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Spring is here - what is stopping you from flying?

Get them shorts on..

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Martyn K11/03/2014 15:49:02
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After nearly two weeks of settled and mainly unseasonable warm weather we can safely say that someone has put the jet stream back where it belongs.

The forecast for the next week is looking good, so no excuses. What have you crashed because you have forgotten how to fly and how many maidens have you bowled over?

Spare those blushes and say goodbye to winter.

Bob Cotsford11/03/2014 15:58:42
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last Sunday was like a summers day but I think you may need to keep the woolies on hand for a while yet Martyn. This Saturday is forecast as 10C and Sunday a bit better at ~14C, so that will be a 2nd chance for the PushyCat maiden and some more trimming on the Mustfire.

I still need to get the Christen Eagle through the club noise test so I think Saturday may find the back garden getting the leaf-blower treatment from an ASP 180 prop testing session.

john stones 111/03/2014 16:08:59
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weekends nothing stopping me

rest of week work sad

Pete B - Moderator11/03/2014 16:26:46
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As you wish, Martyn, but it's not a pretty o

Yesterday afternoon:

capture 8.jpg


PS - I don't think I'm really that skinny - must be the Mobiusteeth 2

Martyn K11/03/2014 16:39:14
5041 forum posts
3677 photos

Ahhhhh - I need my sun glasses smile d. I am also very jealous. 100% blue sky here in Crewe today

Edited By Martyn K on 11/03/2014 16:39:32

cymaz11/03/2014 17:26:43
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Nice weather, light what could go wrong

A SOLAR POWER COMPANY PUT AN UNDERGROUND CABLE ON THE SIDE OF OUR SITE. The place is reportedly like the surface of the moonangry 2angry 2angry 2

Tony Bennett11/03/2014 18:14:37
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hopefully this weekend i can dust off my models.

Former Member11/03/2014 23:44:25
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[This posting has been removed]

Jez Harris 112/03/2014 16:51:33
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Three maidens last Sunday..

A dead easy YT Rush - bought an unbilt off ebay - flys great!

A Flair Hannibal - needs a bit of nose weight but still flew ok.

A Seagull Mew Gull - I followed all the mods on here re raking the u/c forward and raising the engine and adding downthrust. Its fitted with an ASP 180..laugh

I got it off the ground after a couple of noseovers - got 3/4 of way round the circuit before the engine cut - the a/c has the glide ability of a non-aerodynamic brick. It also pitched up and down quite severley which was odd.

Luckily I hit the strip and no damage was suffered other than shredded nerves and a loose oleo leg.

Trying again on friday..fingers crossed and buttocks firmly clenched.


Kevin Fairgrieve12/03/2014 17:30:11
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What is stopping me from flying?

The construction of four ruddy great wind turbines on our old site (disused WWII airfield) that`s what!!!

The new grass site will not be ready for a couple of weeks.


brfc712/03/2014 20:19:25
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Got out on Saturday morning at 8.30am as it was beautiful sunshine and no wind at home, got to the flying field and as per it was blowing 15+mph. Good thing a little wind never stops me. So had 2 good 15 minute flights with my brushless twinstar 2 that had only had one flight previous.

Mark a12/03/2014 20:39:19
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Been on a rest week this week been doing some decorating to keep the other half happy decorating finished so flying tomorrow once the forecast fog has lifted.thumbs up

john stones 112/03/2014 20:42:27
11102 forum posts
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Posted by Mark a on 12/03/2014 20:39:19:

Been on a rest week this week been doing some decorating to keep the other half happy decorating finished so flying tomorrow once the forecast fog has lifted.thumbs up

make sure you put 2 coats on wink

cymaz12/03/2014 20:54:55
9004 forum posts
1187 photos

Corrr.... That's cold

Pete B - Moderator12/03/2014 23:21:27
7625 forum posts
733 photos

Another Spring-like day again down here but once I met Terry at his club site at Lalbenque it was clear that the forecasters had failed to mention a very, very brisk Easterly, which took the edge off the day - and kept our fleeces well and truly on!

