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What's flying over your house

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Graham Davies 317/12/2020 11:11:24
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Posted by Matt Carlton on 17/12/2020 09:12:58:

I'm lucky that we're in a bit of a hotspot, so we get a fairly eclectic mix of F-15s from Lakenheath, F-35s and Typhoons from Marham, V-22s, C-130s and KC-135s from Mildenhall, well as some interesting GA stuff using the small airfield nearby.

Interestingly had an F-16 doing circuits overhead not long ago. Possibly USAF but more likely Belgian I suppose.

Hi Matt,

Until March, I worked in Mildenhall and the flight line was visible from our office. The law of s0d dictated that as soon as an important phone call or meeting started, the F15s would put in an appearance and all audio communication ended! Another interesting thing; we had a projector suspended from the boardroom ceiling. When the Ospreys flew nearby, it would cause the image to blur. For ages I thought it was me...

Anyhow, our local Harvard has just given me a flypast near Sudbury!


John Privett17/12/2020 18:24:28
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Thanks Ken & Jim for the info.

And Christmas greetings to you both, and to Pat, and others up in NE-land...

John P. - 'I've not been up to NE26 for quite a while!' dept.

Jim Carss17/12/2020 18:57:44
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Nowts changed,kendo still can't spell my name right.

All the best

stay cool


Adrian Smith 113/01/2021 16:20:55
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Well not quite over my house. I am lucky enough to live close to Bentwaters retired airbase and RAF Woodbridge (now has the Royal Engineers there) , where there are 1000's of hectares of Rendlesham forest to walk around.

I was rudely roused from my quiet country walk in solitude by the clatter of an attack helicopter (probably from Wattisham but I don't know) doing low flying practice over the woods and the old Woodbridge runway.

Livened up my day I can tell you! surprise




Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 13/01/2021 16:21:40

Peter Miller13/01/2021 18:09:52
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Yes An Apache and that is from Wattisham

I have them over my house day and night.

They even use the steel box on our flying field as a"tank". That little white shape right unter the chopperhelicopter+012.jpg

Edited By Peter Miller on 13/01/2021 18:11:06

leccyflyer13/01/2021 18:23:01
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Had what I thought initially was a Spitfire flew over yesterday, but it didn't sound, or look, quite right. I'm guessing it was this replica which is up for sale.

Peter Miller13/01/2021 18:38:38
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Just an interesting little story

Several years ago I bought a genuine Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flying suit in a local government surplus store for peanuts.

I sold it on Ebay at a profit. The buyer was someone building a reduced scale replica Spitfire.

Rich Griff13/01/2021 19:01:49
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I don't think the 500ft rule applied to the Osprey pilot that flew down our valley about 2 years ago. He was low, I mean low, flying from Snowdon direction towards the TV mast, pylons and high voltage cables that cross the valley at that end.

I used to live on the coast many years ago and one Sunday afternoon saw the black sr71 is it, the very Fast high altitude reconasance aircraft. It flew down the valley over the bridge quite quietly, then opened the throttles leaving 2 black lines and roared of towards tywyn. From where I was standing he was well below the mountain top horizon, so was well under 500 ft.

The Mach loop is a cool place for a free air show.

Colin Leighfield13/01/2021 19:39:05
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Adrian’s post brought back warm memories. My late wife’s family lived in Woodbridge and we spent many happy hours in the back garden, watching F16s and A10s on their way in and out of Bentwaters. Also I well remember fields of Bloodhound missiles pointing to the sky at Bawdsey. We were very sad when we heard that after so many years the USAF was moving out of Bentwaters and closing the base in 1993. They held an annual airshow and the final one was in October 1992, we were there with son James who was just four months old! The American aircrew were always standing by their planes in the public area and were happy to talk to you. I remember a conversation with an F111 pilot, I think that wasn’t long before they were withdrawn from service. Wonderful days, sadly missed.

Adrian Smith 113/01/2021 20:32:05
2492 forum posts
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Interesting to see your post, Colin. On this particular occasion I was walking also the northern boundary of the old Woodbridge runways. You can see the broken down control tower half way along. Much of the runway area is now overgrown with wild foliage. Sad really. The main runway at Bentwaters in largely intact though but partially covered by industrial units. The main guard house and barrier are still in use. There is a corner of the base area that is used for major film stunts that involve car chases and explosions. And of course there is the Cold War museum.

Colin Leighfield13/01/2021 21:28:22
6086 forum posts
2557 photos

Thanks Adrian. Time moves on, things change, not always for the better. The last time I was in Woodbridge was with my son in May 2019 for my mother-in-law’s funeral and we had a quiet day looking around old haunts, including Framlingham and the old wartime USAAF airfield where there is an excellent museum in the old control-tower. Must go back some-time.

GrumpyGnome14/01/2021 05:13:43
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Just off the East Coast where I live, there is a massive area for MOD use, we regularly see F15s on their way to/from it and they often seem to just do lazy circuits around the village. A couple of days ago, they came overhead at low kevel (for them) bigger than I expected, very noisy and imposing ..... probably appropriate given their intended use

A couple of days ago, a pair of Typhoons came past the end of our garden - probably about 500 yards away. They were below the horizon level and it is quite flat where I live so I guess they were well under 1000 feet. Flew slowly SE to NW, gently rocked their wings both ways and went on their way. Lowest I have seen any jets 'in the wild', could easily see the pilot and all the external detail. Seem much quieter, smaller and sleeker than the F15s.Even my wife was excited!

