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Summer's here! Who's been flying?

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Former Member25/08/2014 21:21:22

[This posting has been removed]

ken anderson.02/09/2014 16:45:19
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red hot today in ne.... 1 land...they reckon(forecaster's)that its going to last until the end of November.......

ken Anderson ne....1....... weather dept.

Kevin Fairgrieve02/09/2014 16:51:06
1677 forum posts
2980 photos

Smashing day today.

Two flights with the Dawn flyer and half a dozen or so with the trusty Galaxy Magician.

The sun on my back felt quite warm.


Old Geezer02/09/2014 17:34:50
670 forum posts

15+ vehicles at the field today - every sort of fixed wing powered plane you could think of, and only one of us not yet drawing his pension.

I took the aged electrified artf Wottie, the FunJet & the foamy Acrowot . And also my new favourite, the Bogey - not at all pretty but it does fly soooo well, well behaved and predictable on a 2200 3S pack, but can be a hooligan with 4S pack - it is genuinely possible to climb vertically out of sight. Flew the others too, once each, but flew out 3 3S and 2 4S packs with the Bogey.

The only downside is a little sunburn, and I'm going to be spending the rest of the day dodging in and out of the house re-charging a the used LiPos outside in the garden (extension cable to charger on an old stainless steel surgery trolley - well away from the house!)

Simon Chaddock03/09/2014 13:40:29
5731 forum posts
3034 photos

Days like yesterday don't come very often! Warm and virtually no wind

At least with my lightweight build types I can get some stick time without lots of batteries.

I flew 3 planes with just 1 battery each and managed close to 2 hours. Oh! and they are power planes, not gliders and it is a flat site with no hills!

First the 40" push/pull twin with its big compound proportional flaps. 3 flights total 24 minutes on one charge.

Second. The scale Super Cub also 40". 58 minutes but this did include a power off thermal climb in the company of some hawks to the limit of my visibility. A scale Super Cub with wing struts and oversize wheels thermalling!

Finally. 29 minutes with the 53" Cessna Skymaster (O-2) which included 4 vertical full power climbs (yes it can!) to about 600' with a slow (2 minute) glide down!

For duration there is no substitute for a low wing loading and relatively big batteries. wink 2

weasel03/09/2014 14:03:22
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Going to the flying field shortly had a great day there yesterday ,, will be there all week weather permitting ,,

as Ken says great weather up hear at North East..... Test flying the seagull MXS-R the second one.

last one had sudden kulou... Weaz NE66

Erfolg03/09/2014 17:52:39
11781 forum posts
1340 photos

I certainly has been a unusual or is that changeable few days recently.

On Saturday, there were just two of us at our field, where it was to windy to fly, we just talked about outfield maintenance, and made some attempts at management to no avail.

Sunday was far better, the field was attended by a fairly large group of flyers. For me a frustrating day, firstly my canard is still not flying well, with a continuing refusal to turn left at slow speed. Although I now have differential aileron and exponential dialled in. I am starting to think that the issue is due to side thrust, needing some right packed in. I am assuming that at speed, the fins are dominate and keep the model going straight. However at low speed the effects of torque effects are greater than the fins and aileron forces combined. Having to go to St Annes that evening has meant i could not adjust the model for today. The final frustration was my TH, CS, plugging in the Lipo and there was nothing. A lot of checking confirmed a full Lipo yet dead at the Deans.

So I returned last night, put various Lipos on charge first thing in the morning, then went to do the weekly shop, whilst my wife went to play Golf, saying you can do the shopping tomorrow if you want, Grrrr, we have not a lot in. I did notice passing flying field of club No.1 a large flock of Lapwings flying. I did think, does this mean anything, ids summer ending, now!

By 13:00hrs I made it to the field of club No. 2. As Simon has written, very little wind, what wind there was came from the south. Car park was pretty full, yet no one was flying on the field itself. The discussion of out field maintenance was still under way, with some work taking place. It does seem that the club chairman has formulated a plan and programme of work for this winter.

So how did the session go, from my perspective great. As usual my Delta, just flew in a sprightly and flattering way. I am slowly increasing my aerobatic repertoire for this location, as if anything goes wrong, it can be catastrophic at this site, as the effective safe height is very much higher due to the trees, cutting of your view and escape routes, no withstanding the river and impenetrable jungle surrounding the site.

It was then time for my Parkzone Stinson Reliant, which is more trainer like than a trainer. It so forgiving it seems untrue. Loops are fine, decent rolls do show up my lack of technique. Yet it really is a fine stooger, takes off by itself, and seems to autol and, bang on the spot.

