With the Nuremburg trade show now in full swing, Multiplex have released news of three new EPO foam models due this year.

First up is Solius, a multi-purpose 2.16m span motor glider. It'll be available as a kit or RTF and features a removable stabiliser, a strong wing and what's called 'M-Space' technology that adds strength to the fuselage.

Next up there's Tucan, a 1.3m span aerobat clearly styled on the Tucano turbo-prop trainer. Again, this will be available as a kit or RTF while optional retracts can be added.

Finally, Funman, a new 1m span three-channel trainer that offers optional ailerons for a sport flying. With large wheels or floats, much like the Funcub, it'll operate from just about anywhere. 

We'll have news of the UK release dates, pricing and reviews in RCM&E in due course. In the meantime, check out the videos below.