For the past three nights we have has some jet exercises over the area - suspect they are Hawks going from the sound etc..

Would love to see Apaches - we regularly see Chinooks but nothing more exciting.

Rich Griff14/01/2021 09:56:08
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I remember traveling to an airshow in Fairford i think it was, from North Wales.

Along the way we passed on the left, sitting on some runway which was close to the road, a sad looking Lightening, all graffitied up.


I suggested we should tow it home...😀


Was that Binbrook I wonder and is it still there ?


An other aircraft spotted years ago, coming down the hill into welshpool from the coast. At the roundabout, turn left up the hill towards Guildsfield, the scenery opens up to see the valley and hills in the distance.

We saw a really low camouflaged Vulcan pop up and hugging the ground, hedge hopping ?

It pulled up and turned 180 degrees and roared off back to balay way, still hedge hopping.

What a sight and privilege. It must have been training so as to stay under radar...

Edited By Rich Griff on 14/01/2021 10:01:09

Ace14/01/2021 11:31:50
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Big and as nimble as the Vulcan is in 66 XH536 from my Dads 9 squadron got it wrong and hit a Welsh mountain - all were killed. On joint maneuvers the Yanks were amazed how low the Brits flew - takes skill and practice.

Sorry off topic but earlier there was a reference to Vulcans Nuking the yanks twice. It happened way more than twice. Other sorties landed in Nebraska, others flew over New York before landing at Goose Bay and when they came in from the North Pole over Chicago they thought they were U2's returning. The public never heard about those either.

All unchallenged.

Edited By Ace on 14/01/2021 11:37:20

john davidson 114/01/2021 11:54:55
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The most memorable sighting I ever had was when hillwalking in Glen Affric about twenty years ago. I was on top of the hill at 3500 feet when a B1 appeared from the north at just above my eye level and the icing on the cake was two F15s escorting it. I don't think even the Mach loop could beat that!

Peter Miller14/01/2021 12:25:43
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A little story from my days on 220 squadron, (Shackletons).

One of our Shacks was sent on a "good will" visit to the USA. They had been flogging across the Atlantic for many hours and eventually arrived at the base they were to visit.

The prpoblem was that the base was having a major parade etc and the runway had aircraft lined up for inspection so the pilot was told that he would have to wait until the parade was over.

Well something aproaching 24 hours of Griffons roaring away was abit too much so the pilot cut the two outboard engines.

Instant panic on the ground and the parade was cleared away in nothing flat and the pilot was told to land.

When he was asked what had happened his reply that he was tired of the noise was NOT popular.

He then pointed out that Shack could fly on one engine if needed. At the later airshow he demonstrated that fact doing fly pasts on one engine obviously with a reduced fuel load

As a point of interest when the Super Connies were crossing the Atlantic if they lost and engine they promptly called for an escort by our search and rescue Shacks.

A Shackleton flat out on 4 engines could only just keep up with A Super Constellation cruising on 3 engines. which made the call out very unpopular.

Just what the Shack could do to help them apart from dropping rubber dinghies and reporting where the wreckage was is open to question

David P Williams14/01/2021 14:12:21
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Posted by Adrian Smith 1 on 13/01/2021 16:20:55:

Livened up my day I can tell you! surprise




The Chinooks come by my house a bit lower than that, they're often behind the house over the road. We get Hercules about the height of that Apache, usually in twos and often around 11pm in the pitch black. Hope their night vision goggles are good, sound like they're going to take the roof off.

When I was doing my flying training with the Royal Navy Elementary Flying Training Squadron from RAF Leeming and RAF Topcliffe in 1978 we used the low flying areas to the west (around Wenslydale) and the east (North York Moors). I was learning in Bulldogs and we were allowed down to 250ft agl with an instructor, or 500ft agl solo, all judged by eye of course as we would be flying down in valleys or up over the hill to the next valley.

Radio calls were made on entering the area and on leaving, but often no radio signal while we were in there and no radar cover. We could usually hear other aircraft calling entering or leaving as they descended into or climbed out of the area and there would often be quite a mix of aircraft, including USAF and occasional German and other European ones. Consequently you had to have your eyes on stalks and your head on a swivel as you were pitoting the aircraft and at the same time trying to calculate a heading and time of arrival at the target your instructor had just ringed on the half mil chart you were clutching (it was usually a telephone box - a 'T' and a dot on the chart). All done at a fairly sedate 110 knots or so, bit still pretty hard, sweaty work, lots of use of 'five mile thumbs' and the 1 in 60 rule.

I had two close encounters.

The first was when flying down a valley with my instructor, 250ft, hills either side a fair bit higher than us. another valley intersected from the right and as we approached the intersection a Vulcan appeared from the other valley, same height as us, and passed across our nose probably half a mile ahead.

The second was while flying solo, so 500ft, on a cross-country navex, again following a valley. A pair of Buccaneers appeared from under the nose, flying down the same valley, having flown underneath me.

Both events got my attention pretty quickly.


Edited By David P Williams on 14/01/2021 14:13:50

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