Although not an R/C event I hope you'll forgive me for including a selection of pictures from the scale free-flight line on Sunday evening. The event itself is an institution and this year we were blessed with perfect conditions - the wind was slight, the competitors poised and the crowd near silent as one by one the models rose from the tarmac Barkston runway.

Some did exceptionally well, some rose and then fell whilst some didn't quite make it. All the models were superb and one can only acknowledge the extreme skill and patience exhibited.

Remember there are no wires, no servos, nothing to control the model once in the air. Perfect building, good engine management, skillful trimming and the right conditions combine to produce the perfect flight. I have nothing but admiration for these modellers.

The crowd following the progress of a model.
Second time lucky
Laurence Marks with his Wittman Tailwind
Heading for the crowd!

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