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FMS-Flying Model Simulator

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Daniel Seabrook16/02/2007 11:42:00
10 forum posts
For those of you looking for something ot have some fun with then I thoroughly recommend FMS. It's available to download from
and the best thing is it's totally FREE!

This simulator has fairly decent graphics and a good range of models (if you want more then there are plenty of free downloads on the web, just Google 'FMS Dowmloads and you'll find addon models, scenery etc.) and plenty of other features including:
-support for transmitter control (if you have a connection lead)
-programmable thermals for glider flying
-simulated hand and bungee launches
-collision detection with objects such as trees
-switchable cameras between pilot and chase views
-and more.
I'm currently using the V2.0 Beta 7 version and have great fun with it so go ahead and try it!
Daniel Seabrook16/02/2007 12:02:00
10 forum posts
Just to expand on my last post. If you want to download extra models for FMS then the largest collection is probably this one.
Have fun!
Antony Wright16/02/2007 13:58:00
223 forum posts
5 photos
Im using FMS at moment to learn the basics while waiting for my local club to start teaching me to fly. FMS has a couple of good trainers for new to the hobby. I have both a thunder tiger and a Wot trainer so not bad at all especially if used with a tranny.
Nick Burroughs21/02/2007 17:09:00
83 forum posts
I have a copy of fms but it will not run from the serial port in Windows XP. Is there a software patch for this?
Stephen Harrison21/02/2007 19:24:00
44 forum posts
2 photos
it will work in a serial port but you must change the settings of the printer port. this change allows you to send information into it rather than send from it. it is done by going into the control panel and changing the options on the port settings. if this doesn't work e-mail me and i can send you more help or the 'PP JOY' driver for the lead.

Great sim but now play with areofly Pro deuluxe. RC-sim. free to join and get thousands for every sim ever. even a lancaster! FAB.
Toni Reynaud26/02/2007 11:25:00
423 forum posts
58 photos
There is a link on the FMS website to a page which shows how to link to the mic or line input to the PC, and this is a really cheap and simple interface, so I decided to have a go at it. The site has details for several makes and models of Tx, and told me that I needed a 3.5 mm jack to connect to the PC, and a plug to connect to the Tx trainer lead socket. I remembered an old (25 years!) 4-channel Futaba Tx which was laying around in the attic. I got it and checked it over, but it had no buddy-box socket. I took the back off and peered around inside, and found that the control section of the circuit board was completely separate from the RF section, connected by a plug and socket. I disconnected the two parts of the circuit board, got a battery and wired it in, and when I switched the Tx on I got a battery indication on the meter. First step OK. Next I fired up the laptop and started the Winscope oscilloscope and using the previously made interface lead, located the control output on the circuit board all pulses present and correct and responding to the stick inputs. The next step was to solder the interface lead directly to the circuit board and connect the battery in a more permanent fashion, then try the Tx with the sim. All worked as advertised, so I now have a working 4-channel portable flight sim! it's brilliant fun, and I find it useful for practicing circuits and bumps and inverted flying.
As a footnote, I must state that I have been in electronics all my working life, so I found the fiddling with wires, plugs and circuit boards fairly easy. I do not recommend anyone else to take this route unless they feel fairly competent to do so.
FMS Homepage:
SmartPropo Plus (Interface cable) site:
One of the sites to download planes for FMS:
Software and instructions for creating your own planes:
John Sheehy09/10/2007 03:19:00
204 forum posts
If you buy planemaster RC simulator for about £19 you get a transmitter with it.  This plugs into your USB port and works with all simulators.  Worth it for the transmitter alone.  I had a cable and used my futaba transmitter but I could only use it until the battery ran down, then I had to stop and recharge. with the planemaster transmitter you can fly all day.
GrumpyGnome09/10/2007 07:14:00
528 forum posts
145 photos

I actually use the controller that came with Planemaster.  FMS thinks it's a joystick in the setup section - works perfectly.  I don't have an actual joystick plugged in whilst I use the 'tranny'.


Vic Driver05/02/2008 18:06:00
17 forum posts

I use gamebird transmitter that came with easyfly sim,but I have just upgraded my computer and now it is so sensative that it is virtually unflyable,can any tell me how to desensitise it? it was perfectly ok on the old computer,I just wonder if there is a setting I can change.any help apreciated.

