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What did you learn with?

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Andrew Cade21/09/2014 10:11:27
7 forum posts
Hey, just wondering what everyone learnt with? Im new and just looking around at RTF models.

Im interested in the Apprentice S with SAFE from eflite and also the FMS Cessna 182 MKII
ken anderson.21/09/2014 10:16:52
8790 forum posts
814 photos

hello Andrew-I learnt with a good old yamamoto made by MFA.......poor thing was reduced to a wreck on a regular basis ..... anyone wanting to start from square one-- now will be hard pushed to find a better model than a ' Rising Star' of the better models for a complete beginner......forget about foam and electric......a high wing trainer complete with an IC motor is the way to success

ken Anderson ne....1...... success dept.

mightypeesh21/09/2014 10:25:51
691 forum posts
898 photos

Hi Andrew. I 'self taught' myself on an original Apprentice that had the dx5 with it, and cannot recommend it enough. The plane was great quality and easy to repair. The first time I flew I was so amazed that I forgot to twiddle those stick things! - Duh, and despite my flying site being a ploughed farmers field so I could only hand launch she still lives today. She is battered and battle scarred from glueing, with a fair amount of duct tape for luck, but is still great fun in high winds for chucking around at the club I now belong to. I would also recommend a Sim - I have Phoenix - to get the hang of orientation type stuff.

Good luck, Simon

Lorenz Mueller21/09/2014 10:31:58
74 forum posts
21 photos

My wife and myself started ages ago with Graupner's Dandy. A few years ago my wife's mother wanted to start too, and she did - using a quite battered Multiplex Easy Star. It took loads more beating, but it still flies of a sort. She's now progressed to the Easy Glider, Mini Mag and if she feels really well even the AcroMaster. If you want to do it all by yourself there's hardly a plane that flies as well and easily, takes more beating and needs no more than a few bottles of cyano to continue flying.


Dave Hopkin21/09/2014 10:32:40
3672 forum posts
294 photos

Pfffffffffffttttt Nowt wrong with electric unless you happen to like any of these: prop bite, car covered in oil, stinking fuel, being deafened, spending 20 mins kneeling on soggy ground cursing at a carb,

Dave Hopkin.... sarcasm dept

Seriously, the Apprentice is a decent plane, suffers in the wind due to its light weight my main moan is the length of time it takes to get replacements for the sacrificial engine mounts which I break with monotonous regularity!!!!

Kevin Fairgrieve21/09/2014 11:08:34
1685 forum posts
2989 photos


cosmos my first trainer (2).jpg

Well it lasted 4 flights anyway.

Then got a "bitsa" trainer (bits of three different planes mashed together). Lasted a little longer. Then a Ripmax Trainer40.



ben goodfellow 121/09/2014 11:13:03
1069 forum posts
41 photos

precedent hi boy and rather poor mds 40 gold to say the least . i beleive these foamy (i call them toy grade) planes offer people false hope , classic high wing trainer electric or ic is the way.. fly low

Plummet21/09/2014 11:14:22
1422 forum posts
41 photos

Started with a Irvine Tutor for a few flights. Then got a Prangster, and I never flew the Tutor again. (Gave it away a few months ago.)


roger graves21/09/2014 12:21:42
150 forum posts

Kamco Kadet with OS 30 on 3 function. (a proper trainer)

Jolly Roger super again OS 30 on 4 function.

then the holy grail Gangster 63 with Merco 61.

Rod Parsonage21/09/2014 13:07:59
23 forum posts

Late sixties. Graupner UglyStick .K&B 40. Simprop radio. First and only flight less than 10 seconds.

Do not do this.

Mark a21/09/2014 13:15:03
321 forum posts
3 photos

I bought a ARTF Wot 4 before I had flown joined my local club my instructor set the model up turned down all the throws and after a dozen flights I went solo. 2 years on I still have the Wot 4 and I've set it up for maximum performance and its a hoot to fly.


