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Clean Sweep 36

Say hello to the little sister!

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Tim Hooper24/11/2013 20:54:26
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

Just taking a short break from the current Quad project to get this out of my system!

I've been overwhelmed by the response the 48 and 60 inch Sweeps have garnered, so it makes sense to cover another base by drawing up a smaller, 36" version.

In finest Hawesian tradition, we're plumping for a flat plate wing from 1/4" sheet, with a simple fuselage. No planking.......



Richard Harris24/11/2013 21:21:40
2146 forum posts
1997 photos

You have my attention Mr Hooper!! I have been waiting for this wink 2


FastFlyer Smyth24/11/2013 21:34:12
309 forum posts
12 photos

And mine.....

Gavin Livsey24/11/2013 21:39:35
113 forum posts

Ooh yes.

David Ashby - Moderator25/11/2013 13:17:41
10987 forum posts
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614 articles

That'll be sweet Tim thumbs up

Jon Laughton25/11/2013 13:20:48
1209 forum posts
72 photos

Daft question Tim - how about one larger than 60"? (For IC......perhaps 72"?)

Tim Hooper25/11/2013 21:41:23
2890 forum posts
2406 photos
Posted by Jon Laughton on 25/11/2013 13:20:48:

Daft question Tim - how about one larger than 60"? (For IC......perhaps 72"?)

Not daft at all Jon! wink 2 A bigger version isn't on my radar at the moment, but it wouldn't be a major task to enlarge the 60" plan by 20% at a repro printers, would it? I'd guess that an 8S electric set-up would do the trick, or maybe one of those little 15cc petrol engines that have come on the market recently.......

The news here is that the plans have been finalised, so the next stage is to start cutting balsa. Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've had a root around in the Gubbins Drawer and found all the pictured hardware.


There's three potential cells packs - all 3S - 1300, 1800 and 2200. A little Turnigy 1400kv outrunner and 25A ESC. A Spekky 600 rx and four diddly servos, A 40mm spinner and 7x5 prop. What more could I need?

Just a quick check on the fit of the motor and largest cell pack looks promising too!


Tim Hooper26/11/2013 21:35:07
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

So the scalpel came out this evening. First job was to assemble the main fuselage formers from 1/8 strip. Rather than mess about making tracings over the plan, it seemed simpler to transfer the measurements onto a piece of graph paper and then make both formers as one unit - to be seperated afterwards.


After that it was a simple matter to cut out the main parts of the airframe from 1/4" and 1/8" sheet.


Adrian Day27/11/2013 00:13:40
351 forum posts
101 photos

You have my attention Tim as always your only on day 3 and looking promising for another finish line..

keep up the great work and will be watching how it comes together

Tim Hooper27/11/2013 21:29:40
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

Thanks Adrian - nice to see you back! smile d


I got the wing components glued together with aliphatic last night, so this evening I've been able to mark them up for planing and sanding. Enter David plane and Permagrit block.....


20 minutes later, and we have a rough sanded aerofoil.


Back to the fuselage, and the sides have been pinned to the board whilst the longerons are fitted. F2 and F3 followed suit.

(Incidentally, the drawing you see beneath the rear of the sides is the tracing for the rudder of the 1/4 scale Quadruplane, which gives an indication of the comparitive sizes of these two models).


The final one for tonight shows the fin framework, flanked on either side by its 1/16 skins. Note the snake for the elevator which, hopefully, is going to live within.


Right-oh, time for a beer!


Edited By Tim Hooper on 27/11/2013 21:31:15

Adrian Day28/11/2013 21:34:02
351 forum posts
101 photos

thank you Tim great being back, your working well i see ... wont be long before your flying this one on its test flight ...keep up the great work ..

Tim Hooper28/11/2013 21:43:14
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

I'll do my best, Adrian!

I joined the fuselage sides together, inverted, over a drawn line. I left the front ends hanging over the edge so I could fit F1 - it stands proud of the top of the sides. This was followed by the 1/8 ply UC plate.


