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What's flying over your house

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John Privett30/04/2014 22:19:22
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Most likely taking the wings to Toulouse where Airbus put all the parts together.

FWAL30/04/2014 22:30:50
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I live not far from Swansea Airport, lots of small private planes some fairly new some sound and look a lot older. When I was younger I jumped out of one.....with a parachute. More recently I had the thrill of flying one. However, occasionally this aircraft makes a rare appearance. Sorry it's not the best photo but I did have to rush to grab the camera, start it up and finally take the photo


john stones 130/04/2014 22:38:29
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I have no idea but its made a mess on my carvamp


Martin Whybrow30/04/2014 23:15:52
884 forum posts
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I obviously live very close to Glenn as I'm also very close to Old Warden, and even closer to Little Gransden; I regularly see a Yak doing aerobatics, Apaches and Chinooks are also frequent visitors, the last Chinook was so low that it disappeared behind the roofline of the house opposite! Last night at 21:10 I heard the sound of a single military jet and looked out the window just in time to see it flying NW; it was low, probably less than 1000ft and sounded like it was running close to full thrust; too dark to identify though.

Robin Kearney30/04/2014 23:28:49
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Since moving house last year, I'm just a mile or so away from RAF Northolt so it's mostly 32 sq. or the Queens flight as some know it, and private jets. If I had been here during the Olympics I'd have had the pleasure of the Typhoons that were temporarily based there.

Previously I was near Tottenham and that meant I had the pleasure of the police helicopter. Nightly... It was as regular as the shipping forecast!

Terry Walters01/05/2014 07:52:35
1829 forum posts
1068 photos

A bit different here. We are in the Lot valley and get low flying which is superb for me! - Tucanos, Alphas , Jaguars, Rafales , Mirages F1s, 2000s etc, Transaals ... and once not that long ago a two seat Harrier and a vintage Fouga-Magister! Helis - Gazelles, Cougars and Gendarmerie Helis too.

With Toulouse not too far away in flying terms we also get (at a higher altitude!) Airbus 380 and A440Ms test flying - usually low speed handling. Plus the Belugas bringing in the wings from UK.

Directly across the valley from us is a tourist hot-spot so when military low flying isn't happening we get 'air-tourists' which come over the house across the valley and do one or two circuits of St Cirq Lapopie and off again. These are mainly Pierre Robins of various specs plus, ULMs (Micro lights), Robinson helis, Motorised paragliders and quite a few auto- gyros (noisy but they fascinate me!). Sometime hot air balloons early in the morning.

What do I miss - the chance that occasionally I will rush outside for the sound of a Merlin. Been here 6 years and never seen a WW11 aeroplane let alone a Spit or Hurri!!



Edited By Terry Walters on 01/05/2014 07:53:07

Colin Hooper01/05/2014 08:16:52
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21 photos

Had a Jet Provost over the house yesterday. That red and white colour scheme really stands out.


Jim Carss01/05/2014 11:06:29
2095 forum posts
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We are bang on the center line six miles out from Newcastle airport and the aircraft are around 1200 ft when they come over us.

The biggest one at the moment is the Emirates 777 from Dubai,the rest are run of the mill A320, 737,757 and the smaller city hoppers Dash 8 etc.

Flight radar 24 keeps us well informed as to what's overhead.

Mike Etheridge 101/05/2014 11:58:20
1543 forum posts
429 photos

I am located on the Heathrow flight path and also not far from Biggin Hill,Redhill and the defunct Kenley and Croydon aerodromes. A few years ago our house was circled at least three time by the Lancaster at low level -I just looked in awe but did not manage to get my camera in action,I was mowing the grass at the time!. I saw the last flying Concord just. Many of the Biggin Hill air show planes fly over including those show-offs the Red Arrows-brilliant. When I lived in Thornton Heath as a youngster virtually every plane that flew over was propeller driven. However,I remember being alerted to an over- flying Comet 1 and later a B47 Stratojet. I can also remember there was a regular night time flight of a piston engined plane. After it passed over our house you could hear the engines droning away for ages-superb!


cymaz01/05/2014 12:22:39
9195 forum posts
1186 photos

When I was young we used to live near St. Mawgan Aerodrome. Nimrods on night excersises use to turn over our bungalow and the lights used to shine into my bedroom's made me who I am today...face 7face 17

Pete B - Moderator01/05/2014 12:36:15
7641 forum posts
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Posted by cymaz on 01/05/2014 12:22:39:

When I was young we used to live near St. Mawgan Aerodrome. Nimrods on night excersises use to turn over our bungalow and the lights used to shine into my bedroom's made me who I am today...face 7face 17

Have you thought of suing the MOD?teeth 2


cymaz01/05/2014 12:37:59
9195 forum posts
1186 photos

Hand me my straight jacket matron...............