As for the the TH, CS, before e going to St Annes, i had identified that the problem was a faulty Deans, or something which i had done. A new plug and all was well. So it was time to test fly with a new much larger by *2, nothing different was expected as more Lipo replaced lead. And so it was, I was a bit tense through all the flight, but it behaved itself, being again a fine flyer.

Which just left my trainer, which is now my aerobatic training machine. By 15:00hrs the light was fading, my models now lacking colour, just a dark shape, where I reliant on the last command, and a memory of how it would look in various positions.

Perhaps far more interesting was a large Black Horse Extra, with a large petrol engine up front. Now sporting a new internal silencer. The sound although now more subdued, sounded far more authoritative. Again, the model was flown in accordance with the type, with great skill and in keeping with the type. Truly vertical climbs, from where it would gyrate i various manoeuvres on its way down, low inverted passes, stall turns, gigantic loops.

I am now starting to feel guilty, the club Mascot which got me through the A test, convinced other learners to go ic. This was on the basis that the Mascot and the Sc motor never missed a beat, ploughed on through the most atrocious weather and again just took off and landed itself without fuss. All the ic trainers have not been as forgiving, even the OS engines and other labels, playing up. The radios giving problems. Then there has been plumbing issues. Even the buddy leads have not been without problems. None the less both the instructors and learners have not given up, just redoubling there efforts. So after watching another session with a learner and another new model and set up, I went home.

Now it is time to do some checks and maintenance.

Cliff Bastow04/09/2014 07:34:04
902 forum posts
464 photos

Not been able to fly much lately with work and family commitments, not to mention the weather!

I did manage to sneak up to the field on Monday and manage a couple of quick flights while dodging the rain showers. At one point it was ok over the field but it was completely surrounded by grey skies. All in all not very nice so I gave up and went home.

I woke up Tuesday morning (no work today) to blue skies and not much wind so I quickly packed the car and set off. I arrived at the field to find 6 others and nice conditions with a gentle wind straight down the field. I had several good flights with my Travel Air and my Can Doo and also managed two with my Koyosho FW190 and even managed one landing without nosing it over!

Later on my student arrived so we had 5 flights together and he is starting to make real progress.

After he went home on strict orders not to be late for tea! I had two more flights with my Can Doo on a lovely early evening.

All in all a great day that makes you feel good to be alive and a bright spot in an otherwise grey couple of weeks.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 04/09/2014 07:37:22

GrumpyGnome05/09/2014 15:27:16
536 forum posts
148 photos

It's been absolutely beautiful up here in Yorkshire the last couple of days. Managed some time with AcroWot, Nano Hawk, EHawk, Inverza 280, ST FW190, HK Spad...... only down side was all the flies and other flying insects !

Not sure about everyone else but it's been a decent flying year - my log says 344 flights in 2014, excluding helis.

Had a nice surprise yesterday - a white full size heli that looked like a huey (i am no expert!) was flying along the valley BELOW me. Had to stop and watch for 15 mins. Today it was back on the hill above mine. Sweet!


Erfolg05/09/2014 20:28:34
11781 forum posts
1340 photos

What a disaster.

Having modified my canard by putting in side thrust, on launch, I stuffed it in. Probably 10 metres short of getting on the aileron stick. Needs less, as the left turn was severe.

I then flew my PC, nothing to say, other than it does what it is supposed to.

All this at field No1, on leaving the field I bumped into my other club mates and have now vowed to fly there more often. I had only gone here as it is so wide open, that test flights are much easier and safer, withe the lack of hazards, yet these are a great bunch of lads, glider people have no pretensions.

At club No, 2 I was the only one there initially, not being an official club day. It was most notable that the field had been cut rather nicely, most as short as a bowling green, just a pity that the contours have more in common with the Pennines, than a billiard table. I flew both of my Parkzones Albatross and Stinson Reliants, again nothing much can be said, other than Parkzone models fly themselves.

Another member had now arrived, and attempted a take off with his SE 5a, which he is trimming out, unfortunately the first attempt, did not go to plan, bending the motor shaft.

My final flight was with my trainer. At about 4 minutes into the flight, I noted something different to the motor sound, a lack of power, I then made the decision to land. Subsequent motor tests, that is opening the throttle to full, produced an initial burst of power, that quickly declined.

At home all the lipos charged Ok. That is until I got to my trainer batteries, the first Lipo, one cell quickly reached 4.2, where as the other 3 were much lower, at about 4.03 and the pack was both puffed and really hot. At this point I abandoned charging and will start the search for two replacement Lipo packs at 4s. Although I am not sure whato with the other pack, to try and charge that, with caution, on the basis it was probably just one of the Lipo packs that has failed. Then if successful what to do with it, as It will be not a normal pack size I use, buy itself.

