Well, I'm back from the show, a little singed and probably a touch de-hydrated but I can't complain about the weather which really did add to what was a memorable 60th anniversary gathering. The event is just so big and multi-layered that a photo spread just wont capture or do justice to such a huge undertaking so this is really just a reflection of what caught my eye over the weekend. Today I'll post a few pics from the Saturday showline and I'll add more this week from other event areas.

I'm no judge of these things but from what I could see the showline was very well run with a nice friendly atmosphere all through the weekend, so well done to everyone concerned here. The weather was gorgeous, the wind, so often a feature at Barkston, was acceptable and the flying was spot-on.

These YT Adrenalines made for a fine aerobatic display. The model is one of my favourite aerobats.
Ian Redshaw flew this Desoutter - Built by Arthur Searle in 1989- 108" span - Laser 150 - Superb!
This Avro Avian was flown by Chris Poyser - 1/4 scale - Laser 150 - built from the David Brunt plan.
Paul Dunkleys Goshawk was a noteable highlight.
Who said that 2.4GHz wont catch on!

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