The small aperture in the thumb provides that essential stick 'feel'.
We like a man with initiative who’s prepared to see an idea through so top marks to Kevin Johnson. Getting extremely fed up with cold and frozen hands during his winter flying sessions and unable to find a pair of gloves thin enough to provide the sensitivity to fly accurately, Kevin has arranged for a batch of gloves to be made to his own design.

Manufactured from high quality materials, these ski style gloves feature a unique aperture in the thumb through which the Tx sticks can be accurately 'held'. They have a curved finger shape and feature grips on the fingers and palms too so the Tx is secure in the hand.

They’re insulated for warmth and generously cut for comfort. Priced at just £18 a pair, they’re available in medium and large sizes from The Model Shop, Leeds along with a number of major hobby retailers. You can email Kevin for details of your nearest supplier via

The gloves are well made and should see off the coldest blow - great for slope soarers and flat field flyers alike.