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Summer's here! Who's been flying?

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John Privett15/06/2014 12:09:39
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I thought the weather forecast for the weekend was supposed to be warm and sunny - at least tha'st what they were saying on Friday. Yesterday I was out all day - round-trip to Manchester and back - and apparently it rained a little while I was gone. Today it's dull and gloomy - looks like it could rain at any minute. I'm not very hopeful I'll get any flying this afternoon...

Erfolg15/06/2014 13:45:40
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Here in Manchester it has drizzled most of the morning. At lunch, the wet stuff finally stopped.

I did go to the field, I had wondered if I would be the only one, which proved to be correct. Walking onto the patch, even the very short grass soaked my shoes. As I looked around, the field was continuously criss crossed by House Martins, skimming the ground at no more than 3", for much of their ginking flight. Not one flying at height other than briefly as they flew above the non mown outer field.

Barely a breath of wind could be felt, the sky almost a uniform grey with shades of blue, creating some texture.

I did contemplate that under these conditions, there will be few thermals, as the ground soaked up the heat. Those thermals popping of, being few, and far between. Not a thermal day, yet catching that one thermal and working it would have been satisfaction enough, when I flew thermal models. Now a power flyer, these subtleties pass me by, normally.

I watched a duck, fly off into the distance, a few crows pass noisily by, and thrushes, working the short grass, looking for grubs, I presume.

Eventually I was joined by another member, who test flew a model which has a new motor.

I retreated to the car, feet sodden, with dampness creeping up the bottom of my trousers from my shoes.

I still enjoyed that hour, at the field.

leccyflyer15/06/2014 14:18:52
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I've had quite a similar morning - yesterday was rained off but this morning I loaded up between showers of light drizzle an made my way to a deserted flying site, that, as always is beautifully manicured and set in stunning surroundings. Nobody at the field though, other than Biffo the Bull and his family, sitting down in the damp grass and a variable 8mph breeze, that was giving some decent gusts. Anyway, nothing ventured, so after putting a battery on to charge, I put together my Aerowatt and committed aviation.

Can't really say that it was all that enjoyable, the air was very lumpy near the ground and gusty winds rocked the model on low passes, Okay at altitude, so I beat up the overcast for a bit, before landing at the second attempt.

In the end I was at the field for about an hour but the wind got stronger, the drizzle returned and I only had one flight. If there had been others there to pass the time I might have hung on a bit longer and waited for the drizzle to stop, but there's no great joy in flying entirely on your own IMO and I set off for home.

Bob Cotsford15/06/2014 17:48:51
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excellent day as a guest flyer at a.n.other club. Perfect flying weather with just a couple of drops falling early and then again as I was packing up.

Chuck Plains15/06/2014 18:58:06
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As I worked today (Sunday) I got to use the company van, due to my car having a major operation.

So I was able to take my Bixler and have a couple of flights after work, over the fields that adjoin the indistrial estate. All the grass had been harvested during the week.

With a moderate breeze blowing mostly along the valley I had plenty of low passes over my intended landing strip.

Had to dodge a few giant black plastic covered wheetaibxes if I strayed too far out, but brought all my landings to wothin 30ft of the shady gate where I was standing.

After I had trimmed out a curious right turn tendancy, the early evening flights were very nice. smile d

Chuck Plains15/06/2014 19:01:20
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Posted by john stones 1 on 15/06/2014 12:04:13:

My braincell's working today so i'm off flyingteeth 2


Brain cells eh? Got any you're not using? I'll send a stamped addressed sample tube if you can spare some live ones. face 15

John Privett15/06/2014 21:27:13
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Posted by John Privett on 15/06/2014 12:09:39:

Today it's dull and gloomy - looks like it could rain at any minute. I'm not very hopeful I'll get any flying this afternoon...

Well, I went flying this afternoon, and the weather was as bad as predicted... It didn't rain - well, not until after I'd set off to come home - but it was dull, not very warm and with a stiff breeze directly across the strip. I spent a couple of hours there, but only had three flights. the others who were there didn't fly much either. Has summer been and gone already?

cymaz15/06/2014 21:46:48
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Saturday was ideal here in PL27. Sunny with a steady wind down the strip.

Came home looking like a beetroot hot

Chuck Plains17/06/2014 07:38:25
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Posted by John Privett on 15/06/2014 21:27:13:Has summer been and gone already?



