Ally Cat EDF jet
Small, lightweight and made from tough model foam, the Ally Cat is not only capable of high speeds but also proves extremely stable at slow fly-bys. The 650mm span EDF jet is supplied unpainted but comes with a decorative decal sheet as well as a ducted fan unit and brushless motor. The suggested battery is a 3 cell 620mAh Li-po, which will fit into the model perfectly. It seems the Ally Cat's makers have aimed for versatility it can also be flown with a brushed pusher motor if desired.

The diminutive ducted fan jet is priced at 39.99 for the full woks, or just 14.99 for the kit only. Those who wish to fly a pusher version can order a brushed motor including two propellers at 4.99 not bad at all.

The Ally Cat is available from Al's Hobbies. Give them a call on 0208 5008884 or visit the website for further details.