If Gavin Barden's standard Fusion fun fly aerobat (a machine that does well every year at the Nats) isn’t quite big enough for you then you’re in luck. Spanning 76” there’s a lot of the new Mega Fusion but it’s extremely agile too when paired with an 8S Li-Po, 1800 watt electric set-up or a 20-30cc petrol engine. The electric machine you see here weighs in at the 11lb mark and uses 17kg torque servos all round.

Gavin is deslighted with the performance "you can put the Mega Fusion through its paces, looping within its own length and crisp axial rolls, it is so easy to fly".

A traditional laser-cut kit made in the UK, it uses Poplar ply for strength and lightness while a two-part wing means easy storage and transportation.

You’ll find high quality hardware including wheels, clevises and horns in the box and it’s £214.99 from Evolution Models at www.evolution-models.com