Steve T01/05/2014 12:59:43
488 forum posts
74 photos

I was born in the tiny village of Austerfield, right at the end of R.A.F. Finningley runway. Plenty of Chipmunks but of course this was still No.1 Bomber Command (Bawtry) so all day and most of the night, Vulcans! They flew in a direct line over our tiny school (25 children) and straight over our house, take off and landing. Our house had cast iron windows which cracked the panes ever few days, my Mum called a free number from the local call box and they were replaced same day! What a pleasure and indeed now a privilege to have seen so many of these wonderful beasts, to this day I actually miss them. I no longer live there, not that it matters anyway as it is now Robin Hood airport, but I saw the last Vulcan fly over my present house a couple of years ago on its way to the Lowestoft show, it was very close to tearjerker ! To me they as much a wonderful work or art as an aircraft, just so gracefull across the summer skies, at times so often we didn't even notice them, apart from the slight noise.

I became an aero modeller, can't for the life of me imagine why?

Steve T01/05/2014 13:17:23
488 forum posts
74 photos

Security!!? Forgot to say, used to cycle down the side of the runway, and more than once at around 8 years old, climbed up the ladder and sat in the cockpit as they sat on the apron. M.P.s would come and put us and our bikes into a land rover and drop us off outside the gates, all done laughing and joking, "see you next weekend boys" . Imagine that today? No! 60's innocence. We got into the annual air show every year for free, climbed over the 3ft wire fence, all the M.P.s new us and thought it was a big joke.

What memories.

David Pearce 401/05/2014 13:34:18
313 forum posts
37 photos

I'm glad I started this, great response.

When I was a boy I lived in Chippenham and if I watched out of the front window I saw Comets and Britanias from RAF Lyneham. If I looked out of the back it was Hastings in circuit over RAF Colerne. I cycled out to both and saw the first C130Ks Hercules on delivery at Colerne. I remember seeing 9 Hastings in box formation, lovely sight and sound. Always fancied an RC Hastings...

cymaz01/05/2014 13:53:04
9195 forum posts
1186 photos

Dave, I too lived in Chippenham! Gosh I get around. My abiding memory will be the c130 sound...ahsmiley

avtur01/05/2014 16:19:01
883 forum posts
20 photos

What's flying over my house ... well today it's everything which is departing from Manchester.

The wind is out the East so all departures are lifting off from 05L, I'm about 2 miles from the end of the runway and a couple of hundred yards south of the extended centre line so everything is coming near enough over the top of us. In fact anything heading south is usually starting turn right immediately over head so we get a great view the undersides.

It can get quite noisy, to the point where you can't have a telephone conversation, but it doesn't bother me, since I've made a living for 25 years putting fuel on these very aircraft.

If I want to see anything interesting of the GA type then its a 20 minute trundle down the M60 to Barton or City Airport Manchester as it now calls itself!

Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services01/05/2014 17:30:36
1704 forum posts
661 photos

We get a lot of the air traffic from RAF Leeming Barr and others flying over us, we live in a valley that they use for low level flying practice, we also get the big stuff flying over as well as Chinooks and other helis, gets quite busy at times. No flying at weekends though.

Terry Walters01/05/2014 17:46:32
1829 forum posts
1068 photos
Posted by Codename-John on 30/04/2014 22:12:36:


This big ugly thing is a regular occurrence too, taking the wings from Airbus in Hawarden over to somewhere in France I believe, Flies so low you could almost throw stones at it

Well CJ these are the one's that come over my house on the way into Airbus in Toulouse!


Reno Racer01/05/2014 17:46:55
1138 forum posts
168 photos

Until recently very regular and low level V22 Osprey, Chinook, UH60 Blackhawk, Apache and that's just the Helis, but that's a different story. Now the occasional light aircraft.

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