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Any views on this situation ?

Another tale of woe

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FastFlyer Smyth18/04/2014 15:35:45
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My friend viewed and left a deposit with a Beagle breeder in Peterborough 6 weeks ago.(He found the puppy on the pets 4 u website) The puppy was then 2 weeks old. She has continuously been updating my friend and his family by email sending pictures and updates. He and his family were due to pick the puppy up tomorrow (19th April). Yesterday she sent him an email saying that she thought the puppy was not suitable for him and his family and therefore she would be cancelling the sale and returning his deposit.She said that she was the best judge of the puppies behavior and that it wouldn't be suitable as she considered it to be too "boisterous" I have reported her to the website and they are looking into it. Would any of you know where we would stand from a legal point of view ? My friend has put all kinds of preparation into place and needless to say this been a very upsetting episode for his whole family. His wife and children are very upset and as far as I know this woman has not even apologized.The breeder is approx a 3 hour drive from here and I would expect the least she could do was to offer a good will gesture of refunding his fuel costs as a minimal settlement. Is there anything that can be done or is this just another bitter experience ?

Levanter18/04/2014 16:13:59
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I can understand the emotion and the upset and maybe the woman is not a good communicator. Let's assume she is basically honest and your friend has not been "gazumped" (there was no problem with the deposit after all. If she is right about the puppy, a short bitter experience may be a whole lot better than a lifetime with a problem dog and a tankful of fuel will have been a relatively small price to pay. If she is a genuine breeder then perhaps another more suitable puppy might be along soon.

PaulH18/04/2014 16:40:32
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Fast Flyer,

Firstly I bred and showed cats, Cornish Rex, for twenty years both in the UK and later in Australia where I now live. I now breed dogs, Great Danes. I can imagine your friend's disappointment, but I also believe that for any responsible breeder the welfare of their animals is paramount. From your post it seems that the breeder has kept the dog in her care until it is eight weeks of age, the correct thing to do and at that date has decided, for whatever reason, that the dog is not suitable for your friend, or perhaps vice versa. Like Great Danes, Beagles are not your average pets, they are bred as hunting dogs and usually live in packs. If you have one at home, you will need to be there with him most of the time, they must have company. In fact it is often recommended that you have two, so as to be less demanding of your time. They are scent hounds, they dig, they jump fences, they bark a lot and do not live happily, restricted to a kennel, or indoors and should never be chained up. You really need a well-fenced yard and must be prepared to exercise them regularly and always walk them out on a lead. Once they are on a scent, then any thing else goes from their minds. Buying one is a huge responsibility; it certainly isn't like placing an order for an a.r.t.f. model with Hobby King and getting a refund when the back-order doesn't arrive.

I think the breeder has probably decided in the puppy's best interest and has made no delay in returning your friend's deposit. As for compensating your friend for petrol costs and I know that petrol is twice as expensive in the UK compared to Australia, but I think that part of it is your friend's decision when deciding to make the purchase of this rather special breed of dog. Sure it would be nice if the breeder offered to share that with him, but I wouldn't think she had any obligation to do so and from what you've written, she has acted fairly and responsibly as regards the dogs she breeds.


Rob Jones 218/04/2014 17:57:15
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If they get the deposit back, they should take it and run! Dog breeding and dog rescue is full of scammers. Our local dog rescuer goes over to Ireland, brings fifty dogs from the pounds there, then unloads them onto "rescuers" who are charged several hundreds of pounds for (non-existent) advice and equipment.When they finally give up on these mal-treated and mal-adjusted dogs, they get charged a further fee for returning them! It is possible to make hundreds of pounds a month from this type of "charity" work.

But your friends deposit will probably get lost in the post.

Edited By Rob Jones 2 on 18/04/2014 17:58:28

avtur18/04/2014 18:29:32
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We're dog lovers and owners of over 30 years ... we have the biggest contempt for 'some' so called breeders, they are so often an elitest group to be avoided at all cost.

There is a good chance that some sort of contract law has been broken here ... however if it was me I would run a mile from this breader ... a decent breader not only values the heart of the line but also they will understand the values of the customer. Something here is very wrong if they change their mind about the customer family after having seen them there is something wrong.

As much as this is upsetting to the family involved they are better off away from this deal.

iqon18/04/2014 18:43:13
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Upsetting - yes, but i think you've been gazzumped and can only put it down to experience......but thats only an opinion.

eflightray21/04/2014 16:19:08
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I would say 'save your money and go to a dog rescue organization.'

They will also want to 'vet' you to ensure you, your family, and home are suitable for a dog, (at least I would hope a reputable place would).

Too many dog breeders are just in it to make money, and will sell anything to anyone, suitable or not. Any reputable breeder who checks out a dog and family as suitable for each other, and is fine by me.

And yes, we have two rescue dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, rescued from a breeder at three years old. We have now had them for three years, and would recommend considering a dog rescue instead of the proverbial, 'we must have a puppy'. The cost of a rescue dog will also be considerable cheaper, (like a quarter to a tenth of some 'pedigree' breeders).

Most of all, the dogs future should be the first consideration, not the feelings of potential owners.

Depron Daz21/04/2014 18:38:45
760 forum posts
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I totally agree with Paul H. As a dog trainer I know the difficulties with owners getting the wrong breed of dog. So many people choose a dog without realising what the requirements are for the dog, and I'm not saying that your friend is one of these as I do not know him, but when people say to me that they want a specific breed of dog and what do I know about them, I will ask them what do THEY know about the breed, and can they provide everything that the dog requires.

I am also a house/owner vetter for Many Tears Animal Rescue, and I go to the prospective new owner to assess them and the house, and if I don't think that either are suitable then the dog doesn't go to them, simples. The dog's welfare is paramount and no rescue centre wants to see the dog having to be re-rescued and go through the process all over again.

Have your friend take a look on Many Tears, as they get Beagles needing new homes.

john stones 121/04/2014 19:02:15
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I got my last 2 dogs from RSPCA

The place is full year round with animals needing rehoming

They will do a home check and ask lots of questions, but that's how it should be.

If you can rehome one pay them a visitwink

eflightray21/04/2014 19:54:49
607 forum posts
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Daz, we got our Cavaliers from Many Tears, Llanethlli, they do a great job.

More people should support the rescues and stop buying puppies from the many puppy farms, they would eventually go out of business.

Depron Daz21/04/2014 20:20:20
760 forum posts
173 photos

One of our GSD's are from Many Tears too Ray.

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