,

scott finnie06/10/2013 08:04:39
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Thank you all so far, still up and after a short dog walk noticed that theres two strange cars (new) outside, with some Solicitors papers in both, ive taken photos and now come to believe that these cars are the culprits cars, , still devastated, fiancee away to work now and is safely there, the house feels tarnished now though, not new anymore, and not my own, will be getting locksmith out tomorrow and beef the place up a bit more , thanks again


Ernie06/10/2013 08:27:15
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I'd have a good long walk on Arthurs Seat....It cures many Auld Reekie problems


john melia 106/10/2013 08:28:30
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You did well scott , in a situation like that things could esculate rapidly , these two muppets sound as though they were out for a laugh rather than to actual do any burgulary ,

Its not so easy in the heat of the moment trying to figure out what to do , ..... me ... I would have the preverbial baseball bat close at hand , just in case , with the idea of using reasonable force if they decide to return wink

David Davis06/10/2013 09:11:16
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Scott, I've just fitted a five lever Chubb mortice lock to my front door because the old one, not a Chubb, had worn out after over 20 years service. Both it and the striker plate are very substantial pieces of ironmongery. To break into my house now you'd have to wreck the door.

Just an idea.

BTW, have I understood this correctly, do you believe that the men who broke into your house at 02.35 were lawyers? Seems very strange behaviour for lawyers even if they were drunk.

scott finnie06/10/2013 09:24:06
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Hi David Yes, the smell of drugs after our neighbours partys is shocking, i have carefully worded an email to her and there employer and will be arranging a meeting this week to show cctv and recordings of there antics, im going to my local councilor too on monday morning, disgusted with there attitude, she likes to pick on me since she seems to think im different because i carry aircraft down to our field, laughs and takes photos, hopefully i will have the last laugh




Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 06/10/2013 17:18:09

Mowerman06/10/2013 09:30:30
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A letter to the law society seems to be on order.

ben goodfellow 106/10/2013 09:33:50
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law or no law go and get your self an aluminium base ball bat. you have a god given right to defend you and yours

Edited By ben goodfellow 1 on 06/10/2013 09:35:17

IanR06/10/2013 09:34:03
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It all sounds very weird to me - lawyers, neighbour telling you to calm down after someone has just broken into your home and had a fight with you in the hallway.

Keep us posted, Scottie, and let us know who these dick heads are when you find out from the police. It would seem that the police already know of them.

In the meantime, do not feel small like a mouse. You protected your home and loved one in terrifying circumstances and are probably suffering from shock at this moment in time. I've been imagining myself in your situation and I just don't know how I would have coped. It seems to me that you are indeed a real man. Don't feel bad about yourself, Scottie, quite the opposite.

Best wishes, Ian.

Josip Vrandecic -Mes06/10/2013 09:35:07
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Dear Scott ,Lorna ,Max , I'm sorry to hear that....what a nightmare...everyday we learn something about the bad people.....I wish you safety , health and happiness.



IanR06/10/2013 09:39:47
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Crossed post. So you, and the police presumably, do know who they are. Surely the police will be taking some action. They broke into your house.


John Privett06/10/2013 09:42:22
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Scott, this all sounds very wierd. I don't think I'd have quoted the company name here, though I can understand why you did it... Let the police sort it out properly - and I doubt, if these people are solicitors, that a criminal record will do much for their future (lack of) careers.

Phil 906/10/2013 09:53:23
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Posted by John Privett on 06/10/2013 09:42:22:

. I don't think I'd have quoted the company name here,

Why not name and shame them in every medium you can find that's what I say

IanR06/10/2013 10:15:36
777 forum posts
4 photos

Phil 9



John Privett06/10/2013 10:31:34
5996 forum posts
239 photos

Regardless of the rights and wrongs, I'd personally rather not be on the wrong end of a libel action brought against me by a law-firm... Scott has described a specific company in a very derogatory way. Unless he has absolute proof of that allegation then I'd say he's skating on very thin ice. He may well be right, but he has to be able to prove it. I wish him luck.

Bearair06/10/2013 10:49:07
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The mouse that ROARED!

Fair play to you Scott, ive worked the door for years and your actions seam to me to of been exceptionally brave, calm and considered. I cannot think of a better way to of handled it, ive seen lots of so called hard nuts who panic in such situations, especally when you were not expecting it.

As others have advised pursue this through the police fully. Unfortunatley "hooray henries" up to "jolly japes" like this cause much more trouble than people imagine, they invarably think it is funny and just high spirts.I imagine they will give the excuse they were drunk and simply went to the wrong door. In my experience they will think you at fault for overreacting and calling the police! I had a situation where 2 guys tried breaking into one of my female staffs car "in order to pinch the distributer cap" they told me and the police they were both quantity surveyers and it was obvious they didnt intend to steal such a old car! Such jolly good fun!

Hope you can chill out and relax today,

Best wishes and again fair play to you for the actions you took.


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