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Looking to get a TX

Suitable for a total novice

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Countryboy20/09/2014 15:56:10
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Hi all, can anyone advise whether or not a Spektrum DX5 is a good starting set for a total novice ?


Dave Hopkin20/09/2014 16:01:04
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There is nothing wrong with a DX5 BUT you may well soon grow out of it and find you want more channels, the ability to have multiple models configured and more tweakability generally...

The downside is there is a hefty price jump between the 5 and the 6 - so if you think you will be getting into the hobby seriously and for the long term, then a 5 will be false economy, but if you are just going to dabble with one model then a 5 will probably do

Steve Colman20/09/2014 16:09:09
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A DX6i would be a much better bet and needn't cost the earth.

At Sussex Model Centre: DX5 @ 47 smackers

DX6i @ 72.00

At 72 quid the DX6i is a bargain.

Countryboy20/09/2014 16:19:19
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Hi Steve,

You're probably right assuming I had the extra £25 to spare. smiley


Countryboy20/09/2014 16:59:00
116 forum posts
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I wish I knew for sure how long I want to get into this for. Until I give it a try, I will not know but I do see your point.


Masher20/09/2014 17:24:57
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Also, assuming this hobby is not for you, you are much more likely to get a good sale price for the DX6i than the DX5

Dave Hopkin20/09/2014 17:33:06
3672 forum posts
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You could also look at fleabay, quite often you can pick up a DX5 for peanuts, 2 days to go on this one but.....


Edited By Dave Hopkin on 20/09/2014 17:35:37

Countryboy20/09/2014 18:24:28
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Masher, I hadn't thought about resale values, another good point to ponder.


Countryboy20/09/2014 18:25:48
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YE GODS WARING !! At that price I'll have TWO !


kc20/09/2014 18:48:50
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A novice needs the same make of Tx as his instructor unless he is going to buy an extra Tx. Almost all training is done with a buddy lead now and they require 2 Tx of the same make. So check with your local clubs first.

Note the latest type DX6 has 250 memories and is wireless buddy lead type so is much better than the DX6i which is being sold off cheaply now.

avtur20/09/2014 18:51:17
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Posted by Countryboy on 20/09/2014 15:56:10:

Hi all, can anyone advise whether or not a Spektrum DX5 is a good starting set for a total novice ?



The DX5 is a perfectly good starting point, you could fly for many years with that and be quite satisfied.

Are there alternatives, yes there are, and they cost more but with possible future advantages.

If you are working to a budget I would far rather see you get started and achieve a degree of success at a price you can afford than worry about future options.

The future of this hobby is getting folks flying in the first place. I would far rather have a conversation in the future about upgrades, because you have become a successful flyer, than try and get to buy more than you need in the first place.

Edited By avtur on 20/09/2014 18:53:07

Chris Bott - Moderator20/09/2014 19:12:50
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Mike have you looked for clubs yet?

There are lots of advantages in joining one, one of which is that some clubs have club training models and transmitters. If you can find one that does, it's a fair bet that you can get three training flights, at no cost to you, before you even join.

Of course all clubs are different, so you'll have to find out whether this is on offer at any that are close to you.

Going this route gives you a taster of not only the hobby, but also the club. After the three flights, if that's available, you should be able to join the club and continue training using club equipment.

You also find out what equipment they use, and would be best advised to go with that manufacturer.

Ernie20/09/2014 19:44:37
2544 forum posts
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Hi Mike, It is a very good idea to get someone to teach you how to fly your model. It is probably more difficult than flying a real aircraft, so your chances of learning alone are not very good.

Go to a club, have a look at what is going on, and get advice. When you find someone to help you, get the same make of radio as they have.


Countryboy20/09/2014 19:49:13
116 forum posts
30 photos

Chris / KC ( no sunshine band ? )

I have found a local club and been along for a chat. They roughly split 50/50 Futaba / Spektrum so either of those makes seems like a good idea to me. They have offered me a three flight try out and I will be taking advantage of that soon. The only problem that I have found with most clubs of any hobby type is that they tend to be somewhere to compete on mainly the size of their bank balances and how expensive their equipment was. I am hoping that this one is different and so far it shows all the right signs.

Avtur, that sounds like a very unbiased and well thought out response.

Surely the best way to get more folks flying is to make it more affordable instead of manufacturers trying to screw ever more from the current batch. Some mid priced equipment would be a breath of fresh air in this hobby and in model boats too.

Mike ( soapbox mode disengaged )

avtur20/09/2014 20:50:43
883 forum posts
20 photos
Posted by Countryboy on 20/09/2014 19:49:13:

... The only problem that I have found with most clubs of any hobby type is that they tend to be somewhere to compete on mainly the size of their bank balances and how expensive their equipment was. ....


....Avtur, that sounds like a very unbiased and well thought out response....

Mike your comment about clubs in any environment and bank balances/equipment is VERY perceptive. I've been there and seen that for myself in several different hobbies over the years.

At risk of repeating myself what is most important for a new entrant to any hobby is to be able to achieve some measure of success which will then be the most powerful driver towards further interest and pursuing the hobby.

My personal opinion (which I am sure some will disagree with) is that some times 'old hands' get carried away with advice and often exhibit their own prejudice for types and makes of equipment. With many years of experience under their belt this is understandable BUT it is often not relevant or helpful when advising new entrants to the hobby, sometimes folks forget how they started themselves.

The DX5 you talk about could see you flying successfully for a couple of years even if it is ONLY 5 channels and does not have model memories, but you know many of the old hands here started out with equipment that was even less well specified.

As for joining a club, then if you are lucky and have a good club within striking distance well that could be a great help. All I would say (at risk of sounding negative ... but equally being honest) is that I have seen as many folks put off as I've seen successful because of the attitude of club members,

Again it is often the case that so called 'old timers' forget how they started and as a newcomer you can be exposed to their bias. Being good and proficient at a task does not mean that you can teach others, teaching is a skill in itself and does not necessarily relate to a persons ability to carry out the task. It is possible some folks here will not appreciate me for making this point but in my experience that is what happens in the real world.

If you do find a good club that you are comfortable with then finding out what equipment is used and buying your own equipment to suit their 'buddy' requirements would be well worth while.

Good luck and I hope you achieve success at the earliest opportunity .. with or without a DX5 ... probably should admit to being a DX6i fan myself. Also I'm self taught, so perhaps I have a bias. 


Edited By avtur on 20/09/2014 21:07:56

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