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Futaba 2.4 Ghz Radio

Spectrum have competition

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Stephen Harrison24/02/2007 08:50:00
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At my local model shop rumours were going round thet futaba was producing their version of the spectrum, a dedicated 2.4ghz radio. I thought that I might check this out so I went onto futabas site www.futaba-rc.comand to my amasement there it was. Over in the states it is curently $219.99 (approx 112). the radio is the futaba 6EX 2.4 Ghz with only six model memory. this price is only for a transmitter and receiver. from their site I have seen the spec for it and i looks pretty good and a bit chearper (note import charges e.t.c need to be added) but should be cheaper than the spectrum.

Peter Wood24/02/2007 11:38:00
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I have just received an e-mail from RCUniverse announcing that Spectrum have launched 2.4GHz RF modules for existing Futaba and JR transmitters. That means you should be able to upgrade your existing 35MHz Tx to 2.4GHz. However price looks very high circa $299 and demand will be high. It is also expected that Rx's will be in short supply.
Follow this link for JR modules
Peter Wood24/02/2007 11:42:00
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Just read some more of the thread and it seems that the module is comboed with a Rx.
Here is the link to the RCUniverse forum
David Ashby - Moderator26/02/2007 17:40:00
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Ripmax should have it in the UK in the next month or so, price awaited.
Obzi28/02/2007 10:33:00
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$219 for the yanks?

So that'll be 220 for us then.

Come on Futaba, make it a fair price for us brits for a change.
Bladerunner28/02/2007 10:41:00
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I think it's wise to wait for the mainstream manufacturer product offerings. So I was pleased to see Futaba advertising their 6 channel 2.4G system. Having said that, the Spektrum module system for Futaba, JR and Hitec is going to seriously hurt the others. They have now single handedly wrapped up the market with almost zero resistance from the "big boys". My respect for the folks at Horizon Hobby is growing by the day and that shift in product loyalty is why the others should be losing sleep. All the rest are on a back foot now and I may never buy Futaba again...
arthur bishop02/03/2007 17:13:00
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Hi y'all! well it sounds good to me,about time we had a 'shot in the arm'think of more quibbling over the peg board..yet,apart from price,which is a tad steep for many,what will be other considerations? anyway, its a start,so good oh,lets the way whose turn is it for the tea?
John MacDonald02/03/2007 23:50:00
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Obzi, the price is not necessaeily due to Futaba policy,(although of course all business is based on "what the market will stand")but also on customs duty, VAT etc,Vat being the real problem since applied every time the goods change hands between importer,agent,wholesaler and retailer....And you. Japan is classed as a "favoured trading partner" by U.S.A. so import duties are low there.
Of course, at the price for a conversion module, it's cheaper just to buy new!
Tim Mackey03/03/2007 15:36:00
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It is worth noting that the module system that spektrum have announced /released for the JR and Fut sets DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE BELLS of a DX7 set. In particular, 2 omissions are MODEL MATCHand SERVO SYNC
Now I for one think this is a pretty big part of the spekky system, especially model match which absolutely prevents one from switching on and flying the wrong model. The modules will NOT have this !!
Essjay03/03/2007 19:53:00
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I was going to stump up for a new module for my JR 9X, but I reckon these modules are only a stop-gap before they bring out a full blown 9 channel Spektrum set (DX9?).
As I already have a DX7 I think I'll wait.
Bladerunner03/03/2007 20:30:00
129 forum posts
Bells and whistles are fine, but I prefer the flexibility that modules would have to offer. One can choose a favourite transmitter and simply swap the modules to allow different receivers. Personal opinion: nothing's more irritating than having to swap Tx's or carry morte than one.
The BIGGEST plus is the interference free comms that 2.4Gig offers. The rest icing only.
Essjay03/03/2007 21:03:00
578 forum posts
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Why carry more than one transmitter? The DX7 has a 20 model memory. That's more than enough flexibility for me ( and Model Match). I expect the DX9? to be as good or even better, and dare I say as good as a PCM 9X?
Can you also imagine what constant changing of modules is going to do to the transmitter pin connections over time. I'd rather not tempt fate, but as you say, it's only a personal opinion.
I'm also still not convinced the big players, Jr, Futaba etc are necessarily going to go down the module route. It wouldn't surprise me if they just went ahead with complete new 2.4gHZ sets.
Tim Mackey03/03/2007 22:14:00
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
I agree, I think they will release dedicated 2.4 g sets.
I am very happy with my DX7, and our club now has 6 users.
John MacDonald04/03/2007 01:15:00
29 forum posts
Info on the new Futaba 2.4 gigs set.
SINGLE receiver, short aerials, and frequency-hopping ; even less chance of glitches. No need for a "binder" or other messing around.
Tim Mackey04/03/2007 10:19:00
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Yes but as I have pointed out before, this set only has 6 model memories, and 2 mixers. This is pathetic in this day and age, and compares poorly with the 20 model and 6 mix Spekky. I just hope that when JR release theirs, it will be better spec than this. When they do, I MAY have one, and pass my spekky to the missus.
Bladerunner05/03/2007 10:01:00
129 forum posts
It's about choice folks. I hate worshipping at the altar of a single brand - even if that brand is a leader. Our sport/hobby can only benefit from compatible equipment and competitive vendors.
Lets see what the others have to offer (even if the impatience is leading to a rapidly greying head!).
Dead-stick05/03/2007 11:11:00
143 forum posts
16 photos
I have just bought a new 'Branded' transmitter to replace my super reliable, if old, JR x-347. It is not a 2.4GHz set for one good reason; Nano receivers are not yet available for indoor or small models, and even if they were I would dread to think how much it would cost to replace all 12 of my 35GHz ones! I don't think 2.4GHz will take over the world just yet!
John MacDonald06/03/2007 03:12:00
29 forum posts
Summation of my crticisms; Flap only via three position switch; only six channels; incomplete set,(If they can include a Tx battery, why not a RX battery, and dual charger)two receivers, (Other 2.4 gig sets manage with one) and a pet hate of mine, a Tx case with lots of pretty, busy-making nooks and crannies to gather dirt and dust.
Fail safe on throttle only.Model memory?
It's a pretty amateur sort of production, without regard to current practise and expectations, and I shall give it a miss.I certainly am not about to ship mine to the States to get the flap switch changed for a fully proportional flap control,and wait three months for it!
(Procedure quoted by Helger.)
Capt Kremen10/03/2007 19:55:00
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And when all the fuss and PR spin has died down and the first users have had a few months, models, wx conditions, sun spots, high power adjacent transmissions, etc. experienced, What is 'real' the 'Achilles Heel' of this system? We had 27Mhz then came 'Breaker, Breaker' knocking us out of the sky. Then 35Mhz FM, then PCM, PPM etc. and mobile phones etc still knocked us out... (Oh forgot Ruftec UHF in there somewhere which never made it)What's the killer for these outfits? (Apart from poor ergonomics and two Rx units to fit in the fuz instead of one!!!!
Nicholas Booth10/03/2007 22:46:00
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Firstly, isn't Spektrum really just JR trading under a different name. If so why are they not rolling this out under their own name. Secondly, Spektrum are using dsss that locks onto the respective channels at switch on, this is apparently faster than FHDSS that Futaba have created themselves.
Whilst I think at this stage it is horses for courses, if you read up on the net you will see a continuing worry that maybe the two systems won't work very well in the same proximity of each other. now there's a worrying thought if that is true.

As for the DX7, isn't it missing at present a throttle cut? so close to getting my wallet out but thats my favourite button :)

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