Cymaz, just like me, seems to live in the SW corner of this green and pleasant land. Summer is parked down here at the moment. My mum in Hastings was complaining about dull days when I spoke to her on Sunday. Hmm, does that mean I'll have to use heavier models if I move there? wink 2

Edited By Chuck Plains on 17/06/2014 07:39:05

Tony Bennett17/06/2014 09:41:52
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miserable here.

not wet but windy and overcast.

summer has come and gone me thinks.

john stones 118/06/2014 18:04:54
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Glorious day in Donny todaysmile d

Got my bald bit burnt at work, gonna need to buy a parasol for Sunday sad rose


David Ashby - Moderator23/06/2014 14:52:05
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Carl, I've just moved your posts across to the Greenacres chat thread, hope that's ok.

buster prop23/06/2014 19:45:13
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I went to our club field yesterday morning, sunny and warm with just a light wind. I expected that others would be there but no-one was. Meanwhile I had set up and flown a couple of electric gliders and my WOT4 Foam-E. Still no-one arrived so I put a battery on charge and flew another model. More flying and charging so after a couple of hours I packed up and went home. It would have been nice to have had some company, but with limited time, good weather and a car full of planes I wasn't going to waste the opportunity. Once I was in a club that didn't permit solo flying or any flying at all before mid-day, so I left and joined another club with a more accommodating approach. I/C flying at certain times is restricted because of noise but I fly gliders and electric so I'm not affected by that. Whenever I have the time and good weather I'll go out and fly, if anyone else is there, fine. If not I just fly on regardless.

Nev23/06/2014 20:10:01
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I had a very similar day. Turned up just after lunch, first time in a long while mind you, to an empty field. Only one other chap turned up, so we had a very relaxed afternoon. Must have all been at Greenacres.

probably just as well as I was a bit nervous before hand having not flown for a few mounths, forgot all about it after the first flight. Good day won't leave it so long next time.

Former Member23/06/2014 21:45:59

[This posting has been removed]

John Privett23/06/2014 22:18:28
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Two excellent afternoons this weekend at my club where we can't fly solo or before noon. Probably not buster prop's former club (we're nowhere near M.K.) but for us at least it's not a matter of not being accommodating, just something we have little or no choice over.

Anyway, a good turnout on both days with a gentle breeze almost straight down the strip - though in opposite directions on the two days. We flew until our 8pm 'curfew'. Hopefully there's quite a few more weekends like it ahead before the nights start drawing-in again.

Former Member24/06/2014 11:36:50

[This posting has been removed]

buster prop24/06/2014 13:50:29
497 forum posts
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I probably meant 'restrictive' in relation to club rules instead of implying that they were not being accommodating about flying alone and before mid-day. These rules are sometimes a condition of using the field or because of the fear of accidents happening to lone flyers. Personally I'm willing to take that risk and just be careful. On this point we agree or disagree. I read some earlier posts on this subject which said if you don't like the rules of a club then leave and go elsewhere which is what I did. My present club has fewer rules and as far as I know there have been no serious accidents. Before joining any club I'd read its rules very carefully and if necessary not join it. BTW I was at the field alone again this morning. If I was in some clubs I wouldn't be getting much flying done!

Former Member24/06/2014 14:03:34

[This posting has been removed]

Erfolg24/06/2014 14:42:59
11749 forum posts
1337 photos


Did you check your equipment for condition prior to use?

I have thought from time to time when considering this issue how reasonable is such a rule. The first time it occurred to me was watching a farmer operating a tractor whilst cutting our field, then connecting some other equipment to throw the straw across the field. Since then i have often observed various people engaged in farming engaged in all manner of tasks, some fraught with danger, such as ditch clearing, all normally alone.

In principle it must be desirable to always have some one in attendance, who can call for help.

Then I think of my dearly beloved, who baby sits for two days, totally alone, sometimes using sharp knifes and other tasks. I am put under pressure from time to time to assist her, but then again I prefer to take the risk of staying at home and all the risks that entails.

Perhaps even greater concern, was my mother, who refused to stay with me, preferring to be alone, at the age of 86, whilst frail, infirm and all that that implies.

On balance the risks of flying electric models alone, are quite low, although, there are some.

Edited By Erfolg on 24/06/2014 14:43:47

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