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Congratulations Mr Miller

40 Years of Model Aircraft Design

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Levanter01/05/2014 06:11:49
889 forum posts
437 photos


I have just bought at copy of your book on designing model aircraft. In the introduction to the author it says you designed your first model in 1974. A Luton Minor and although there was no actual date, this year marks 40 years of designs from Peter Miller. Congratulations!!

In the last year I have collected about 25 of your designs and I have no idea how many more I would have to collect to have your entire portfolio. Perhaps you could let us now what the current tally is? I imagine I have not even reached 5%

Anyway, very best wishes from a big Miller fan.

Peter Miller01/05/2014 08:40:18
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

Actually that was the first publisshed control line plan, Duchess, in 74. A few more control liners before the Luton Minor was my 11th plan in February 1982.

To have my entire port folio counting a few 3 Views and several plans published in more than one country and a few vintages designs ressurected and including the two coming out in the JUne issures of RCM&E and RCMW. You would have to collect 167

Six in the first five months of this year!!!!,

Maybe I should put the full list up here.

Levanter01/05/2014 08:55:09
889 forum posts
437 photos

Yes Pleaseyes

Peter Miller01/05/2014 09:05:06
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

1 Duchess, Control line aerobatic biplane , Aeromodeller 1974

2 Dancing Girl.Control line aerobatic biplane Model Airplane News USA

3 Thrift light Wt Control line stunter Aeromodeller

4 Lake LA 4 C/L scale amphibian Aeromodeller

5 Flying Banana C/L twin rotor autogyro like Piasecki.MAN USA

6 Tiger Rag Control line aerobatic biplane Model Aviation USA

7 Tiger rag Control line aerobatic biplane Modelarz (Poland)

8 Yak 18 C/L semiscale stunter Aeromodeller

9 Tempete C/L scale homebuilt Model Aviation USA

10 Yak 18 as above Modelarz POLAND

11 Luton Minor R/C scale RCM&E

12 Volks plane R/C scale homebuilt RCM&E

13 Don Kichot 1/4 scale R/C homebuilt Model Aviation USA

14 PeeTee Sportster Semi scale sports R/C RCM&E

15 Ryan B-5 Brougham R/C scale Model Aviation USA

16 Turbulent R/C scale homebuilt R/C Scale Modeler USA

17 Turbulent as above RC Model World

18 Miss 57 semiscale R/C sports model RC Model World

19 Agrocat Semiscale R/C sportster with crop dusting facility RC Model .. World

20 Brugger Colibri R/C Scale homebuilt RC Model World

21 Lady Eowyn R/C High wing cabin monoplane aerobatic, R/C model world

22 Taylor Monoplane R/C scale homebuilt Scale Aircraft Quarterly

23 T.R.I 6 AL Pursuit (Trivial Pursuit) Semi scale R/C Radio Modeller

24 Laughing Samurai Special R/C sports Radio Modeller (Oct 90

25 Fan Dancer, Competition Fun Fly Radio Modeller Nov 91

26 Aztec Two-Step, 020 powered twin Dec Radio Modeller Dec 91

27 Tequila Sunrise Semi scale R/C Model Radio Modeller Feb 91

*28 Taylor Monoplane scale drawings of full size aircraft

29 0-Four9ier, semiscale powered glider

30 Yuppy Love, small aerobatic biplane

31 Montezuma's Revenge, Aerobatic flying wing for .40

32 American Dragon, semi scale biplane

33 The Little Ship, Vintage designed by Dick Schumacher ONly a small reproduction

34 Tequila Sunrise, as 28 in RCM (USA)

35 Netopyr Czech vintage design

36 Moon Dancer, sports aerobatic model

37 Aerobic, indoor aerobatic radio control.

38 Waco PG-2 Scale Model for 2 .049 engines RCMW

39 Sunbeam Part I Ultra simple powered glider for Cox Texaco 049

Sunbeam Pt II

40 Monocoupe 110 scale model with basic history of full size

41 R/C Coquette R/C adaption of Vic Smeed design

42 Blue Movie II RCMW Experimental plastic model in Correx

43 Quark Plan Aeromodeller CO2 powered R/C, weight 2 ounces.

*44 Stitts Baby Bird, 3 view of worlds smallest aircraft published SAMs

45 MAK 15 Co2 Powered Russian powered glider, published by SAMS

46 Shrike Commander, .020 powered scale twin, hairy!!

47 Velie Monocoupe, 44"span scale model for .074 and four channel radio

**48 Aerobic kit by Miniature Aircraft Factory as 37 above.

49 Faile (Falcon) RM, Scale up of O-Four9ier, see 29

50 Waco PG-2 Scale twin in Radio Control Modeller USA as 38 above

51 King Condor. Enlarged Trivial Pursuit see No 23

52 Peanuts, 049 trainer in book and plans service, basically a cut down


