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What's the main radio brand you fly?

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Q: New Poll - what's the main R/C brand you use (2014)?























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(1982 votes)

Ed Anderson23/04/2014 12:11:41
247 forum posts
10 photos

Which is my main radio brand? Hard to answer.

For my "main planes" which are high end gliders, I have two Futaba 9C Supers with Futaba FASST modules so I answered that I fly mainly Futaba. I have 6 Futaba FASST receivers, 2 Frsky FASST receivers and one Orange FASST receiver.

I also have 72 MHz receivers. 5 Hitec, 1 Futaba and 1 Berg.

I also have a Spektrum DSM2 module for my Futaba radios and I have a Spektrum DX5i that I got with my Radian and use it to fly the Radian. I have 3 Spektrum receivers and 4 Horizon Hobby BnF planes that are Spektrum based.

I also have a Tactic Anylink for my Futaba radio and one TX-R plane that I fly with the Anylink

I answered Futaba because my main radios and my main planes fly Futaba FASST, but not necessarily Futaba receivers.

For whatever value it might have to those running this poll, I ran a similar poll on RC Groups but focused on full house sailplanes. 412 people responded. As you will see, many are flying one brand of radio but not the same brand of receivers. Feel free to incorporate this info into your analysis if you wish.


At 412 ballots

View Poll Results: Which Radio and Which RF system are you using?

Futaba Radio/Futaba RF 67 16.26%
Futaba Radio/Other RF 21 5.10%

JR Radio/JR RF 55 13.35%
JR Radio/Other RF 27 6.55%

Spektrum Radio/Spektrum RF 46 11.17%
Spektrum Radio/Other RF 2 0.49%

Airtronics Radio/Airtronics RF 64 15.53%
Airtronics Radio/Other RF 3 0.73%

Hitec Radio/Hitec RF 49 11.89%
Hitec Radio/Other RF 1 0.24%

Multiplex Radio/Multiplex RF 10 2.43%
Multiplex Radio/Other RF 16 3.88%

Graupner Radio/Graupner RF 6 1.46%
Graupner Radio/Other RF 8 1.94%

Turnigy/TH9X Radio (all flavors) Turnigy/FlySky RF 14 3.40%
Turnigy/TH9X Radio (all flavors) Other RF 15 3.64%

Other Radio/Same brand RF 4 0.97%
Other Radio/different RF 4 0.97%

Bob Cotsford23/04/2014 12:18:56
8148 forum posts
449 photos
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 22/04/2014 20:55:17:

And for Futaba - They need a new idea and it better be a good one! The clock is ticking clock



is that perhaps part of there problem - too many good ideas with not enough compatibility between model lines? I progressed through FF6, 7, 8 and finally FF9 UAP and could still use older airborne setups without any changes but from what I gather with their two 2.4 protocols it's not so simple now.

As for Spektrum, I wonder how much of their market share is based on the bind'n'fly market?


Edited By Bob Cotsford on 23/04/2014 12:20:26

Daren Graham - Cambria Funfighters23/04/2014 13:03:41
480 forum posts
83 photos

I fly Futaba for proper models and have a Spektrum for bind and fly only. Experience sadly has told me not to trust spektrum. I've lost too many models using it.

I've used Futaba for 25 years now and never had a problem that wasnt my fault. I use the new T8J and s-fhss system as FASST is too expensive and has no advantages that I'll ever use.


Anthony Dicks23/04/2014 13:35:11
11 forum posts

Good day all,

I had to tick "other" as the gear I now use is FlySky. Fully computerised, 20 model memory, but no rechargeable battery pack. I bought it for its incredible price - £45.00 delivered (incl. Rx).

It doeas all I want as a non-competitive sloper. It has replaced my 35meg Multiplex Cockpit MM. Which no-one but me liked.



nigel sheffield23/04/2014 13:41:31
51 forum posts
12 photos

Used to be spektrum but now frsky taranis, not had a single plane drop out of the sky since-touch wood!!!

Andy Blackburn23/04/2014 13:59:15
510 forum posts
487 photos
1 articles

I've ticked JR (DSX9 + Spektrum Receivers) because that's what I currently use for everything but have just bought a Taranis.

Old_Robin23/04/2014 14:38:49
28 forum posts
16 photos

As relative newbie I started with Spektrum for my "bendem-mendem" stage of my carreer and only had a problem with DSM2 receivers (maybe a co-incident with other issues). Changing to DSMX receivers only I have so far been completely happy and upgraded from DX6i to DX7s which is a completely different feel of quality. With so many BNF models for Spektrum I can see no reason to change away although many of my Bicester club swear by Futuba.

Viking4223/04/2014 14:44:41
26 forum posts
20 photos

I have converted my Turnigy Tx with a Spectrum module, just because of the fact of versatility and cost (8 channels)to a cost of 70£ approx) as I mainly fly own scratch-built and lower end less complex models. However, the most frequently used Tx are my Spectrum 6i or 5e, both very robust, together with rx:es from Spectrum and OrangeX, with or without stabilisation. So far no faults have occurred, which could not be related to mistakes of my own. I still regard Futaba as a higher brand ( and I have a 6ch Tx), but nowadays only plan for Futaba in a model of a higher brand, like a thermal glider/soarer, or where I think maximum range is absolutely needed.

Agostinho Silva23/04/2014 15:06:17
1 forum posts

Since I started flying RC, I bought a Multiplex Pico Line. I still have that set with a basic glider for my son on 35mhz. For myself I use a Royal Evo 7 with Frysky 2,4 module and a Royal Evo 9 on 35mhz for my gliders. Dont plan on changing in the near future.