Terry had his Boomer, Spacewalker, OS29FS-powered Rainbow and Phoenix 2000 - and you can see how pleased he is with the Rainbow too - it pootles around nicely on the 4T and he did a lot of

Terrys Rainbow

I took my Carl Goldberg Cub, VMAR Fournier RF4, Phoenix 2000 and Bixler. Given the conditions, it was going to be a day for the more solid models, so I made sure the Cub got a couple of airings:

CG Cub

The Boomerang took it all in its stride - started first flick and it is now a very well-sorted model. Terry's leccy Spacewalker was a tad exciting on the first flight but the application of some rates and expo soon had it behaving itself - and very nice in the air she looksthumbs up The Cub - well, she's just a joy to fly whatever the conditions.....teeth 2

The Fournier was playing the role of a test vehicle today. Equipped as she is with an Eagle Pro 3-axis gyro, which proves its worth with the Fournier's light weight and high aspect ratio wings in choppy conditions, I was trying out Chris Bott's ammeter gizmo with my DX9 telemetry. The luxury of it - at the push of the bind button, I was being told the pack voltage, current and mAmps consumed - it was like having a talking fuel gauge. That's a very handy gadget, Chris! smile p

It wasn't a pleasant day for gliding with my Phoenix 2000 and Bixler, TBH - straight up and down with any (rare) lift going straight through.

Unfortunately, the straight up and down bit was rather too literal in Terry's case. I caught a glimpse of it heading vertically earthwards and a strangled cry from o The post-crash investigation revealed the cause - one aileron had split away from the wing. The 'crushed-foam' hinge had separated along virtually its entire length - so if your EPO model has such hinges, it may be worth checking them over....sad

Meanwhile, Terry's working on a way of smuggling a growing collection of wounded models back into the house..... suggestions welcome, he's running out of convincing explanations...wink 2


GrumpyGnome13/03/2014 09:56:47
513 forum posts
145 photos


Fog before work yesterday and today


Stephen Jones13/03/2014 10:08:27
2783 forum posts
1604 photos

LoL ,

I got today and Friday off so i could take advantage of this nice weather and go flying .

And what do i wake up to F O G .

Hopefully this afternoon will brighten up .

Erfolg13/03/2014 14:21:23
11637 forum posts
1294 photos

Wednesday, summer has finally arrived here in the NW, the sun beams down, the wind as light as a zephyr and the temperature, a balmy cast your vest off! Are you sure it is just spring? Well I never.

Me personally i am a little glum. I have to give my (well actually the clubs) well loved trainer back, an ancient, some may say, others vintage, a DB Mascot. To some undeserving Uni project to train students for the heavy lift competition. Bah, what a waste. Better an old farht like me to enjoy its rock solid handling, robust construction, and apparently non electronic auto landing system.

I have until Sunday to get my "A" cert with it, that leaves today, Saturday, when I am contractually obliged by marriage to go to Manchester to see Clanhad and Sunday, when a similar clause requires me to attend one of the grandchildrens, pool, birthday party, where I will have to go into the pool as a helper. That is one adult to three children and there will be 30 of them excluding me. That leaves part of Wednesday, the afternoon, before i have to go to the actual birthday celebration for the family.

I arrive early at the field, to the extent that I was the second. This is so different to my other club, where it is often just me, two being a crowd. hesitatingly I assembled my model (I know the clubs), and went up to the field.

After the changes I have made, clunk mod and the new plug. I would normally be planning on a simple test flight to check out that all is well. Not today though, I have the same mind set, although having qualms with respect to the mind set, to press on with the test. That is if I can convince others to allow me.

Pretty soon my instructor (and examiner) arrives, and agrees. I think with similar worries, with respect to me doing the test. He approaches our most senior tester, who is outwardly seems most relaxed and agrees most heartily. My feelings are increasingly mixed.

I looked around for my ground crew, he was not to be seen, not as yet arrived. My apprehension rises, could this be another day to be avoided? I reluctantly approach a member who I know in a passing manner (which is true for most, this being the beginning of my second year). I explain that I have no, starter, glo driver or fuel pump and would appreciate his help, in getting it filled and started.