53 Moondancer 25, Scaled up version of 36, Oct 96 RM

54 Velie Monocoupe, Scaled up version of 47 for .25 engines.Dec 96 RCMW

55 Lady Samantha, Spoof scale in RCMW April 97

56 Pink Panter, CO2 F/F design in Aeromodeller.

57 Magee Challenger CO2 spoof scle in Aeromodeller

58 Cavalier CL plan in AMI

59 Electric Little Ship Full size plan in AMI as 33 above

60 Tipsy Nipper plan RCMW profile fun fly

61 Dragon Dancer RCM&E June 98, 40 size Moondancer

62 Granny Weatherwax, rubber powered witch in AMI

63 Fantasy 2, sport scale for .20 to .25s in AMI

64 Cavalier Plan in Flying Models, USA. repeat of 58 above.

*65 Zivko Edge scale 3 view as part of a Miller's Tale

66 Photo Prince keldar Flying Models Jan 99 Nov 00

67 Chantilly Lace. .40 powered open cockpit aerobatic. RCM&E

68 Peggy-Sue, 30 FS powered high wing aerobatic model Flying Models

69 Signorina, .12 powered trainer with Sig foam wing

70 Macchi 202 1/12th scale fighter

71 Stubble Jumper plan, Parasol wing in AMI. Built By Dave Perryman

72 Messy Wolf RCM&E Mar 00 Mar 01

Peter Miller01/05/2014 09:06:11
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

73 Mary Lou Flying Models July 00 Mar 01

74 Umaguli AMI Jan 01 March 01

75 Miss Molly RCMW

76 Lady Samantha in RCM (USA)

78 Jolene in AMI

79 Peyret Mauboussin electric power in S&E Modeler, USA

80 American Nightmare .15 powered twin in RCM&E

*81 Zivko Edge 540 3views in Flying Models

82 Easter Eagle Electric powered glider, RCM&E

83 Easter Eagle Mk 2 in S&E Modeler, USA

84 Fletcher FD-25B in Flying Scale Models

85 Fantasy 3 AMI JUne 02.

86 Toot Sweet in RCM&E, July 02, Scale up of Yuppy Love.

87 Kawasaki Hein for 15s in AMI January 03issue

88 Kirby Motor Tutor in FSM February issue

89 Ohmsick Angel Quiet Flyer, USA.

90 Firedrake RCM&E July 03

91 Paladin, R/C Model World.

92 Bootlace semi-scale Shoestring RCM&E Jan 04

93 Stupid Cupid 15 powered C/L stunter AMI Feb 04

94 Dancing Girl. .46 powered aerobatic AMI

**95 Macchi Folgore plan for Cambria Kits

96 PT Boat in Model Boats. First boat design Aug 04

97 Culver Dart in RCM&E as full size plan., Aug 04

98 Stitts Playboy in FSM Aug 04

*99 Aeromod Loadmaster 3-view (Biplane Piper Cub based on Janes article.

100 Li'l Mustang, semi-scale aerobatic, RCMW Dec04 issue

*101 Kirby Motor Tutor in FSM with plan of model.

102 Tipsy Junior R/C plan in March 05 RCM&E

103 Rhapsody, two parts in AMI June and July 05 issues

104 Miss Lizzy, RCM&E Sports design Sepet 05

105, Cjetkovic Mini Ace, Scale model RCMW Sept 05

106 Corben Super Ace in FSM UAug issue

107 Miss Cassy in R/C Model Flyer.

108 Fike E in RCM&E Feb 206

109 Midget Mustang 1/5th scale RCM&E October 06

110 Marauder AMI Sept & October 06 issues

111 Wattsdog, electric power RCM&E Dec 06 isue

112 Symphony Elliptical wing aerobat RCMW Jan 07 issue

113 Sonerai, Sports semi-scale modelApril RCM&E

114 Bonzo, Sports model RCMW June 07

115 CAP 21 sport scale aerobatic RCM&E, August 07 issue

116. Fournier RF7, scale model. RCMW. Sept 07.

117 Little Bandit AMI Jan 08 issue

118 Werewolf Jan 08 RCM&E

119 Size Zero. March 08 RCMW

120 Denight Special RCM&E April 08 issue

121 Cassutt .15 powered in RCM&E July 08 issue

122 Okie Swinger in RCMW July 08 issue

123 Feugrey TR 260 french aerobatic aircraft RCM&E

124 Gusty 3 views in Miller's tales.

125 Renegade Pattern Ship in RCMW Jan 09 issue

126 Big Ship, enlarged Little Ship in Jan 09 RCM&E

127 Cessna Airmaster. FSM Feb 09

128 Frisky pete vinatge control line in May 09 Model Flyer

129 Midget Mustang, Control liner in May 09 RCM&E

130 R/C Roamer. Vintage R/C from Cal Smith, RCM&E July 09 issue.

131 Luciole 3 view in Millers tales

132 Luciole plan RCM&E NOvember 09 issue

133 Slingsby T31M February 10 RCM&E

134 Super Trooper March 10 RCM&E

135 Harmony RCM&E June issue

136 Tailwind RCM&E Aug issue

137 Van's RV-3 in November 2010 RCM&E

138 Swizzle Stick in RCMW Nov 2010 issue

139 Witt-V racer in Traplet Plans handbook 2010

140 Melody biplane RCM&E March 2011

141 Super Acro 3 view in colum Miller's Tales May 2011 AMI

142 Fournier RF 7 in RCM&E

143 Super Acro on RCMW September 2011.

144 PTBoat in Model Boats contruction Special

145 Feurgrey T260 in RCM&E plans hand book 2011.

146 Dalotel RCMW Dec 2011

147 Legrand Simon RCM&E Dec 2011

148 Turbulent Sold to RAM Models for part kit.

149 Harlequin. RCM&E March 2012 issue

150, Miles Magister sold to RAM models as a kit.

