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Summer's here! Who's been flying?

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Former Member24/06/2014 15:14:26

[This posting has been removed]

Erfolg24/06/2014 15:36:31
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I guess a proof test was not involved thendevil. Sorry for winding you up, but.......................angel 2

Caveman24/06/2014 16:59:40
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Sunday was a perfect day for flying - couldn't go

Monday was a good day for flying - couldn't go

The weather forecast for this morning was good, turning windier later. So, on that basis, we went flying earlier this morning.

It started off nice and calm, quite warm and sunny, but over a couple of hours the wind got up, the temperature went down and the sun disappeared. Next we knew, this:

caught out by rain.jpg

Simply a case of waiting for the showers (quite heavy) to pass and then carry on!

Eventually the wind got too strong, and as further rain was on the horizon, sense prevailed and we packed up!

Cheers GDB

GrumpyGnome25/06/2014 08:08:46
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Flew Friday for a couple of hours, Saturday a couple, Sunday an hour or so; Monday, yesterday and this morning I flew for half an hour before work, with my Yak UMX in the park - before dog walkers arrived.

Making the most of it as the Tour De France stuff has started - the park is an official parking sit6e. A fair arrived yesterday and the council have built a number of concrete ramps to get cars etc. off the road an onto the grass -at least it's dry at the moment, so maybe it won't be a complete eye sore when it all ends. Doesn't affect the Yak of course as I either just point it up, give it some juice and let go, or take off on the quiet road next to the park.


Erfolg26/06/2014 11:22:20
11749 forum posts
1337 photos

Yesterday, I went as usual to the club field, not an easy undertaking, when one considers all the modern pressures on us old ones, with the Football section of the paper to read, then the need to be ready for the start of the football, pundits predictions to consider before the match, the last one often finishing late at night.

One of the reasons I felt the need to go, was how much longer can the good weather last? The other was to check out a model which had been subjected to an act of vandalism whilst at Greenacres. There is no need to worry, no need to inform the authorities, as the culprit confessed. The matter is a closed book now, that is other than I now feel the need to confront the culprit with the model, sigh, shake my head. As you can tell I have been very balanced with respect to this crime, which at one time could have lead to transportation, in these enlightened times, restricted to asking the transgressor to confront their heinous crime.

At the field, I was very surprised, as arriving reasonably early at 01:00hrs, there were already 4 or 5 cars present.

On the patch itself the contrast with Greenacres was immediately apparent, so much smaller, no flat landing area, more a scale model of the Pennines, although most of the landing area is commendably short, almost a short as a cricket pitch, in places.

I immediately flew my Parkzone Reliant, as this was the perfect weather to check out the trims, after my repairs. I was particularly concerned with the rudder, due to a reduced throw and the elevator as this is now not quite in the same location. I need not have worried, as the model responded well to the rudder on take off, to the extent I now think, I should have either used a lot more exponential on he original setting or possibly cut down the throw/servo travel. The model lifted cleanly, climbing gently out. At a reasonable height, I did realise I did need a lot more up trim, which i did feed in, although running out of trim. I will reset the surface shortly.

I then went on to fly my PC, feeling free to do so now, as loosing it would not be breaking faith with the mass build anymore. Although I trust this does not happen. Finishing my session using my vee tailed CS, freeing a seized wheel has made a massive difference to the take off, now controllable. Although it may seem obvious that a seized wheel would cause issues, I was not completely convinced that the wheel was seized at the previous flying session. Anyway, that bit of maintenance seems top have worked.

Enough about myself, much more interesting is the progress of two other modellers who joined up last year about the same time as myself, just a little earlier. Both have now switched to IC models to train on for the "A" cert. Both having written of as far as i can tell, two or three models each, one a IC model. One is now flying my old club Mascot, on a buddy lead system. Having done its service and survived training modellers in the Uni Heavy Lift comp. You cannot believe how protective I feel about this model.

With this spell of good weather they are trying to get some air time in, yet it is surprising, and probably frustrating for them, that lots of niggling issues seem to restrict getting into the air. After some 12 months of endeavour I do commend their commitment. We also have one new modeller who has joined us, with a trainer that takes itself off, has some self righting systems and is capable of 3 levels of capability, the last being under the full control of the pilot.

