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96 quid gloves

Say whaaaaa...!

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Lima Hotel Foxtrot17/10/2013 16:37:38
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The gloves featured in the current small ads look super-lush, but I don't think I can justify £96 per pair.

Any thoughts on alternatives...?

Waterproof, warm, breathable, non-slip, thin enough to give good stick sensitivity and not catch on TX switches.

Former Member17/10/2013 19:19:44

[This posting has been removed]

John F17/10/2013 20:12:43
1316 forum posts
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Do you have any links please? I cannot see the advert anywhere

John Privett17/10/2013 20:13:12
6045 forum posts
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Not just me then!

WolstonFlyer17/10/2013 20:44:07
2104 forum posts
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The ad is in the latest issue of the magazine, page 109, top left.


Edited By WolstonFlyer on 17/10/2013 20:44:35

John F17/10/2013 21:00:02
1316 forum posts
51 photos

Ah! Now I understand.

I wish I hadn't looked now!  I don't like being fed BS and this advert feeds me lots!  I don't know how they have the nerve to ask for so much money!

The advert is very . . . . overly descriptive and the rest of their website isn't much better.  

Violoft is not comparable to wool but rather cotton, Ron Hill use the fabric a lot in their gear.

Cape leather is, indeed, used in aircrew gloves but there's TONS of it around rather than the bespoke quantities that is indicated.  You can buy cape leather goods from  . . .well. . . .anywhere!  

I cannot see them being any better than a decent pair of Thinsulate leather gloves which does everything that they claim theirs do, as well as being water repellent, and is £80 cheaper!!


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Bob Cotsford18/10/2013 10:02:58
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A lot of people seem to use anglers gloves with the fold back fingertips. Keep an eye on Aldi/Lidl for those

will -018/10/2013 10:33:53
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Wot bob said.

They#re basically neoprene. but have the thumb and for finger tips expsosable (for tying nots in fishing line and other fiddly things). This means that you can feel the end of the stick with your actual hand without freezing the rest of it and crucially they'r much more windproof than woolies.

They're also quite grippy, but possibly not that fuel proof.

Ron Harrison18/10/2013 13:10:24
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Do a search on eBay.

Got mine for £7.50.

Could always buy a pair of Fishermans Gloves, as suggested. I have a pair from Aldi. Not sure if they are still have stocks though!

Fingerless Gloves are fine, just soak them in Fabsil to fuelproof them.


Kevin Fairgrieve19/10/2013 16:34:12
1668 forum posts
2979 photos

I use these.




Sorry could not post the link before now as you would all probably have outbid me.wink


Now got another pair at a good price.



Edited By Kevin Fairgrieve on 19/10/2013 16:34:47

WolstonFlyer19/10/2013 16:42:34
2104 forum posts
189 photos

I have been thinking about a pair of these Dickies lined leather gloves

john melia 120/10/2013 10:14:41
1770 forum posts
24 photos

would these **LINK** be any good

Warm hands - rcgloves.com22/10/2013 20:23:08
16 forum posts

Could I just present a couple of objective facts re these gloves, facts that were possibly not known earlier in this thread. Cape leather has now become a generic term to describe the finest leather used to make quality items, but within that category there are finer and coarser grades of leather...for example....cape leather polo gloves retail at about £70 but are much tougher leather and made to withstand a rough life gripping a polo mallet and reins, and a cape leather sofa would be made from leather far too thick for gloves.

With the advent of touch screen technology, NATO pilots needed a thinner cape leather outer glove than previously required as greater tactility was required Our gloves at are made from the finest of the fine cape leather and are bespoke ordered. It is true that there is loads of cape leather about, but it is not all of this fine grade.

Violoft does indeed feel like cotton, it is the flat fibres in the fabric which give it the soft 'cotton like feel' and help trap pockets warm air when combined with the round fibres. That is the whole idea of using this fabric for the inner glove, but the message is that violoft gloves are like having wool gloves on only they are thinner, warmer and softer.

I admit that I have added a very modest mark up on the gloves, but, the advert and website are not feeding you BS. I could understand someone feeling that way if they had thought that cape leather was a uniform single grade of leather and I hope this does not provoke an argument and I am not trying to be confrontational, just possibly clearing up a misunderstanding.

I can understand that some people could be outraged at the price, and would never buy any of our gloves and that is their right and choice of course.

There are plenty of cape leather gloves on the market, but don't assume that they are made from the absolute finest cape leather, for example the below link is an example of some gloves which don't have pique stitched seams and are very fine gloves, no doubt, but may not afford the tactility that we require for rc use.

I hope this gives an objective overview, sorry it's so long, but I couldn't get all this onto a couple of lines.

Kevin Johnson at


john melia 122/10/2013 21:31:20
1770 forum posts
24 photos

well count me out , i couldn't justify £96 for a pair of gloves to fly my models , i've just bought an rc glove and its brilliant , even better with a thin pair of cheap gloves on as well

Martin McIntosh22/10/2013 22:18:50
3412 forum posts
1202 photos

Well, I suffer from extreme Raynaulds disease and quite honestly anything which could help would be a boon. Even grasping a car steering wheel in the summer will bring on an attack which will last for an hour. The only quick solution is to put my hands in warm water. Flying in the winter is almost out of the question so I have splashed out on a pair. 96 pounds is a lot of money but I would try anything. They do indeed give a good stick feel. My only grievance is that the inners are separate.

Warm hands - rcgloves.com22/10/2013 23:06:24
16 forum posts

Re the inner gloves being separate, we were offered the option of the inner being attached to the glove but having it separate means that it fits around your fingers and hands independently of the creases where the leather bends and therefore offers better insulation. secondly, you can manually straighten the inner gloves if they become twisted.

john melia 122/11/2013 08:18:16
1770 forum posts
24 photos

well it looks like these are falling in price quite rapidly , even though the guy explains they are demo/exhibition pairs !!


Andy Green22/11/2013 08:47:10
2279 forum posts
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2 articles

I would buy a pair, but I'd need to try a pair on for size. Same reason I don't but foot ware over the internet. Too much hassle if they don't fit.

I have found that its not as simple as 'buying your size'

Do you plan on doing any shows.


Martyn Johnston22/11/2013 09:21:55
811 forum posts
249 photos

I use a pair of thin cotton inner-gloves (from any motorbike shop) and a big thick pair of woolly, Thinsulate-lined, fingerless gloves over the top; works perfectly for me.

Matt Jones22/11/2013 09:54:59
1186 forum posts
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Seriously? £96 for a pair of gloves? Are you mad?

Snake oil.

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