Nick Burroughs05/02/2008 19:56:00
83 forum posts
Thanks for that
Eric Bray05/02/2008 23:25:00
6600 forum posts
2 photos
Realitycraft also 'do' a dummy tx that plugs into a usb, the graphics are better than fms, and the models look pretty decent, for £20. Unfortunately there are no heli's on the basic disk, but there are on the new one, the disk alone costs £45 though
Toni Reynaud06/02/2008 11:47:00
423 forum posts
58 photos

"I use gamebird transmitter that came with easyfly sim,but I have just upgraded my computer and now it is so sensative that it is virtually unflyable,can any tell me how to desensitise it? it was perfectly ok on the old computer,I just wonder if there is a setting I can change.any help apreciated."

Hi Vic, try calibrating the Tx.

Click on Controls, Analogue controls, highlight Joystick, then click on Mapping / Calibration. In the LHS side of the window, check that the correct sticks move the desired controls, then click on Calibrate and follow the instructions.


Vic Driver06/02/2008 14:08:00
17 forum posts

Hi toni,already done all that and tried changing the port,but it's still unusable,just resting your thumb on the stick has the model going wild and you just can't hold it.but thanks anyway.

the thing is it was running perfectly for the four years before on the old computer ,until the upgrade.


John Sheehy07/02/2008 16:17:00
204 forum posts

Hi Vic, 

You could try Mo'slo, it's a program that slows down your processor for specific programs.  I haven't used it as I have no need for it, but with your problem that's what I would try.

You can get a trial version at:

john powles28/03/2008 17:02:00
98 forum posts
Hi.I just tried to down load the sim -a non runner it totaly refused to download any thing .Is it operated by our goverment  or one of  their sub-sub-standed contractors.
John Cole29/03/2008 13:09:00
615 forum posts
24 photos

You could try downloading from this site instead (there have been some snags with the first-mentioned site):

I prefer version 2.8 as this allows you set wind and gusts.

Most of the available models use the simplified flight-dynamics used in version 2.7.  The model characteristics are detailed in the .par file.  If a .par file is about 2k in size it's a version 2.7 .par file.  Version 2.8 .par files are about 12k to 18k in size.  2.7 models fly (with 2.7-level aerodynamics) on version 2.8 but not v.v.  If you look on the FMS forums you'll find free downloadable editors for both versions of .par files (and also the .x files which describe the model's dimensions and collision points).  Editing these can make the model fly MUCH more realistically than as supplied.  A good site for add-ons is:

I initially used a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick plugged to the USB port.  I've recently got a Futaba square-plugged trainer port USB adaptor (from a Chinese Ebay seller called dayxmas; cost about £4 including postage from Hong Kong) so I can use my 6AX Tx.  This is better (you have trims!) but I think the ordinary joystick is perfectly OK to start with.

john powles29/03/2008 15:40:00
98 forum posts
John. I have had another attempt at downloading as you instructed & it seems that it has worked this time X fingers -you never can tell with this vista operating program wether it will accept it or not.thanks anyway. John.
John Cole29/03/2008 15:51:00
615 forum posts
24 photos

If you have any problems making it work properly then you'll find lots of tips on the Forum.

I know there have been some Vista issues but I'm on XP SP2 so can't likely help.

You don't say which version you downloaded; there are more models included on V2.7 than 2.8.

One small tip for 2.8 models: if you initialise an IC model with the throttle closed, you can't start it by opening the throttle!  Just like a real one, you need to have the throttle set to tickover or above when you load or initialise.  If you cut the engine it won't restart.  Unless it's electric, of course!

john powles29/03/2008 17:21:00
98 forum posts
Hi JOHN. just to let you know I have tried to get it up & running -its refusing to do anything all I get is d3dll is not loaded ?? what ever that is John.
John Cole29/03/2008 18:41:00
615 forum posts
24 photos

If you mean that the message is "d3drm.dll is not loaded" then this is listed as a Vista problem on the website I mentioned: the FMS Forum.  You'll find it currently as the third message under Errors and Problems - Windows Version.

I guess from the reply in the Forum that this file is not present in Vista.  It is in XP.  The guy who wrote simply found a copy and popped it into windows\system32 - whiich is where my copy is.

If you don't know how to find such a file just post your real Email address and I'll send you a copy of mine.

Looks as if there may be different problems with 2.7 and 2.8.  so maybe try both (uninstalling one before you install the other!).

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