The other modellers, flew as usual for them, not for them is the constant concern that I have with respect to the trees, which occasionally seem to move and try and grab my model. I guess that is the difference between an ordinary pilot and the more skilled. They being constantly aware of their physical surroundings, where the trees, and sun are.

On a more sour note, one of our models did not return last week, being seen to go in behind the tree line. The grasses, nettles, thorns and balm producing an almost impenetrable wall, requiring protective gear and great determination to penetrate. It is still missing. Although this has spurred the club into greater efforts to control or manage the environment bordering the strip, although the issue is to great for us to deal with the wider area.

Anyway, I went home, undertook some slight mods to Canard and will later today start on the mods to the Me 109 to bring that up to spec. ready hopefully for the next good weather system to reach us.

I must be away now to get ready for tonights footballwink

Terry Walters28/06/2014 07:48:15
1829 forum posts
1068 photos

Refreshed from Greenacres and knowing that my sister is arriving today (after her flight was cancelled by the wonderful french air traffic strike) so my Saturday pm at the club was going to be a 'no no' according to SWMBO. But, I needed to fly! During the week I had had a couple of late evening flights out of my garden with the Fun Cub - it's the best in my hangar for avoiding the trees and bushes. Normally I would fly over the field out the back but my neighbour, a farmer, has put crops in again this year! Very selfish!

Yesterday - I took my YT Monsun, faithful Boomerang and the P2K to the piste (strip) full of hope. When I arrived, unusually, there were two vans already on site. Initially this arose feelings of an afternoon of camaraderie in the pilots' box. A closer inspection revealed that one member was burning the weeds around the edge of the strip with a rather pathetic flamethrower and the other was struggling with a massive two wheeled vibrating roller levelling the large rough area left after our levelling of the ground at the side of the strip. So 2 hours later after feeling morally obliged to help out with the roller the ground was prepared in advance of our glider day on Sunday, which SWMBO has again indicated may fall into the 'no no' category.

The others departed and Terry had a rather unsatisfying flight with Boomer - it just wasn't right. The engine was a bit rich on the low end - sorted. However, it just didn't seem to be my Boomer - it was out of trim? Too much fiddling didn't improve it and no fault found so It must be me? indecision

Out with the P2K - decided to use a tray for the first time (thanks to Martyn K). Interesting!

Just after I launched, the ex- President arrived to collect the roller. So a quick landing and then brute force to get a 1 ton roller up a set of smooth metal ramps and into the Renault van. Another couple of short flights with the tray (and the P2k) and then time to rush home to meet the 18.30hrs deadline to get the dinner on the table for 19.00hrs for the wifey person as faithfully promised. Monsun stayed in the van.

Just wasn't right overall though - maybe watching the skilled piloting at Greenacres has shown up my own failings....... I'll give the Boomer a really good going over to see if there is anything.

But I did fly so that's a bonus! smiley


Danny Fenton30/06/2014 12:26:08
9627 forum posts
4449 photos

Hi Terry, sorry to hear that you are unable to scratch the flying itch. Inspirational flying? that must have been everybody, else not me

Hopefully you can get on the sticks at the bash next year



ken anderson.02/07/2014 09:02:37
8685 forum posts
808 photos

red hot up here in the northern territories (Northumberland) plenty flying getting done...... although Monday afternoon was spent searching for a model that had gone Awol in the wood's at the top of our club site...and also looking for one of the undercarriage legs that had 'fallen' off a Cessna .... during it's maiden flight.......neither were found---but yesterday the model in the woods gave its self up and surrendered...after its night out....

ken red hot dept.

Bob Cotsford02/07/2014 11:19:23
8582 forum posts
477 photos

Took a day off yesterday and spent it playing with a Duraly Hiperbipe - £70 including motor, esc and servos. 1 evening to assemble (glue on wings and tail and plug in a receiver) and flies a treat - maybe a little tail heavy for conventional aerobatics but even I could get it prop hanging - for a few seconds!

