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Mick Reeves 1/3rd Scale Pup

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Jez Harris 107/02/2014 19:35:51
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Hi all,

I havent done a build log on this site so bear with me..

This model will be completed by July with it going on display at a local grammer school's WW1 museum display, before returning to me after 18 months to be flown with the rest of the Dawn Patrol team.

I started this in late December so the start of the thread will be a catch up of progress so far.


First off - what do you get for your £625?

Initially I though this was a bit steep for a traditional kit, but on opening the boxes you get..

5 lovely sheets of plans

mr pup build 001.jpg

Loads of scale stuff included on the plans

mr pup build 002.jpg


mr pup build 004.jpg

Pair of wheels.

mr pup build 005.jpg

Coils of flat scale rigging wire

mr pup build 006.jpg

Dummy engine kit and a Vickers gun kit

Jez Harris 107/02/2014 19:40:59
563 forum posts
1380 photos

All required brackets are supplied in pre-cut stainless steel

mr pup build 008.jpg

Bags and bags of nuts, screws, bolts and all other fixings required - no having to make repeated visits to the model shop!!

mr pup build 009.jpg

Even silver solder and flux powder is supplied for the copious amount of metalwork required with this build.

mr pup build 010.jpg

Some of the screws supplied for the detailling later are seriously small..

mr pup build 013.jpg

Even the various bits of brass tubing are suppied ready cut to length

mr pup build 011.jpg

Jez Harris 107/02/2014 19:51:53
563 forum posts
1380 photos

The undercarriage is a serious bit of metalwork. No bent wire clad in wood here..

Just several lengths of stainless steel and some other lengths of steel - I'm not the greatest metal basher so a bit of skill development will be going on I fear..

mr pup build 014.jpg

Finally - Some wood!!

Here are just some of the supplied ribs - scale section and wonderfully detailled. The laser cutting is absolutely brilliant - no chopping through big voids here.

mr pup build 016.jpg

More ribbage

mr pup build 017.jpg

A couple of formers to give a taste. Supplied as 1/8th ply they need laminating in pairs.

mr pup build 018.jpg

More formers - again ply

mr pup build 019.jpg

Even the spar webbing is supplied pre cut - different depths and even different lengths to fit the various rib spacings - all in 1/64th ply

mr pup build 020.jpg

Plenty of gussets to re-inforce and strengthen the structure.

mr pup build 021.jpg

Finally - a bit of balsa - not much of it in this kit though..

mr pup build 022.jpg

Tony Bennett07/02/2014 19:57:25
5082 forum posts
129 photos

looks to be an interesting project sir.

i will be watching with great interest.

Jez Harris 107/02/2014 19:57:45
563 forum posts
1380 photos

Lithoplate, tin sheet and plastic sheet are supplied  for the various hatches, covers etc. You also get clear acrylic for inspection windows over the various pulleys

mr pup build 023.jpg

Waterslide decals for the fin

mr pup build 025.jpg

Pre-cut cockpit surrround

mr pup build 026.jpg

I bought the additional deluxe cockpit kit - a pre stained panel, instrument bezels and some great brass details.

mr pup build 028.jpg

Hopefully his will get it to this level which can then be tweaked further.

mr pup build 029.jpg

Edited By Jez Harris 1 on 07/02/2014 19:58:15

Jez Harris 107/02/2014 20:05:26
563 forum posts
1380 photos

The final bits in box number 1 are the spars

mr pup build 030.jpg

I was amazed to see that the spars are supplied pre-cut ready for splicing.

mr pup build 031.jpg

Just had to see how accurate these cuts are...pretty spot on!!! I'm pretty cr&p at getting splints spot on so this is a bonus!

mr pup build 032.jpg

The instruction booklet - the only bit I'm disappointed with - many of the oics are for the 1/4 scale which has a differnent structure and build and lots of the pics are too dark. A CD would have been better.

To be fair though - the info on the plans should cover most of the build.

mr pup build 033.jpg

Tony F07/02/2014 20:06:51
484 forum posts
105 photos
Wow stunning Jez , my ford focus didn't cost that much !!! Watching with huge interest. Subscribed.

Jez Harris 107/02/2014 20:12:14
563 forum posts
1380 photos

Box number 2 ..

Lots of stock 36" timber and a few extra bits..

mr pup build 034.jpg

The trailing and leading edges are not made of wood.

The leading edges are fibreglass rod, whilst the trailing edges of the wings are all piano wire.

The rudder, elevators and fin are almost entirely built from metal too,

mr pup build 035.jpg

I'm really impressed with the kit contents - nothing damaged and all aprts really well packed. As mentioned before the laser cutting is brilliant.

I had one tiny issue where the dash kit I ordered was supplied with the wrong panel - a simple phone call and a new one was recieved the next day.

Glueing starts tomorrow!


Chris Bott - Moderator07/02/2014 20:16:18
6844 forum posts
1430 photos
1 articles

Looking forward to following this Jez. yes

john stones 107/02/2014 20:23:42
11698 forum posts
1517 photos

that's some box of stuff Jez

I reckon you'll have a big audience for this one

it looks a quality kit

cymaz07/02/2014 20:47:43
9388 forum posts
1216 photos

What's the cowl diameter? Would a radial fit?

