The new three electric flight models unveiled by Seagull at Nuremburg in February have just gone on sale in the UK.

They're smaller versions of existing Seagull favourites so a Mini Sparrowhawk is joined by a Nemesis and an MXS-R. Sharing almost identical schemes to the larger models they span 35.4", 35.4" and 38.8" respectively and should have an all-up weight of around 2lbs. Seagull say they're designed for 450/480-size outrunners and 3S Li-Po batteries.

We've examined all three and quality seems very good although the Sparrowhawk has sheeted wings rather than the open structure shown in the press release photo (opposite).

The RRP's are £104.99 and £109.99 for the slightly larger Nemesis. Look out for the RCM&E reviews in due course.