Simon Webb23/04/2014 16:31:41
162 forum posts
19 photos

I have 12 powered models and 3 slope soarers ready to fly

My aircraft (slope soarers, electric and IC) are ALL Futaba. My aircraft gear is either Futaba T8FG 2.4GHz or Futaba 6EXA 35mhz FM. The 8FG is a brilliant radio set. Mine is the original 8 channel system, I haven't upgraded to the 14 channel system as I rarely use more than 6 channels.

I have 14 RC cars ready to drive.

My cars are ALL Spektrum - the receivers are £15 on ebay brand new. My gear for my cars is the Spektrum DX3C 3 channel system, which for a ground based radio is proving to be very good indeed.

BikerDon23/04/2014 16:32:00
30 forum posts
6 photos

Which is my main radio brand? I also found this difficult to answer.

I have a Spektrum transmitter for all my indoor models mainly because a lot of them come RTF with Spektrum compatible receivers not because I am a Spektrum advocate.

I have two Futaba FF9 transmitters. One has an Assan module for my EDFs because Assan was my first 2.4GHz gear and it has NEVER let me down so I continue using it in EDF models because of possible electrical noise problems with high rpm brushless ESC/motor combos. I also have a Spektrum module which has been used in the FF9 on the odd occasion.

My other FF9 has a Futaba 35MHx module in it which I use on my old models that were originally 35MHz - frequency clashes never happen any more so why bother to change out the 35MHz gear - it works fine for me.

Richard Harris23/04/2014 16:48:16
2093 forum posts
1948 photos

Futaba for best, Spektrum for the models that don't matter so much and the indoor stuff.

peter kelsall23/04/2014 16:57:42
2 forum posts

Hi there!

Looking at JR, I see they intend to market a top of the range model this September, we've yet to see how advanced this will be. Also will it affect Futaba 18mz I wonder/



MAD Dave23/04/2014 17:07:36
91 forum posts
9 photos

I have in regular use two Futaba T6J Tx's and four R2006GS Rx's - never had a problem and they do the job! What else can I add?

sean burchfield23/04/2014 17:14:55
2 forum posts

Jeti for me... its as good as it gets...still have dx9 for bnf, Jr12x was always perfect, Xg11 took out a 4K jet.

Splot23/04/2014 17:15:12
9 forum posts

I used various makes of equipment until Futaba first went on sale (about 1970) and used this make until the first day Spectrum went on sale in this country then changed immediately. Have had 4 Dx 7s, 2 Dx 6s , a Dx 4 and latterly a Dx 10 and a Dx 18.

All my problems with Spectrum equipment have been self inflicted, such as covering a screen with superglue, and have been resolved by the Horizon Customer Services Team within a week at no cost except postage. Having had in excess of 6000 flights with this equipment and no problems whilst flying I intend to stay with it and only update with the same manufacturer.

Cuban823/04/2014 17:31:15
2833 forum posts
1 photos

After being a 100% Futaba man for thirty years, I swapped over to a Spektrum DX7 five years ago. Main reasons being that Spektrum was priced much more competitively and my flying friends were also 'jumping ship' to Spektrum 2.4Ghz. Still using DSM2 without any issues whatsoever, but getting a bit cheesed off at the steadily increasing price of their receivers. FrSky becoming more popular at my club (modules and receivers, not Taranis) and from the feed back the systems are rock solid, well manufactured and great value for money Have just ordered a FrSky module and 8 channel Rx for my otherwise perfect 35 meg FF8!

Never understood the criticism from some regarding Spektrum gear, I suppose once a rumour gets going it takes on a life of its own. True, DSM2 was found to have its limitations at some huge R/C events in the US (hence DSMX) but to my knowledge, nothing hard and fast (no pun intended) has been able to be demonstrated that the technology was inferior to other makes (despite what some pundits armed with their spectrum analysers and DVMs were saying)

Edited By Cuban8 on 23/04/2014 17:54:49

Rev.Dr. Richard Davis23/04/2014 17:33:37
9 forum posts

I fly Airtonics equipment

Engine Doctor23/04/2014 17:34:16
2383 forum posts
29 photos

Just my thoughts on radio gear .I voted for Futaba as the list only specifies the Fr-Sky Taranis TX and doesnt list mixes . I use a Futaba FF9 which I feel is a good quality well balanced set ,as are the middle to up market JR sets . But I use the Fr-Sky Module and Rx's .Never had a glitch and have complete confidence in the system and all at a very affordable price .I have also converted non module Tx's with the Fr-Sky hack module with perfect results every time .The Fr-Sky conversions also re-bind instantaneously when testing at distance on low power when testing the fail safe unlike some Futaba sets Ive tried that take what seems an age to bind when switching on and the same time when testing . I have witnessed three Futaba 2.4 sets lock out and one of them I was flying, its very disturbing when fail safes keep going on and off. These problems were not caused by brown outs due to duff or inadequate batteries or poor installation , but defective Rx's as once the Rx's were changed no problems occured. Perhaps they have got it write now as they are on their third or fourth 2.4 protocol ,but alas they are still too expensive and I wont be buying them . Not at all impressed with spectrum either but they do get a large share of the market due to the BNF market as has been said but again have had problems ,certainly at our club . I looked at a Taranis TX great spec but felt a bit cheap . Fr-Sky seem to be responding to the market and hopefully will continue to sell reliable radio at an affordable price .

Paul Marsh23/04/2014 17:51:03
3814 forum posts
1102 photos

I use more than one, so can't vote. Use Hitec, JR, Spektrum, Futaba, other brand (planet/Escale)

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