It was a perfect flying day, barely a breath of wind and just enough cloud cover to prevent dazzle. Even the pollen level seemed lowthumbs up

Erfolg02/07/2014 18:21:39
11749 forum posts
1337 photos

I know summer is really here when i head for morning paper, in my shorts, shirt and it is nice a warm. No concerns about will it rain, of course it will, but not today. A bit of gardening in the morning, where does all the grass and weed come from?

Just ready to go to the field, when there is a significant thud on the French doors in the kitchen. What was that, said my wife. Oh dear, there is a bird on the floor. Examination of the poor creature indicated it was dead. Sadly I buried it in the garden. Rather sad, that on such a nice day, not everything goes well, a rather sobering thought.

Sadly I departed for the field, where I found that a significant number of cars were already here. As I walk to the field, I come across two of our members holding a small to medium model of a Se5a. It turns out to be a Keil Kraft model, nicely built buy a free flighter and given to a member as part of an attic clear out. Further discussion reveals that he also a member of my club No.1. I have never seen him there although he to has been a member for years. It turns out it will not be flown at our site, due to its nature, but on a NT site, from where a club operates. I have thought of joining the self same club myself, flying in Parkland of a massive estate, Dear as a backdrop, also a historic site where the Red Berries made practise landings. Now that is a site.

Just like Greenacres, there is a 90 degree cross wind, OK for taking of, as into wind, away from the flight line, not so for landing.

I flew two of my models, my Delta being buffeted about although the max wind speed was only 10 mph. It was the gusting though that made things awkward. None the less I made three flights with various models. By now it had clouded over, still warm and humid.

At one corner of the field, grouped together were 4 modellers, no "A" cert, no trainers as they are all on holiday, every one. The only capable modellers to stand in, being Mode 1, where as they are all learning on Mode 2. I really felt for them.

There was one other observation, which was triggered by the Greenacres event and discussion else where on this site. I managed two flights while IC models were being prepared to fly and we all started the preparations together. I was thinking normally it does not matter as today, but at an event such as Greenacres it does, slowing potentially everything down.

As the sky turned to a ominous grey and patches of grey/black, I made my way home.

It had been a good session for me, yet the fate of the bird still haunts me.

Former Member02/07/2014 19:50:12

[This posting has been removed]

Chuck Plains03/07/2014 08:52:49
1096 forum posts
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Posted by Erfolg on 02/07/2014 18:21:39:

Just ready to go to the field, when there is a significant thud on the French doors in the kitchen. What was that, said my wife. Oh dear, there is a bird on the floor. Examination of the poor creature indicated it was dead. Sadly I buried it in the garden. Rather sad, that on such a nice day, not everything goes well, a rather sobering thought.

Sadly I departed for the field,

As the sky turned to a ominous grey and patches of grey/black, I made my way home.

It had been a good session for me, yet the fate of the bird still haunts me.

Sad event there Erfolg. But I guess the little one's neck was broken or something, so at least it didn't suffer. sad

As I live on a housing estate I have nets up, and I don't have patio doors. Perhaps you live in a more 'countryfied' area. How about installing insect mesh to the glass using clear plastic sucker hooks! Maybe just the top half would suffice. My nets are all installed this way and have a 3mm white fiberglass rod through the pre-formed hole in the suckers. (I did that rather than drilling my new UPVC window frames)

John Tee03/07/2014 09:24:42
858 forum posts
65 photos

I've managed to get out for the last three Tuesdays, something I haven't done for at least three years. Weather been perfect and had twelve flights with two electric gliders (another new venture) and a very small foamy Cessna type model. Even better I hit the runway with every landing-definitely a first. hope the weather holds as I have a couple of new models to trim out before going to the Brean model holiday is Somerset in September, where for the last few years the majority of my annual flying has been done. Hopefully next year other commitments will allow me more time to get out. Took early retirement 4 years ago with the hope of doing more flying but that didn't work out.

Happy days.laughlaugh


Chuck Plains03/07/2014 10:17:21
1096 forum posts
244 photos

A model fest at Baked Bean? Why not? I've bean there a couple of times with the Vauxhall Owners Network (club) It has a huge beach and more caravans than you can shape a piece of balsa at.

Can be quite windy though. wink 2

John Tee03/07/2014 14:22:14
858 forum posts
65 photos

Very windy (in both senses) with 3000 miles of Atlantic blowing onshore.