Now off to hang 5 and start surfing.

Edited By Erfolg on 05/09/2014 20:29:17

Erfolg10/09/2014 16:58:43
11781 forum posts
1340 photos

Although struck down with a "man cold" and feeling most unwell, I forced myself out to the field today. Now I am not expecting any sympathy, although some would be really appreciated.embarrassed

Not that I would labour the point of not being well, and I believe that last three days have been exceptional benign for flying our models, it did take tremendous will power to load my car with four models. My Albatross and Stinson Reliant by Parkzone, then my delta, the design now has been named Delta, which is particularly apt as it is used by engineers for any change in value and a Greek letter that looks like a Delta. You do wonder how the Greeks could have foreseen aircraft with triangular wings. I could call it a triangle I guess! and finally my canard just in case my test pilot is present, having stuffed it in myself after the last mod, better let some one who knows what they are doing, plus self launching an untried model is always a bit of a risk.

What can you say about the flying, in such ideal conditions, although the Sun is now getting lower on the horizon, even just after mid day. I flew my Parkzone models, which really do flatter. Particularly the Reliant, very pointy wings, yet not ever a hint of tip stalling, however slow the flight. I have looked carefully at the model and just do not understand. There appears to be no washout, the only unusual aspect is how thick the wing is at mid semi span, by many factors. I then flew the delta, again nothing much can be said.

By now I really was not feeling well, with a pounding headache, sweating, I had to go home. So far I have drunk just over 1.5 litres of whisky, a jar of honey, and about 4 bags of lemons. Sympathy would be nice, as these headaches are so debilitating.angel 2

There was one final high point, going home along the completely tree lined lane, that is almost a tunnel, a Buzzard flew by, just in front of the car. The striped wings clearly visible, now sooner had i been stunned by this event, another flew right over the top of the car, at a height of about 6 feet, totally, totally awe inspiring. At the time i was doing about 10 mph due to the narrowness and limited visibility.

I am of now for a medicinal whisky, I just hope i avoid a headache again, just do not understand it!

ken anderson.10/09/2014 17:03:02
8712 forum posts
808 photos

erfolg-enjoy your whisky(soon to be a thing of the past)once the vote on independence is carried out .....the weather in NE..1 land has been nice again today...slightly windy but ok for this time of year.....with a good turn out at our field.....

ken Anderson ne..1 dept.

Steve Colman12/09/2014 17:20:37
786 forum posts
457 photos


It could be worse. Imagine having to teach this young lady to fly wink 2


cymaz12/09/2014 17:35:30
9273 forum posts
1200 photos

It would help if he got his tongue out of her earsecret

Erfolg13/09/2014 20:26:48
11781 forum posts
1340 photos

Meanwhile, the Lancaster has flown one mission, landing without incident, other than a truculent home owner from across the river, once the border between us Cheshiremen and those dastardly Lancastrians, he has come to complain, that the symbol of the struggle against National Socialism came within a mile of his garden. Oh dear!. The second mission, was far more real, the model, comes in low, in the fading light (16:00hrs), strikes the perimeter arrestor grasses, swings into the dense brambles and lies still. The recovered model has one nacelle torn free and the second undercarriage mech., has been torn out, with some tail damage. Some put the incidence down to failing depth perception with age< i think the fading light, made the judgement of distance far more difficult. This is based on both of my last landings, could have landed short, that is if I had not decided to a glider type landing, where the model is brought much neraer for touchdown, plus with the last flight, I was conscious that I was seeing silhouette only, no detail.

So shortly after 16:00 hours I decided to go home, this time on the way out, I meet two separate young footballers (I think) driving at speed, fortunately at the wider part of the road, I do observe that one is going so fast, The upcoming bend will be an issue for him, then the "T" junction, where presumably he will assume there is no one to give way to.

Anyway, the wifes away, the Stinson is in the Kitchen, being repaired, on the prized Oak table, and oak and leather chairs. As they say when the cats away the model maker will play. I did put down some old newspapers. As the wrath of the SMBO is terrifying. I am also now dreading what will happen when she finds out about my baby sitting, extracting pledges to be good in exchange for a packet of crisps and deciding when picking up the youngest from play group, I would take the prettiest, only relenting when I had a sobbing promise to eat all her dinner. Whose brave now.

The lipos are charging as i write, time to change Liops, Schuss.

Oh I am glad you wonder how i am, terrible.

ken anderson.04/10/2014 09:37:48
8712 forum posts
808 photos

today look's like its only fit to go for a 'plodge' -we have heavy rain...and its forecast to last the day...and also we are been warned that high winds are on the way......

ken Anderson ne..1 .plodging dept.

brfc704/10/2014 09:55:30
405 forum posts
142 photos

As Ken says above the only thing I'll be doing at the Blyth field today is walking the dog with my wellies on.