Right-sides up again, and the tail ends of the fus were drawn together on either side of the fin. I've trial fitted the elevator snake.



Stephen Jones28/11/2013 22:23:38
2805 forum posts
1614 photos

Hi Tim ,

I too will be watching this one , it looks like we will soon be seeing another quick build fly out of the stable .

I was thinking of doing this one in Depron at the same size you are currently doing but without wheels .

So i will have my Eye on you Tim wink 2 .

Tim Hooper29/11/2013 21:50:12
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

HI Steve,

Depron sounds interesting. Will you use carbon spars?

I've spent some time this evening working out the radio installation. Starting with the exit guides for the rudder cables, then I added a tray for the receiver and tail servos.

The aileron servos will live in the fuselage sides. Simple, huh?

From above.


From below. I'll fit a removable hatch later.


Stephen Jones29/11/2013 23:15:35
2805 forum posts
1614 photos

Hi Tim ,

Yes Carbon wing spars , with 1mm Depron top and bottom wing skin to give a semi symmetrical wing and the rear wing made from 5mm sheet Depron and the fuzz and Fin made pretty much like you have done , only mine will be all in Depron .

Could be interesting to see how they differ in weight and performance .

Tim Hooper02/12/2013 21:28:10
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

Sounds good, Stephen. How will you reinforce the fin to take the flight loads of the tailplane?

More progress this evening,....

Levelling the top of the fin so it's parallel with the top of the fuselage keeps the tailplane at 0° incidence.


The wing tips start out as a simple tip-plate, braced with a length of triangular strip below.


Sanded down, and with the front corner radiussed.


I then turned my attention to the fuselage, and fitted the upper sub-formers followed by the 1/2" top deckings.



Martin Roberts03/12/2013 01:16:26
87 forum posts

Hi Tim, just taking the day of for my birthday - life's hard some times...

I just found this build - looking good, at the moment I have to much to do and no time to build, but this would be a nice little project when I finish the back fence/the deck/the laundry/the wife's car/my car/my son's car/the other son's car, oh yes and the full time job at work LOL... keep up the good photo's

Marty down under

Tim Hooper03/12/2013 21:32:12
2890 forum posts
2406 photos

Thanks Martin - let's just hope the Sweep is worth waiting for, eh? wink 2

Back to it........

Even though the upper fuselage sides can't be fitted until the wing is installed, it struck me as sensible to at least get them to a rough sort of shape before hand.

They're cut from soft-ish 3/16 sheet as they need to twist slightly as they're installed. I've chamferred to bottom edges to match the top of the existing structure.



Once removed I was able to thread the wing into place below the top.front block......


......and then glue permanently in place. I used aliphatic glue, and lots of weights to hold it all firm overnight.


Jack Banner03/12/2013 23:01:33
332 forum posts
43 photos

I am enjoying watching this come together. Keep up the good work!

Stephen Jones04/12/2013 00:40:11
2805 forum posts
1614 photos
Posted by Tim Hooper on 02/12/2013 21:28:10:

Sounds good, Stephen. How will you reinforce the fin to take the flight loads of the tail plane ?

Hi Tim ,

I haven't got time at the moment to start on this as i said earlier .

This is one i was going to do at this size but only in Depron.

But that Fin is not that big to cause a problem , but i would sandwich Depron over carbon or dowel and form a symmetrical airfoil shape but i would not be using a rudder .

If you place a flat sheet 1/16 balsa over the edge of the table you will find it easy to bend and twist but if you induce a curve to it you will find it becomes a lot stiffer . The same applies to Depron .


The same as a tube is stronger than a box section .



I must say , i do admire your builds , you're attention to detail and construction are impeccable .


Keep up the good work , and i will keep my eye on this , i am sure it will be a nice rocket ship .thumbs up


Good Luck Steve,




Edited By Stephen Jones on 04/12/2013 00:42:07

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