Arriving very shortly, this 114” (2.9m) span motor thermal soarer must be one of the largest models E-flite has produced, it’s certainly an attractive machine, an ARTF boasting a fibre-glass fuselage and built-up S3012 profile two-piece wing, stabiliser and rudder.

It's a kit for which you'll need to find your own power system and radio - E-flite suggest a Power 25 outrunner spinning a 14x8 folding prop, a 60 amp ESC and a 3200mAh 3S Li-Po.

Servo wise you'll need four mini servos of the slimmer variety for the wing (ailerons and flaps) and two minis in the fuselage driving rudder and elevator.

The RRP is £349.99, full details are at and look out for a review in RCM&E very soon.