Got an E-flite Blade MCX Helicopter? Want to create a stir after dark? Well these new glow-in-the-dark replacement parts should help. From blades through to undercarriage skids, they'll certainly add a new dimension to your night time heli' flying. Prices are as follows -

  • Swashplate set - 6.59
  • Lower main blade set - 2.19
  • Upper main blade set - 2.19
  • Landing skid set - 2.99
  • Main frame set - 3.29
  • Vertical fin - 1.29.

    For info, a standard main body shell is 5.39 and a vertical fin 0.99 while a new blue/silver sticker set is 1.69. They're available from most model shops from stock or or to order. has more information so click here to go straight there.