Chris Barlow06/07/2014 00:56:02
1904 forum posts
1308 photos

Finally managed to get a few projects cleared, one of which was some plane benches for the club so treated myself to an evenings flying! The local weather forecast promised wind & rain all afternoon but the bright sun and calming winds suggested otherwise. By the time I was ready to load up the wind had almost completely abated so I loaded up the Puppeteer and the Tiger Glider.

The Pup maidened last Sunday and in it's first short 5 minute flight refused to respond to down elevator trim which turned out to be a disconnected pull wire which was totally my fault for not doing the final thread locking after dry assembly, so I was eager to give it another go!

Got to the strip around 8pm and sent the glider up with a wing cam attached to the side of the fuselage. Ran the little OS .25 FP until it was almost a dot in the sky then cut the engine and settled into what turned out to be 20 minutes plus of floating around! laugh Did this twice to get some high altitude video of the surrounding area and before I knew it it was nearly 9pm! Time for the Pup!

With the nice clean silver clevises, screw adjusters and lock nuts now covered with a tint of blue threadlock it was possible to set the trims properly and in a couple of minutes she was flying level, hands off at quarter throttle! Beautiful!

Flew circuits and fig 8's for a tank them landed and went up again to practice low passes and touch & go's. I was really pleased how much she would slow up and pass by 4' off the deck, the noise of the wind passing over the wings and through the rigging wires brought a big grin to my face! A lot of work worth doing!

Finally landed after flying another tank and started packing away about 10pm. By the time I left the field it was getting quite dark!

I just love these summer evenings! laugh

john stones 106/07/2014 01:05:01
11525 forum posts
1517 photos

great day today, the day and weather just got better, by teatime was flat calm.

Johnteeth 2

cymaz06/07/2014 08:01:57
9254 forum posts
1196 photos

Lovely sunny Saturday here in PL27 at the field. There was only 6/7 turned up. Probably sometng to do with a vintage vehicle show at Padstow and Woodsprings show.

Finally got my carb sorted ( I think ) on the Flair Giles 202. I lost power last weekend so stripped everything down. Turns out it was a broken exhaust valve spring. So had to reset all the carb settings. Finally put a piece of fuel tubing over the main needle. That seems to have cured the inconsistent running in the air.

Arrived at 10am left at 6.45pm. Not a bad day in the end. Never did get to fly the Wot 4.! With hind sight should have taken a big Bipe.

Former Member06/07/2014 08:59:19

[This posting has been removed]

Erfolg06/07/2014 16:53:35
11749 forum posts
1337 photos

Carrying my models back into the house this lunch time my wife said, oh, my God! You are whiffy get upstairs and get showered and changed, now. Yes, my dearest darling I meekly replied.

Had I gone out like this, of course not. All the consequence of a good couple of hours at the field.

Everything started quite well, my Canard was test flown, by test pilot. The major initial issues either gone or apparently acceptable. The model was now tracking straight, the constant left turn, not needing to be trimmed out. The aileron response now being acceptable.

Now we have two new issues, the first is pitch up on opening the throttle from low to high. This is easily dealt with by increasing the up thrust. The second is not so easily dealt with, which is wing rocking at low speed, my TH, CS does the same. Unfortunately the wing tip caught on landing according to the pilot, which has slightly damaged the body. Now fixed. I had thought it was the propeller that caught, breaking it. Maybe it was a combination of both.

At present I have no fix for this, all depending what the cause is. i will start a separate thread to discuss what the issues are and possible cures.

I then flew two other models, nothing much to say about them.

What really had an adverse effect on hygiene, was another club members auto gyro landing just out. Retrieval involved a general club hunt initially through a mixture of 4 ft nettles with thistles and other weeds. We all looked so bizarre as we followed in file, arms stretched up, to avoid being stung, whilst the leader cut his way through, using a very large machete. Then we all entered a thicket of bush type plants, listening for the sound of a blipped motor. Luckily the model was retrieved with no damage at all, the vegetation acting as a arrester net. But boy was i hot, sticky, bitten by insects and stung near to death by the nettles.

We all had a good time, playing at jungle explores and some flying to bootindecision.

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