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Have a Rant

So what gives you the hump ?

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john stones 123/08/2014 17:55:17
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Audi drivers

Got some grunt under the bonnet so they drive on my bumper, i'll make him go faster!! No you won't, you'll make me slow down.


Stevo23/08/2014 18:02:15
2699 forum posts
419 photos
  • Middle lane hoggers
  • tailgaters
  • Bodgers
  • People who don't look out for bikers
  • Some bikers but not me
  • Chris Evans
  • Brian May
  • AC/DC & soundalikes

Oh, did I mention SWMBO?

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FastFlyer Smyth23/08/2014 18:09:39
311 forum posts
12 photos
  • Her Mother
  • Those who drive with a mobile phone in their hand
  • Liars
  • Philip Scofield
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Any soap opera

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ken anderson.23/08/2014 18:16:58
8790 forum posts
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techno snobs....... and anyone who look's down on other's......

ken Anderson for all and all for one dept.

avtur23/08/2014 18:43:24
883 forum posts
20 photos

Wow, what a thread, spoilt for choice, this one could run, and run, and run ....

But I'm happy to start the bidding with BMW 3 series drivers ... all too often they think they are something special but the 3 series is now more common place than a Ford Mondeo ... not special at all.

Is it true that indicators are an optional extra on the 3 series !!!

Oh, there is sooooo much more to add to this thread.

cymaz23/08/2014 19:04:45
9450 forum posts
1241 photos

Rude people who get served in shops, hypocrites. They wouldn't want to be talked to like that.

P.S. swmbo works in a supermarket.

Football players who think they are better than everyone .

Edited By cymaz on 23/08/2014 19:07:41

Peter Miller23/08/2014 19:06:27
11582 forum posts
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People who do not know the correct way to take a roundabout and that includes a police car that was in front of me, took the third exit and never indicated once.

Mothers on the school run (and at other times) in their 4/4s or Chelsea Tractors in our village where parking restricts the width of the streets. "I'm coming through regardless!!". Everyone else gives way and gets a wave of thanks.

People standing at the checkout gabbling on their mobile phones.


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kc23/08/2014 19:31:28
6765 forum posts
174 photos

Drivers of Yobmobiles ( 4wd driven by Yobs to intimidate )

Those cyclists who ignore all the rules of the road.

Andrew76723/08/2014 19:58:10
809 forum posts
4 photos

People who when the lights turn green, count to five before setting off.....were they not expecting it??

People who can see half a mile ahead in misty weather but think that i can't see them 10 car lengths blind me with their fog lights!

Women who think that the best time to sort old reciepts in their purse into chronological order is just after they've paid at the supermarket......when there is a MASSIVE queue behind!!

A painted round a bout is just like any other..........GIVE WAY TO THE RIGHT!!!

People who don't say thanks when you let them into a queue in's not hard!!

Motorcyclist who think that the broken white line in the middle of the road is a private lane for isn't!......Riding at oncoming traffic is Gods way of sifting out the morons!!wink 2

cymaz23/08/2014 20:11:57
9450 forum posts
1241 photos

Model fliers who hog the strip by prop hanging...because its all they can dokulou

Martin Booth23/08/2014 20:15:58
3 forum posts

Why don`t indicators work on so many new cars? (and old ones).

I thought BMW (Berlin Muck Wagons) were for people who failed their driving test,

Since when did footpaths become cycle ways?, and why do cyclists get annoyed with pedestrians on them?

A quick dab on the brakes usually makes tailgaters drop back.devil

Why did we have to spend so much on having roads resurfaced for the pampered Tour de Farce riders, they already had cycle lanes, they could have used them.

Why do so many 4x4 drivers think they own the roads, seems the bigger the car, the smaller the brain.

Prop Nut23/08/2014 20:25:58
336 forum posts
1 photos

Drivers who, just because there is no approaching traffic from their right, accelerate into roundabouts regardless of others to their left.

Drivers who think fog lights are driving lights.

Centre Lane Owner Drivers.

Cyclists who, despite being drivers themselves, disconnect their brain as soon as they climb in the saddle.

Motorcyclists, who ask for everything they get.

Drivers who use a mobile phone on the move.

BMW drivers.

People who use apostrophes just because a word ends with 's'.

Dai Fledermaus23/08/2014 20:27:28
1069 forum posts
55 photos

Cilit Bang's Barry Scott. Why does he have to shout so much!

cymaz23/08/2014 20:30:00
9450 forum posts
1241 photos
Posted by Colin Ashman on 23/08/2014 20:27:28:

Cilit Bang's Barry Scott. Why does he have to shout so much!

No! I'm BARRY SCOTT.....wink

FastFlyer Smyth23/08/2014 20:31:02
311 forum posts
12 photos

Horse riders on public highways ! what is that about ?

What is wrong with bridleways ?


Gary Manuel23/08/2014 20:40:23
2337 forum posts
1561 photos

People who moan about Audi drivers!

At least they are European cars wink

Stevo23/08/2014 20:41:37
2699 forum posts
419 photos
I sense you have an Audi...
Stevo23/08/2014 20:42:49
2699 forum posts
419 photos
Forgot to add...

X Factor.. the voice...BGT...
john stones 123/08/2014 20:52:16
11757 forum posts
1521 photos
Posted by Gary Manuel on 23/08/2014 20:40:23:

People who moan about Audi drivers!

At least they are European cars wink

Don't start em on about the EUsurprisei think Stevo's has anger issueswink

John, Honda owner

MikeS23/08/2014 20:53:47
818 forum posts
240 photos

I have fun with drivers in their Audi's, BMW's etc. They all sit up my back side while I do the speed limit but I hold them up until the road splits at the traffic lights. As normal they get in the clear lane next to me and give me the stare. When the lights change they fly off to prove a point.

However my normal looking Honda Accord vtec is a de-badged Type R and sits at 220 bhp, their faces are a picture in my rear view mirror until the next lights where they just stay in lane behind me.wink 2

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