Danny Fenton07/02/2014 21:27:50
9753 forum posts
4556 photos

Looking forward to seeing this one come together, short timescale there Jez, this doesn't look like it will be a quick build?



Colin Leighfield07/02/2014 22:13:31
6007 forum posts
2505 photos

I've never seen the detail of one of these kits before, that's seriously good stuff. For the small production runs that these must represent, there's no way of doing that on the cheap.

Jez Harris 108/02/2014 08:32:28
563 forum posts
1380 photos

Thanks for the comments guys..

I will measure the cowl later - the model will have a geared 38 zenoah in it - one they sound amazing and 2 they allow you to use a scale prop at 38 x 12.

Bench tidied and out with the sticky stuff..

First build 2 side frames so out with the epoxy and clampsmr pup build 037.jpg

I use 1/4 square aluminium to clamp the longerons together whilst they dry. At the same time I have laminated the firewall and some formers. They are weighted down under car and alarm batteries to keep them flat.

mr pup build 038.jpg

Whilst they dry for a few hours, here is one of the best Pup reference books around - Air Britains Sopwith Pup - not just chock full of reference materal but it gives the story of te pup from conception to de-commision.

mr pup build 039.jpg

Lots of colour schemes - not sure how this will be done - the museum are still to decide - its part of a school so we are currently looking at some old boys who flew for the RFC, so possibly one of those.

mr pup build 040.jpg

OK - I got bored of waiting for glue to dry so I went hunting for "shiny things" to do whilst waiting..


cymaz08/02/2014 08:33:41
9388 forum posts
1216 photos

Great introduction to the build Jezyes

cymaz08/02/2014 08:37:02
9388 forum posts
1216 photos

I have a Zenoah G38, nice motors (except mine has an air leak on the carb ATM because of old gaskets)- you'll need the lump of an engine for COG. Will the G38 have magneto or electronic ignition?

Jez Harris 108/02/2014 08:43:07
563 forum posts
1380 photos

And the first thing that stopped me was the dash kit..

Now I get a bit haphazard with my builds sometimes - I'm easily distracted so often I end up making lots of little sub-assemblies that later get joined up, rather than a strictly sequential build..I'm over it though..

mr pup build 041.jpg

The first thing o do is paint the inside of the holes black where the dials fit or they wont look right.

mr pup build 042.jpg

Sorted...turned out easier to use a black permanent marker pen.

mr pup build 043.jpg

The dials are printed out on paper which are cut out oversize and dont need any careful cutting out.

mr pup build 044.jpg

The 'glass' is acetate sheet - you can get loads of this from the sort of packaging that christmas presents come in

mr pup build 045.jpg

So - picture behind, acetate in front, and then some of the brass trim supplied in the kit - no need to glue anything - the tiny screws shown earlier hold it together - I know they are phillips and they werent invented til 1935 but maybe a dab of solder later and a cut with a saw will put that right.

mr pup build 046.jpg

A tiny dab of white wood glue then holds an inner bezel in place.

mr pup build 047.jpg

cymaz08/02/2014 08:48:34
9388 forum posts
1216 photos

Have you got a pilot yet?? Don't worry about being haphazard with the build - it's all got to be glued sooner or lateryes

Jez Harris 108/02/2014 08:51:42
563 forum posts
1380 photos

Next up - the compass.

The body is a piece of vac moulding - all the other bitsa re wood and plastic.

mr pup build 048.jpg

A lot of the compass build involves those tiny weenie screws - to stop them pinging across the workshop I stuck a magnet on the shaft of the screwdriver.

mr pup build 049.jpg

Back plate and support bracket..

mr pup build 050.jpg

2 ply brackets run through the body - the scrap of balsa just helped line it all up and stops them moving as the glue dried.

mr pup build 051.jpg

One part that I didnt like was the oil pulsator - it looked to much like a torch bulb in a bracket..

mr pup build 053.jpg

So out with the christmas decorations - pinch a clear bulb, round the top down and add a bit of brass paint and metal bracketry.

I'm happy with the finished panel - the piping is just copper wire stripped from the really thick wire used for house wiring.

mr pup build 054.jpg


Jez Harris 108/02/2014 09:01:41
563 forum posts
1380 photos

The panel took about 4 hours to do by which time the longerons were handleable..The kit instructions tell you to strengthen the joints with cotton bandages soaked in cyano. Worried this would be too lumpy, I went with glasscloth on jut 3 sides - this will stop unsightly buldges in the wrong places.

mr pup build 057.jpg

The top and bottom longerons are only 1/4 sq so to strengthen key areas around the front, an additional piece of spruce is added from the firewall to the back of the cockpit. The top is easy as its a straight run

mr pup build 058.jpg

The bottom was more awkward due to the curve - the trick is the put the first piece in place and allow it to dry before adding the second.

mr pup build 060.jpg

One side completed - the first few uprights are spruce, the rest balsa. I used titebond glue throughout as I find that rying to glue spruce with cyano results in a joint that works really well or just falls apart.

mr pup build 061.jpg

I let that lot dry then built the other side directly on top of the first with a piece of clingfilm between them to stop them sticking together.

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