The chief examiner steps in and says although I am an electric flyer, to use a IC motor, I must demonstrate that I can start and run a IC engine safely. It is some 30 years ago since I have started a model IC motor, yet, if I must, I must. My pit crew now understands that this is a "A" test and immediately becomes enthused, offers some advice as I progress. Eventually I did start the model, safely. Did the tests for mixture and throttle response.

We then went to the take of area, Then the motor promptly died. So back we went and I went through the same routine. Back to the strip and the motor died. I now know this is not a good day. This time the chief instructor decided that my helper can start the motor as I had demonstrated that I could operate a IC motor safely and I am painfully slow.

Back at the strip, I had advanced the tick over on the trim, so that the model was now starting to roll forward. I opened the throttle, the Mascot raced across the grass, and rose into the air, with the consummate ease and authority it had for the last 9 months. It makes you look really good, when suddenly, there was what could only be described as a crack and the motor was dead. Not yet tree height, with trees in front, landing straight on would be into the trees. I brought the Mascot around, now down wind, and screamed "DEAD STICK" and prepared for a down wind landing, in the scrub between the avenue of trees which line that particular leg. I thought it was well worth the time and thought and the reconnoitre on the ground, to manage such a event.

Erfolg13/03/2014 14:21:44
11637 forum posts
1294 photos

Back in the pits, it was apparent that I had not tightened the glow plug sufficiently as it had gone, with no damage to the threads, fortunately. A new plug was put in, the starting routine gone through and back to the field.

Once more the model accelerated across the grass, once more rose majestically into the sky. Left hand circuit undertaken, figure of 8, a low pass, at less than 6 feet, then the double loop and finally a landing. This was my first poor landing for some time, the model bouncing some 2 feet into the air, before settling. In part i think it was the very high tick over that was part of the problem, the other part being me. Of course the motor had now stopped, something it never did.

The final stage was where everything went very pear shaped on Sunday and here we were ready to undertake the final stages, the bits which I thought previously, just to routine to worry about. Now I know better.

Once more we race across the field, once more the Mascot does it thing. I am now required to do a right hand circuit, when a very low flying helicopter appears, Possibly from either the Manchester City or United training grounds. My I instructor advises me I need to come very low, as the helicopter is much. much lower than 400 feet.

After this yet again heart stopping event, the model was taken up to probably 2 * tree height and the throttle closed. This pseudo dead stick landing was a real dead stick landing, as the motor stopped. I much prefer this, as being a glider guider, it was now a standard landing. Which is different to what IC modellers seem to do. Gliders are always going down, the only driver is little "g" and height. Glider guiders always do the down wind leg at speed, as when they turn into wind, they want to continue forward, relative to the ground. So the turn is a dropping turn, not flat. All the time speed is controlled by the elevator. I learnt all this the hard way when I changed from IC to gliders watching the Bill Haleys, Bernard Henshaw, Bill Dulson and Mike Francis in competition. Whatever the weather they would hit the spot, dead centre, right on the hooter. Eventually I found I could land in the same field, by this technique. This I did on Wednsday, albeit with a similar bouncing landing as previously, in the field at least.

So the flying bit was now over.

Just the five questions. Dead easy some may think. Not necessarily, even if you actually know the answer, you may not recognise what is wanted. So after my examiner manfully pulled hens teeth, we eventually got there. The pit fall I stumbled into, was providing a answer which was structure about Cap 658, how the BMFA had interpreted the recommendations and requirements, where as what was wanted what did the club do. The whys and thererfores, not being wanted.

So in the end, my instructors efforts and chief examiners labours were rewarded. I thank them and the other club members who took pity, supported me in these endeavours. These rather laboured efforts by me demonstrate what club spirit is all about, support, tolerance and encouragement. Particularly when you feel, the world and events are conspiring against you.

All accomplished with a little time before my birthday dash.

cymaz13/03/2014 14:28:38
9004 forum posts
1187 photos

Well done, may I be the first to congratulate you.yesbeercake

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