Chris Barlow21/09/2014 14:19:12
1904 forum posts
1308 photos

Probably pointless to what you're asking but I started on my own in the late 80's with a 2 channel glider on a running tow launch across a golf course! blush (engines & RC gear was expensive for a teenager with no paper round! )

Learnt a bit more with a 2 channel diesel powered Blackburn 1912 monoplane! Again on my own and it went down a few times too!

A few planes, gliders and many years later I started again with a Seagull Boomerang and a local club but I can't really say I learned to fly with it since I was already competent at RC flying but I did learn the "other" stuff you get from flying with people & with more safety involved!

Glenn Stratton21/09/2014 14:24:43
284 forum posts
15 photos

Flair Cub (foam wing, to get airborne quickly!) Saito 40s 4stroke, Fleet radio.


Still got both 15yrs on, Cub on its 2nd undercarridge, vac nose replaced with balsa, and now guided by Hitec Aurora.

Andrew76721/09/2014 18:31:46
809 forum posts
4 photos

When i came back in the nineties,i started with a Precedent Hi-Fly 2ch glider. Then moved on to a Thunder Tiger 2000 with an O.S 46LA. Took my A test,over a decade later with an Arising Rang (Boomerstar???...Take your pick). It was cobbled.....err.....i mean skillfully put together from a broken Boomerang wing and a copied Arising Star fuselage (We're not mean in Yorkshire......Just careful!) with a 4250/800,a 60amp esc and a 4s pack.As others have said, get a .40 size built up trainer. Choose your power source,either i.c. or electric, neither is better than the other except possibly for cleanliness.....Go Fly!!......and good luck.teeth 2


Andrew Cade21/09/2014 18:33:08
7 forum posts
Thanks guys, some great suggestions.

What would you advise now? Either Elec, nitro or petrol, 4ch prefered.
Gary Manuel21/09/2014 18:53:08
2337 forum posts
1561 photos

Built my own Flair Cub from basic kit with built up wings. Futaba servos and OS46LA.

Learnt to fly using buddy box about 7 years ago.

I have just sold the model on and am teaching someone else to fly using the same model.

I still feel very attached to it and it still flies great.

avtur21/09/2014 18:53:13
883 forum posts
20 photos
Posted by Chris Barlow 1 on 21/09/2014 14:19:12:

Probably pointless to what you're asking but I started on my own in the late 80's with a 2 channel glider on a running tow launch across a golf course! blush

Me too!

Except it we used a bungee.

I started with a Veron Impala, my mate had a Super Impala.

We set up the bungee on a beach near Aberffraw (Angelsey).

Started with gentle straight ahead flights before graduating to pull enough height from the launch to complete a circuit ... once we mastered that we took to the slopes of the Conway Valley ... ah those were the days (1974)

I do remember there was a terrific sense of achievement about it all.

john stones 121/09/2014 19:27:46
11758 forum posts
1521 photos

Ripmax trainer I had given, weighed a bit surprise Enya 19 powered..i learnt how to avoid the dreaded stall very quickly, good trainer though.


Morgan Goule21/09/2014 19:29:42
132 forum posts
21 photos

hi Andrew,

I learnt to fly with a homebuild model called an 'ensign' most stable thing I have ever flown & I flew it on a futaba 6ex

Andrew76721/09/2014 19:35:37
809 forum posts
4 photos
Posted by Andrew Cade on 21/09/2014 18:33:08:
Thanks guys, some great suggestions.

What would you advise now? Either Elec, nitro or petrol, 4ch prefered.

Irvine Tutor 40 MK2..... .46 i/c or electric as above. To fly all day with electric you'll need either a charger and 4 batteries or two chargers and three batteries. To be be honest, your initial outlay can be cheaper with i/c but in the long term??.


P.S.....Don't skimp on the engine. Better to buy a reliable O.S than a cheapy SC etc..The difference ain't much anyway and reliability is key when you're learning.

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