151Sandow. Enlarged vintage. RCM&E July 12

152Minnow aerobatic semi scale RCMW Sept 2012 issue.

153Wee Mad Arthur. Sports aerobatic for .15, Model Flyer October issue.

154Dragon Dancer.2 aerobatic for .25 to .32 in RCM&E December issue

155Sky Rover General purpose for . 48. .52 Four strokes. Model flyer Dec issue

156 Fokker DVIII. Scale in January RCMW. 40 FS power

157 Oodalally Sports aerobatic. RCM&E

158 Culture Vulture .049 powered glider Modl Flyer June 13 issue

159 Dancing Queen. Sports aerobatic RCMW July 13

160 Swamp Rat Sports aerobatcic RCM&E July 2013

161 Panic Attack Model Flyer Aug 13 issue

162 Alley Cat RCMW Feb 2014

163 CAP 20L RCM&E March issue 2014.

164 Fanlight Fanny R/C Model Flyer, May issue 2014

165 Miss Alliance RC Model World May 2014

166 Grumpy Tigercub RCM&E June 2014

167 Fournier RF-7 for cox .049. RCMW June 2014

Martyn K01/05/2014 11:26:18
5121 forum posts
3714 photos

Good grief. That's amazing.. Which is your favourite Peter?


Bob Cotsford01/05/2014 11:35:44
8853 forum posts
496 photos

I'm more intrigued by the question of what you do with all those airframes, do you keep them, sell them on, give them away or recycle them?  I have enough problems storing the detritus of 40 years + modelling when it only amounts to 35ish airframes.

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 01/05/2014 11:36:44

Peter Miller01/05/2014 18:21:06
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles


The one that I am flying at the moment. I do have favourites, My CAP 21 is one, Rhapsody is another.


I crash quite a few,(Usually a favourite) some get worn out, some are "reduced to produce" a few are stripped and given away and and some are burnt when they get tired and tatty.

Tim Hooper01/05/2014 21:45:03
2917 forum posts
2414 photos

I can only stand in wonder....... smile o


Tony Bennett01/05/2014 21:55:52
5082 forum posts
129 photos

one hell of a list there peter.

wow springs to mind.

Luther Oswalt01/05/2014 21:56:50
139 forum posts


Wow what an accomplishment! congrads! You should be Knighted! ( or at lease get your own horse and life time of hay! )


Edited By Luther Oswalt on 01/05/2014 22:00:31

Levanter01/05/2014 21:57:01
889 forum posts
437 photos

The list is simply outstanding. 25 collected, 142 to go and they keep on coming!! I must look at the Rhapsody.

Peter Miller02/05/2014 09:12:34
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

Rhapsody fools everyone. They say "Oh what a pretty vintage model!"

Vintage HECK! it will make most aerobatic sports models look sick and has been climbed vertically from take off to over 2000 feet. Also does the fastest flick rolls you have ever seen.

Oh, and in my case they spell it "Cur" not "Sir"

Peter Miller02/05/2014 09:26:34
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

This is Rhapsody, an AMI plan.


And this is Symphony, AN RCMW plan and the low wing version of Rhapsody. It doesn't flick roll as fast for some reason.


Tony Bennett02/05/2014 09:31:57
5082 forum posts
129 photos

both lovely models.laugh

wish i could design as well as you young man.

Peter Miller02/05/2014 09:35:27
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

It isn't hard, just takes practice and inspiration. I keep telling people, anyone can do it.

kc25/07/2014 11:56:54
6788 forum posts
174 photos

Surely it's time we had a ' Peter Miller day ' at a fly in so we could gather a large number of model to his designs for a photo etc?

Also I reckon Peter is possibly the longest serving monthly columnist still writing! ( in some magazine or other since the early 80's at least - Engine Bay, Safety Notes, Millers Tales etc )

Former Member25/07/2014 13:03:29
8090 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Peter Miller25/07/2014 18:40:51
11619 forum posts
1393 photos
10 articles

I used to go to Scale Day many years ago but haven't been for a long time. I think that that was back in about 1982 when I came second in Control line.

These days I find that a long day out will floor me for a few days. Occasional trips to the Rougham even is about my limit.

As has been said, I take my hat off to David Boddington.

My only excuse is that, apart from half a dozen plans, I built all my own prototypes.


kevin b25/07/2014 18:50:43
1971 forum posts
176 photos

And he still has time for those of us who bombard him with stupid questions ! thumbs up

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