Cuban804/10/2014 09:55:48
2986 forum posts
1 photos
Posted by ken anderson. on 04/10/2014 09:37:48:

today look's like its only fit to go for a 'plodge' -we have heavy rain...and its forecast to last the day...and also we are been warned that high winds are on the way......

ken Anderson ne..1 .plodging dept.

Hopefully the coming winter will be a short one and much drier than last year. Unable to use my flying sites between November and May last year because of the mud. Don't mind cold days with good hard frosts to keep the ground hard, but the thought of a couple of hours cleaning caked on mud from car/models/self no longer appeals.

Dave Hopkin04/10/2014 10:05:29
3672 forum posts
294 photos

Judging by my habitual weather yardstick, the length of the (delightful) Diane Oxberry's sleeves there will be no flying for a good few days (she's the weather girl on NW Tonight) - and here sleeve length mirrors the weather very accurately I have found.....

David Davis04/10/2014 10:17:25
3782 forum posts
724 photos

Went flying on Thursday. This is what happened.

After a very dry and calm September, the weather forecast over the coming week looks pretty grim. Thursday was a very good flying day so I took the Senior Telemaster (STM) and the Foam-E WOT 4 to the flying field which is an old WW2 training aerodrome. There was quite a good turn-out because everybody had taken notice of the weather forecast. A chap called John was there; like many elderly men he does not enjoy the best of health. He had a very nice Keil Kraft Southerner powered by a Saito 30 and a Nova ARTF trainer powered by another fourstroke. Another man called Dave had also turned up. He does not attend very often but he had an electric powered flying wing and an ARTF Toledo, a rather smart high-wing monoplane which was also electric powered.
My intention was to fly both of my models and then to pull the Laser 90 out of the STM and to overhaul it over the winter. I've had Laser's check the valve timing and fit new bearings to my old 150 V Twin and I've bought a set of bearings from them for the 90. Having got the engine out of the STM, I had intended to take the model to my storage shed and only use it again once I had moved to France but on cleaning the model at the end of the day I noticed that there were so many rips in the covering that I decided to take it home and patch it up. It really needs a recover but the scale of the job puts me off!
I flew the Foam-E first, landed, made tea and sat in the sun drinking it in the approved Shropshire Model Flying Club style! Ah the joys of retirement! John and Dave were airborne with the Southerner and the Toledo, which were the only models in the sky at the time. I suddenly heard a shout and got up to see what the problem was. I was just in time to see two fuselages spinning towards the ground but in plenty of time to see the wings pirouetting downwards as they took perhaps a further twenty seconds to do likewise. I then flew the Foam-E for a second flight, pushing my personal boundaries with wobbly consecutive rolls and inverted flight.
Meanwhile my pal Ioan had arrived, (that's "Yo-An" not "Loan!" He hadn't been a member for two years but everyone greeted him cordially. I assembled the STM and started the engine. It really is getting worn out now and though it started easily, I had to fly the model on full throttle for virtually the entire flight. I gave Ioan a stir on the sticks as he hasn't done much flying. That was supposed to be it but as there was no-one else flying at that moment I resolved to refuel her and to fly again. My she had used some fuel, best get a new piston ring while I'm at it! With the faithful old Laser wheezing and rumbling, I took off. By now John was in the air with his Nova. Suddenly the wings flew off his model and he was faced with the second plunging fuselage and pirouetting set of wings of the day! Poor old John! The wreckage fell outside the perimeter of our flying field. He walked across to get it. One of our other members, Bill always brings his greyhounds with him and was taking them for a walk in the vicinity of the fallen wreckage at the time. He helped John to pick up the pieces. Ioan kindly drove round to give John a lift back, no inconsiderable task as what remains of the old main runway is full of pot-holes these days.
But the Gods of Gravity had not yet finished with us. I put a fresh battery into the Foam-E, took off, climbed, turned left and then lost all control. The model crashed into the newly-ploughed field and was easily recovered. The fuselage had broken in two behind the wing but it's an easy repair. I found out that as a result of my less-than-perfect soldering, the casing on the EC3 plastic connector had split allowing the negative wire from the LiPo to move backwards, thus cutting off all electricity supply to the receiver. Lesson learned.
I snaffled a damaged set of Majestic Major wings, together with the tailplane and the fin, and a Peter Russell STOL fuselage and tail, from the Boot Hill corner of the club hut. As if I don't already have enough aeromodelling projects!
Ah well Happy Landings! Ioan and I are going to run up the V Twin today, weather permitting.

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